Boys seem to be a non-scandal choice to “chat” about your girlfriends and about the person who broke your heart. Then, why is everything so complicated?

The kind of friendship you have with your closest male friend is quite amazing. He is the only person you can be yourself with, the one giving you the most sincere advice on your love life and who you can see on Friday evenings without having to buy a new outfit. Your friends will even say, "The guy has taken the bait". Of course, you have to think about it with curiosity (What will it be like?) and objective (Hey! He is like a younger brother). 

However, there will be one night, when other people went home and for some reason, your friendly chemicals become overly excessive. Suddenly, an ordinary friendship, which you always knew, turns into a rich romance – it confuses your feelings. So, whether your relationship with a male best friend will enter a dark realm or not – and you just want to make sure it never happens – we will show you how to handle it while keeping the the best parts of your friendship.

I want more than just a meeting!

“I have been feeling awkward being with my male friend for a long time. At first, it was normal – does not include some emotions. However, recently, when he did cute things such as holding my hand or inviting me to watch movies, I thought, why are we not dating? Then one day, he was mentioning something about a girl he likes, and I felt jealous – even though that type of problems did not bother me before. Am I in love with him? Alternatively, am I being possessive? Help me, please!”

Beth, 21 y.o

Your next move: The whole concept of how to behave in front of your friends-with-benefits is meeting each other with no romance. Once emotions interfere, the agreement ends and the game begin. You have to decide whether you want to put everything onto the next level or completely quit this game (Sorry, there is nothing in between!). If this person has those qualities, which you want in a boyfriend, talk to him about revealing everything. If he does not do that, stop meeting him. This evolution will not help you identify what you want - it will only make you more confused.

Is he your “shoulder to cry on”?

A “shoulder to cry on” s a person you rely when you need support, whether you are dating him or not. It is certainly great when he replies your message at 2 am, listens to you when you want someone to have a conversation and hug you when you need him most. However, using him as a refuge is not fair to you or to him. He would stick with you even if there is no commitment and you are fooling around with someone you are dating by switching your love to him. Even extremely close friends should also have a few boundaries.

I was secretly in love with him!

“My male best friend and I always hang out together, we talk about everything – there was nothing unusual, I felt completely comfortable being beside him. However, my feelings for him grew stronger than before – I love him! My friends even said I was flirting with him. There were times I almost told him my feelings, but I was afraid, then I changed the subject. I meant to say I like him, but I am scared that it will ruin everything!”

Christina, 21 y.o

Your next move:

You need to start making a move – it is the only way to satisfy your heart. Next time, when you go out, look for some subtle ways to make your evening become a date, such as offering to pick him up, wearing high heels or deliberately grabbing his arms. If he likes those lovers’ gesture, it is a “green light” for you to confess your feelings on the way home. Just tell him: “Recently, I noticed something happening between us, or is it just me not thinking straight?” No matter what happens, at least you will know the answer – instead of being stuck in an emotional prison.

He loves me!

 “I have been ​​friends with this guy for almost a year. We regularly hang out together. However, he starts spending more time with me recently - he suggested going out, made a plan for us to be alone, he even took me to a fine restaurant on my birthday. I finally realized he was not candid, but I just want to be his friend - nothing else!’



Your next move: If your male friend expressed his enthusiasm and you accepted it, you are basically making him misunderstand that you feel the same way. Next time, you need to make it clear to him: “You know, I like to hang out with you, but everything is slightly too passionate. I want to be fair to you and make sure you know I only see us as friends”. It is frustrating, but it will help him withdraw before committing it any further.

When the guys cannot get along

You love your boyfriend as well as your male friend. However, when they act strangely and get on each other’s nerves, your job is to maintain peace between them.

Chopping some on Facebook

When you leave your conversations on Facebook with one of them, it will rub salt into their faces, whether you were talking about nothing important or not. You need to be associated with a private message instead of comments or wall posts.

Stop “chit-chatting”

You used ask your male best friend for advice about guys, but you should not talk about your relationship (and you should not criticize him in front of your boyfriend). They have already felt competitive, so the last thing they need is to add fuel to fire.

Do not force friendship

Surely, things will be easier if all of you get along well, but this is not Twilight. An attempt to establish together outings or to convince both “you would like him more if you know more about him” – it would provoke them and make you feel stuck in the middle more.

Crossing boundaries

You may think you behave perfectly normal next to your male best friend. Let us find out what he thinks of it.





Give him full advice about girls

Give him full advice about sex

Compliment him

Compliment him…while touching his arms


Hug romantically

The key point:

If you are guilty of three or more acts on “Flirty” column, these moves are telling us you are not that naive. Unless you are trying to make him madly fall in love with you, please fasten your seat belt before he speeds up.

Our advice

If you do not know, why your male friend irritates your boyfriend? Let us try this: imagine how you would feel if your boyfriend has a very close female friend – whatever he does, which makes you angry (such as hugging in the school hallway), will not be allowed.

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