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5 of Katie Holmes’ Best Makeup Tips & Secrets
Katie Holmes is always timelessly sophisticated and an effortless beauty, so it’s no surprise that big cosmetics companies such as Bobbi Brown love working with her.
5 Stars Who Are Happy to Age Naturally
Although having cosmetic surgery - and other procedures to reduce the signs of ageing - is incredibly common in Hollywood, these 5 stars don’t want to go under the knife just to look younger and think it is more graceful looking to just age naturally.
5 Stars Share Their First Beauty Memories
We all have our first beauty memories - some of us stole our mother’s lipstick to play with and made a huge mess, others remember trying on some eyeshadow for the first time, or simply watching a family member getting ready and being wowed by all of the amazing products.
5 Celebs Share Their Personal Secrets for Wearing Fragrances
Perfume can make a big impact on people as ‘scent memory’ can linger on, and these 5 celebrities all see the importance of having a gorgeous signature smell.
5 of Jamie Chung’s Best Makeup & Beauty Tips
Korean American actress Jamie Chung is always so effortless, with flattering makeup that highlights her always present gorgeous glow.
5 Stars Who Get Regular Oxygen Facials
Oxygen facials are the latest Hollywood craze and several stars have come forward to gush about the benefits already.
5 Celebrities Share Their Tips & Secrets for Beautiful False Eyelashes
False eyelashes are notoriously awkward to apply, but with some practice and the right products, it can create a dramatic and beautiful eye look. These 5 stars all love false eyelashes and have shared their tips and secrets for getting the look just right.
5 of Lupita Nyong'o's Best Beauty & Makeup Secrets
Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has risen to fame for her talent on screen – but her unique style and love of colourful beauty has not gone unnoticed too. The actress is fierce and bold with her makeup choices whenever she hits the red carpet, and loves to experiment with striking eyeshadow and lip shades.
5 Celebrities Speak on Switching to Natural Beauty Products
Hoping to avoid harsh chemicals, these 5 celebrities have switched out some of their beauty products for natural alternatives.
5 Famous French Women Share Their Beauty Secrets
French women have become known for their love of great skincare, as well as always perfecting that effortless Parisian beauty look.
5 Stars on How Their Mothers Influenced Their Beauty Regimes
The foundation of our beauty regimes often come from our mothers who start us off with the basics at a young age, and these 5 stars have opened up on how their moms influenced the products they use or how they take care of their skin to this day.
5 of Rooney Mara’s Best Beauty & Makeup Secrets
Actress Rooney Mara is not afraid to experiment with different beauty looks: after all, she did undergo a dramatic makeover for her part in ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ which involved cutting her hair short and getting multiple piercings.
5 Celebrities Share Their Top Beauty Travel Tips
Taking a long haul flight or being on the go for hours can have a negative impact on your skin – these 5 celebrities are regularly on the move and have shared their top tips for looking fresh while travelling.
5 of the Best Beauty Looks From the British Fashion Awards 2014
Held in London last night, the 2014 British Fashion Awards had some of the most stylish stars in attendance. These 5 celebrities all stood out for their immaculate beauty looks, perfectly highlighting their faces and their outfit choices with just the right hair and makeup.
5 of Candice Swanepoel’s Best Makeup, Skin & Hair Tips
South African Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel always has a sun-kissed gorgeous glow, bouncy beach wave hair and blemish-free skin, not to mention her enviable body!
5 Stars Who Wear Blush to Add Colour to Their Complexion
The secret to great blush makeup is to add subtle colour which sculpts the face and highlight cheekbones, and also just makes skin look more radiant and glowing.
5 Stars Who Love Sonic Facial Cleansing Brushes
Sonic facial cleansing brushes are a big beauty trend right now and many people are giving them rave reviews, including celebrities.
5 Best Beauty Looks From the 2014 American Music Awards
Held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, the 2014 American Music Awards brought out a big gathering of celebrities to celebrate the last year in musical achievement.
5 of Drew Barrymore’s Best Makeup & Skin Secrets
Having previously worked with CoverGirl for several years and now with her own ‘Flower’ cosmetics line, Drew Barrymore is an expert when it comes to all things beauty, especially makeup application and skin care.
5 Stars Share Their Best Lipstick Application Tips
Lipstick application needs to be precise and flawless looking, which can be quite difficult to get right! These 5 stars all love wearing lipstick and have shared their tips for applying lipstick so it looks amazing and stays on for longer too.
5 Stars Share Their Smoky Eye Makeup Tips
Mastering a smoky eye is an essential for any makeup junkie and these 5 stars have all shared their tips and secrets for creating the best smoky eye makeup look.
5 of Christina Hendricks’ Best Makeup & Skin Secrets
‘Mad Men’ actress Christina Hendricks isn’t afraid to experimenting with beauty – her red hair just shows how bold she is with her choices (she’s a natural blonde!) and proves she’s not against standing out from the crowd.
5 Best Beauty Looks at 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards
Held during the weekend at The Palladium in Hollywood, the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards was another big red carpet event, filled with huge star names.
5 Stars Share Their Hairstyling Shortcuts
Here are 5 stars who have shared their tips for quickly creating a simple but stylish looking hairstyle, and their hacks that they’ve invented to speed up the process so it can be thrown up in to that look in just a few minutes.
5 of Jessica Chastain’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets
With her fiery red hair, flawless complexion and always beautiful makeup, it’s not a surprise that actress Jessica Chastain is a big source of inspiration when it comes to beauty.
