Kate Moss Doesn’t Understand Why She Still Covers Magazines

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British model Kate Moss may be 40, but her career shows no signs of slowing down - not only does she appear regularly on the pages of Vogue, but the model continues to land high profile campaigns for beauty companies such as Rimmel and recently collaborated yet again with Topshop on her own fashion line. There is no stopping Kate's already impressive career and she's also seen as one of Britain's biggest fashion icons. The model has admitted that she herself doesn't understand why magazines continue to ask her to cover their issues, saying it's quite "weird" that her career hasn't stopped. She joked: ''I know it's weird though, innit? 'Cause I don't understand, I mean... let's not question it!''

Kate recalls one of her famous past shoots for 'The Face' magazine where she is seen grinning widely at a very young age. She says that while she may come across as confident in the early shoot, she was actually very self-conscious back in those days: ''It was funny, but at the same time I was really embarrassed about my body. Very, very self-conscious. I was 14 or 15, still at school.''

The model is known for beginning the 'heroin chic' model trend and says she didn't purposefully set out to create that image - it was as a result of not having access to food while working: ''I think I was just really young and thin, I mean my daughter's tiny... I was working in fashion, back in the day they didn't feed you. The jobs I was doing they didn't have catering.''

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