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Night & Day - Giving Your Skin The Right Attention At The Right Time (Part 2)
Products with active ingredients, like retinol – for example, Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Serum – should only be used at night as sunlight can deactivate its effects.
Night & Day - Giving Your Skin The Right Attention At The Right Time (Part 1)
“Timing your treatments and skincare routine correctly is vital. As we age, all functions of the skin either slow down or they overreact to various stimuli. A proper home-care regimen with the correct products at the correct time is an effective anti-ageing treatment plan.”
We're Talking About Making Up
While more than half the women surveyed claimed they’d happily see their friends, family and partner without make-up on, it seems the notion of going bare-faced in the work arena is an entirely different matter, with 65 per cent rating it more stressful than attending a job interview.
Beauty At Your Fingertips
Sprinkle Topping evenly over apples, pressing down lightly. Return dish to oven and bake 25 minutes, or until top is crisp and browned and Filling is bubbly.
8 Beauty Blunders: How To Fix Them? (Part 2)
The secret of make-up is to enhance your looks in a subtle, natural way, unless you go all out for a dramatic evening look. You don’t want make-up to be too obvious, such as a line of demarcation along your jaw where your foundation ends, or to leave the house with a harsh streak of too-dark or too-bright blush.
8 Beauty Blunders: How To Fix Them? (Part 1)
Some skincare professional believe that toner is an optional, non-essential step, unless one has oily skin. This trend towards shunning toner is confirmed bu Dis-Chem owner Lynette Saltzman, who has noticed a drop in sales of toners.
Supermarket all-stars (Part 3) : Hair & Make-Up
Polish that requires just one coat is always welcome in our world, but it’s the colour that’s really got us hooked. This electric purple-blue shade will look striking against pale and ebony skin tones alike.
Supermarket all-stars (Part 2) : Body
PurCellin oil sinks into skin, forming a protective surface to combat irritation and moisture loss. Massage directly into your skin to target specific areas, or dilute in your bath water by adding a few drops before you climb into the tub.
Supermarket all-stars (Part 1) : Face
We lined up our shopping trolleys to share our favourite bargain beauty buys, and unearthed a whole cache of budget gems in the process.
Multi-tasking beauty buys
If your gym bag is getting too heavy, check it’s not your toiletries that are weighing you down. The new trend in beauty care is for all-in-one hero products – here are our favourites.
Skinwise - Completely Defend Your Perfect Skin (Part 2)
90% cases of skin cancer result from UV rays from sunlight. There are approximate 2 million American who are diagnosed with this deadly disease every year. In Australia, this figure is alarming with 3.3% of women and 5% of men who will live with melanoma on skin. This is also the continent with the largest skin cancer rate.
Skinwise - Completely Defend Your Perfect Skin (Part 1) : Exfoliating & Moisturizer cosmetic
After freezing winter, summer sunshine comes to hurry us to go out and enjoy interesting outdoor activities. However, don’t forget to protect your skin – an important part stretching all your body – from effects of humidity, temperature, air-conditioner and the most is severe sunlight.
3 ways to… Get shiny, glossy locks
Ask most women what they want from their appearance, and it’s likely healthy, lustrous locks are near the top of their wish list. Hair naturally thins as you age and follicles become shorter and finer, but other factors also affect growth.
Stress & your skin (Part 3) - Wrinkles
Always consider moisturising options that contain broad-spectrum protection and choose an active nigh cream to assist with repairing the day’s damage while you sleep. Key ingredients to keep in mind are hyaluronic acid and vitamins A and C.
Stress & your skin (Part 2) - Dryness & Redness
Stress has also been proven to compromise the natural layer that seals moisture into our skin. ‘To keep this barrier healthy, it needs to turn over in a cohesive and organised manner,’ says Dr Greg Goodman, of the Dermatology Institute of Victoria.
Stress & your skin (Part 1) - Acne & Dullness
‘The primary aggravating factor leading to adult acne is chronic stress,’ says Emma Hobson, education manager at The International Dermal Institute. While periods of intensity can cause occasional breakouts, it’s continual stress that alters ours hormone levels and causes an increase in oil production, she explains.
Love your hair (Part 3) - Wake up to a sexy style
If you’d prefer to hit the snooze button than spend an extra 20 minutes styling your hair in the morning, take a bit of time to prepare your strands before going to bed. Get an extra day out of your blow-dry by lightly tying your lengths into a very high ponytail using a silk scarf.
Love your hair (Part 2) - Control kinks,Get an A-list style & Take charge
The secret to poker-straight lengths is maintaining the silky condition of each stand and protecting them from frizz, combined with ensuring the individual hairs are straight and parallel, explains Dr Shiel.