5 Star Secrets for Red Carpet Beauty Perfection
Any red carpet event can be high pressure, with all eyes on those in attendance and cameras constantly flashing, it’s important to look as close to perfection as possible.
5 Top Celebrity Winter Skincare Tips
The winter months can be extra harsh on skin, drying out and leaving the complexion dull over time. These 4 celebrities have shared the top tips that keep their skin glowing even as they brave the harsh weather and cold.
5 of January Jones’ Top Beauty & Hair Tricks
‘Mad Men’ actress January Jones always looks gorgeous, with her blonde bob haircut and glowing complexion, January is radiant and effortless, even when she’s trying out edgy new makeup looks or just channelling a classic old screen siren.
5 of the Strangest Celebrity Beauty Tricks & Secrets
Celebrity beauty tricks can be pretty out there – but these 5 tips are definitely quite unusual and not ones you might guess or stumble across too frequently.
5 of Lucy Hale’s Top Makeup & Skin Secrets
‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale is known for her signature thick brows and flawless complexion – and now she has shared some of her top makeup and skin secrets.
5 Celebrities Share Their Ultimate Beauty Secrets
Sharing their ultimate beauty secrets, these 5 stars have commented on their biggest tip for always looking good.
5 of Halle Berry's Top Anti-Aging Secrets
Halle loves facials and has a favourite facialist she visits a few times a year: "I don’t skip on facialist appointments. I see Olga Northrop three or four times a year because she completely understands my skin
5 Celebrities on Dealing With Their Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin can be much more difficult to look after as it reacts to more products and breaks out easily – it can even be damaged if it’s not cared for correctly.
5 of Nicole Richie’s Best Hair, Skin & Makeup Tips
Fashion designer Nicole Richie is not just a style icon – with her bright, boldly coloured hair and gorgeous looks, her beauty is a great source of inspiration too.
5 Celebrities Who Air-Dry Their Hair
Gorgeous looking hair doesn’t always have to be complicated or hard to achieve. These 5 celebrities love to let their locks simply air-dry after they’ve washed it.
5 Stars Share Their Tips for Long, Gorgeous Eyelashes
Long eyelashes that stand out are a subtle way to add to any makeup look, and these 5 stars are obsessed with making their own eyes pop with their personal tricks and secrets for making their lashes look longer or more beautiful.
5 of Victoria Beckham’s Top Beauty Secrets
Victoria Beckham is an elegant and classic beauty, usually opting for a natural look during the day and wowing on the red carpet with a dramatic smoky eye and glowing complexion for events.
5 Stars Comment on Their Favourite Nail Colours
Nails are a great way to finish off a look – be it a casual day outfit or for an evening out, and there are a multitude of shades, finishes and textures out there to choose from.
5 Celebrities Who Have Embraced Their Natural Hair
Almost all of us change our hair, many of us often go overboard – with straighteners, curlers and so many products that change how hair looks, it seems we rarely even see natural hair, especially in Hollywood where there are teams of hair stylists on hand.
5 Celebrities Who Don't Wear a Lot of Makeup
There are plenty of celebrities who won’t step out of their front door without a full face of makeup, ready to face the paparazzi while fully done up. However, these 5 stars say they generally don’t wear that much makeup on a daily basis, and just have a few simple essentials that they use to keep their beauty look in check
5 Celebrities Share Their Best Concealer Application Tips
These 5 celebrities have shared their best tips for applying concealer to create a flawless looking base that isn’t obviously covered with too much product – a natural looking end result.
5 Top Celebrity Eye Makeup Tips
Revealing some of their best makeup secrets, these 5 celebrities have shared how they make their eyes stand out when creating a beauty look.
5 of Emmy Rossum’s Best Skin, Hair & Makeup Secrets
Actress Emmy Rossum is a flawless natural beauty. Always with shiny hair and a gorgeous complexion, Emmy is a huge fan of natural products and often even makes her own.
5 Celebrities Who Use Olive Oil as a Beauty Product
Natural, cheap, moisture-rich and filled with antioxidants, olive oil is a simple but effective product to use on skin and hair. These 5 celebrities believe applying the basic oil leaves their hair shiny and body feeling soft.
5 of Alessandra Ambrosio’s Top Makeup, Hair & Skin Secrets
Brazilian top model Alessandra Ambrosio always looks gorgeous. Often working for lingerie company Victoria’s Secret and appearing in fashion magazines, the model has learnt plenty of secrets that keep her looking stunning no matter what she’s doing.
5 Stars Share the Makeup Products They Always Carry
We all have at least one or two products we just need to have with us always, be it to freshen up or cover up while on the go. These 5 stars have commented on the basic essentials they always take with them where ever they are.
5 of Amanda Seyfried’s Top Makeup, Hair & Skin Secrets
Amanda Seyfried is always stunning, she shines on the red carpet and isn’t afraid to go natural when she’s out and about, often even going makeup-free.
5 Stars Share Their Top Eyebrow Grooming Tips
Full, defined eyebrows are a huge current beauty trend and have been spied everywhere from the catwalk to the red carpet - this look isn’t going away any time soon and adds beautiful structure to any face.
5 of Blake Lively’s Best Makeup, Skin & Hair Secrets
Blake Lively is always picture perfect. With a sun-kissed glow and perfect beachy waves, the actress clearly knows what works for her and embraces that effortless Californian girl look.
5 Celebrities Speak on Their Natural Hair Shades
Not many women seem to actually keep their natural hair colour – and many stars change their locks very frequently - either for a role or just to experiment with their look.
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