Our Green & Ethical Selection (Part 1) - Deepmello, Flávia Aranha, Studio Ecocentric, Royal Blush

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Deepmello – Fashion Meets Science

The brand deepmello is wholly dedicated to sustainable leather production. The young label is focusing on a natural and completely new tanning process in which the leather is treated naturally with rhubarb root. With the help of the powerful tanning substance within the rhubarb root, deelmello was able to replace the toxic materials used in conventional tanning with a natural extract made from rhubarb – with comparable results.

Description: The brand deepmello is wholly dedicated to sustainable leather production

The brand deepmello is wholly dedicated to sustainable leather production

The fine leather products are created by combining high ecological standards with exceedingly ethical and social components. Deepmello places great value on combining its sustainable clothing with an attractive and modern design: At the heart of the collection are elegant jackets, skirts and clothes that cleverly combine tailoring and exciting details with a timeless look and luxurious leather. Deepmello has designed feminine blouses and trousers that fuse high-quality leather with soft silk satin and chiffon. Finely crafted shoes with cool wedge heels and great accessories, such as distinctive leather bags and belts, complete the collection.

Flávia Aranha

Poetry, lightness and contemporaneity summarize Flavia Aranha’s work. Born in Campinas, she went to São Paulo in 2002 to study Fashion Design in Santa Marcelina College, and then made the city her home.

Description: Flávia Aranha

Flávia Aranha

Timeless mouldings, pure cotton fabric and natural pigments such as leaves, tree bark and tea are part of every collection. The collections are complemented by accessories made of tilapia leather and blown glass – transparent drops turned into earnings or into pendants used with subtle silver cords.

Her collections are developed with subtlety – the same subtlety she uses to exchange experiences with the traditional communities she often visits when searching for references, partnerships and inspiration. These communities, which produce various types of raw material used by Flavia, inspire her to reinvent the traditions of handmade work that have been forgotten throughout time.

Studio Ecocentric – True Style Is Timeless

Unaffected by short-life trends dictating the world of fashion, the Berlin based label STUDIO ECOCENTRIC creates its timeless »Für immer« collection. The feminine classics are new interpretations of handpicked originals from the 30s to the 70s, made with special attention to extraordinary details, such as vintage buttons and buckles. The collection includes variations of “the little black dress” for the evening and business wear as well as weatherproof trenchcoats and elegant morning robes.

Description: True style is timeless

True style is timeless

From conviction Studio Ecocentric exclusively uses finest eco-friendly materials like certified organic cotton and plant dyed silks. The garment collection and accessories are made by small German manufactures focusing on high quality.

Description: Vintage buttons

Vintage buttons

Studio Ecocentric was launched 2009 in Berlin by designer Katrin Kummer. Style defining for Studio Ecocentric is the designer’s great selection of vintage clothes. Sustainable, classic and unaffected by seasonal style changes many pieces remain in the collection and will be supplemented with new classics year by year. The high quality, the timelessness and the straight forward design guarantee a long wearability way beyond one season.

Royal Blush – Accessories With A Conscience

The Swiss designer Jana Keller proves it is possible to design extra-ordinary leather accessories, and create something bigger, with her eco-luxury-label RoyalBLUSH.

Inspired by the Swiss Alps, RoyalBLUSH accessories literally wake-up the wanderlust! Multifunctional handbags are as practical as an alpinist’s, and jewellery reminding one of climbing gear. With those exclusive natural, Must-haves’, every, city-nomad’ is perfectly in gear. Each piece is made in consciousness about our planet and environment, using the best ecological materials, manufactured with local craftship.

Description: RoyalBLUSH’s chosen leather stands for a gentle vegetable tanning, rather than the use of aggressive chemicals

Royal Blush’s chosen leather stands for a gentle vegetable tanning, rather than the use of aggressive chemicals

Royal Blush’s chosen leather stands for a gentle vegetable tanning, rather than the use of aggressive chemicals. Vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition, handed down from father to son, for over 200 years, using both antique recipes and state-of-the-art technology. Finest Italian calf leather, tanned with bark and roots handcrafted and plaited in the EU and Switzerland, supporting the local craftsmen and through short shipping distances producing less CO2. And as one of the few brands in Europe, Royal Blush also uses Nanai salmon leather. It is a by-product of the food-industries, tanned at the highest level of ecological quality. The salmon skin stems from certified bio salmon farms from Ireland.

Gifting a Royal Blush accessory means doing something good – not only for your conscience! By doing so you support the environment, its inhabitants & resources and of course Keller’s farsighted vision of doing business in harmony.

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