Love your hair (Part 1) - Consider a fast fix & Shield your shade
There’ nothing more frustrating than when you’re running late and you fail-safe everyday style doesn’t look like it should. Take control (and get to work on time) by pulling your strands up into a chic ‘do.
Your best hair ever
Using a wide-toothed comb, distribute a curl-enhancing product through damp hair and then twist to add shape. Invest in a diffuser for your hairdryer – an essential tool for creating perfect curls – and gently place small sections of your hair inside the diffuser while you blast, leaving them to dry.
Your everything guide to skin (Part 3) - Look younger without trying
It is one of the easiest ways to slow down ageing around your eyes. Choose ones with big lenses to cover the entire eye and the surrounding area, shielding your skin from the sun and minimising squinting.
Your everything guide to skin (Part 2) - 3 eyes problems fixed & 6 Skin truths beauty editors live by
Regularly skimping on sleep causes stress, which raises your cortisol levels and aggravates skin conditions. And did you know your body temperature is a bit higher when you sleep?
Your everything guide to skin (Part 1)
We all want perfect skin. And to get it we’re prepared to buy into the latest hyped-up ingredient or celebrity-endorsed miracle product that costs a week’s wages.
Look Book - Answers your beauty questions
All patients want to enhance their facial image with a natural look. The most popular treatment is to improve lines and wrinkles or to give wolume to lips and mid face. It is difficult to pinpoint one particular treatment as Cosmex offers a bespole service to a wide age group.
Gifts of glamour
Beat the stress of last-minute shopping with our pick of the best buys for every budget
Follow The Way Of Woman’s Day
Long and straight hair of Mary needs to be thicker, thus, Ruben Colon gave her a mane of hair which is easy to maintain. Thanks to the floating layer of hair that he cut with scissors, hair looks dry brown or slightly damp.
SkinCare for The Blushing Bride
Long before the big day, she should take a deep breath, step back and analyze the condition of her skin. Its surface appearance will speak volumes about her internal wellbeing, as well as her daily health and beauty regime.
Look great give back : Stay Smooth, Double-Duty Buy, Cool To Be Kind, Get Glowing
From September 11-17, both David Jones and Myer will donate $1 from the sale of every lipstick and lip gloss to the organisation.
How to get sexy, shiny hair
From the arid mountains of Morocco to the depths of the Amazon, women across the globe have been pampering their hair with nourishing oils for centuries.
Best Buy – March 2012 (part 2) - Fragrance Watch
More than a daily indulgence, SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream, $457, works to brighten and firm your complexion, thanks to time-fighting ingredients niacinamide and rose absolute.
Best Buy – March 2012 (part 1) - Exotic Escape, Green Clean & Eyes-Openers
Accentuate your stare with a volumising mascara, such as Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition in Black, $50, Or, for added glamour after dark, try Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Stretch Mascara in 01, $55.
An Icon Reinvented : Eau De Couture & Fashion Scents
It was with much caution and respect that perfumers at Chanel approached their latest project, No.19 Poudré EDP 50ml, $159, a reinterpretation of the ‘70s classic.
10 of the best skincare products
Inside secrets to transform lacklustre skin into a catwalk-ready complexion.
Meet the new Skin Superheroes (part 2) - Broccoli, Chia Seeds, Acai Berries & Turmeric
Acai berries (from Central and South America) have up to twice as many antioxidant anthocyanins as blueberries, meaning they're super-effective at helping to put the skin-ageing process on a go-slow.
Meet the new Skin Superheroes (part 1) - Capers, Cantaloupe Melon 7, LIQUORICE & Green Coffees
We all know that green tea and blueberries could help fend off wrinkles, but the latest thought is that using such superfoods on our skin, as opposed to just eating them, has added beauty benefits.
Sexy Big hair : Cut, Colour, Create & Care
Big hair continues to reign supreme in 2012. But you don't need to have Cheryl's stylist on speed-dial to get the look, thanks to the latest products and insider tricks
DJ Riggs created this color with meche strips rather than foil, “because they don’t conduct heat the way foil does,” he says.
Extensions The Service for Everyone
Not just for length anymore, hair extensions are extending their appeal as instant volumizers and commitment-free highlights that are amazingly affordable.
Beautiful Braids
Tis the season for prom, weddings and special occasion hair! In this advanced-level lesson, MODERN SALON Learning educator Jamie Carroll provides valuable tips on braiding and creating texture.
Bringing Out the Best
In this case, a natural Level-6, muted brunette had very faded highlights. The color made her skin tone too monochromatic and failed to showcase her blue eyes.
Baby Doll Beautiful
1 Secure the hair into a ponytail at the top of the crown.2 Braid up the length of the ponytail.3 At the end, fold over at the half way point and bend to the elastic. Secure.
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