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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Makeup Mistakes
Here are 5 easy tips to avoid simple makeup mistakes and help you apply makeup in the best way possible to keep it looking flawless all throughout the day.
Cindy Crawford on Makeup, Diet & Almost Removing Her Beauty Spot
Legendary model Cindy Crawford has revealed that when she was younger she used to be bullied for her now famous beauty mark. Cindy almost opted to have it removed but thankfully her mother talked her out of it.
5 Celebrities on Their Favourite Lip Products
Gushing about their top lip products, these celebrities have all revealed their favourite lipstick or gloss to wear on their lips. From muted nudes to bold reds, these stars each have their own signature go-to product that they swear by and have spoken on their own secret makeup finds that they love the most.
Kate Bosworth Loves Lip Stains and Minimal Beauty Look
Kate Bosworth has opened up on her usual makeup regime. The actress reveals that she lives by the 'less in more' ethos when it comes to beauty and prefers a natural look.
5 Stars Share Their Summer Beauty Essentials
Summer beauty is all about getting a great natural healthy glow. These 5 celebrities have shared their own summer beauty essentials, commenting on the products they use to create a subtle but warm look that also lasts on hot days.
Jennifer Aniston on Dealing With Her Problem Hair
Jennifer Aniston may have made that famous 'Rachel' haircut a big beauty trend in those early 'Friends' years but the actress says she hasn't always had an easy time taming her locks.
Blake Lively Hides Behind Her Hair to Cope With Her Red Carpet Fears
Blake Lively may have had one of the best red carpet moments at the 2014 MET Gala recently, when she wowed alongside her husband Ryan Reynolds as they both wore Gucci, but the actress has admitted that she finds stepping out in front of all of those photographers to be a terrifying experience.
5 Celebrities Who Wear Red Lipstick as Their Signature Makeup Look
Wearing red lipstick adds a classic element to any look while also appearing elegant and dressy – it’s that old Hollywood starlet glamour. These 5 celebrities are regularly spotted wearing red lipstick and explain why it has become a signature part of their makeup look.
Cindy Crawford on Staying Fit for Her Kids & Her Cosmetics Brand
48-year-old legendary model Cindy Crawford looks just as flawless as ever and the model has opened up on staying fit. She explains that she likes to keep in top shape because she wants to live her life in great health so she can fully enjoy herself.
Amanda Seyfried Opens Up on Raw Diets, Staying Fit & Beauty Ideals
Amanda Seyfried has opened up on her healthy lifestyle which she says is all about finding the right balance. Unlike other stars who have admitted to extreme diets or cleanses, Amanda says she does like to have a raw diet on occasion but will only keep it up for a week to cleanse.
5 Celebrities Who Prefer Low Maintenance Hair
Keeping things simple for themselves, these 5 celebrities say they don’t put a lot of effort in to styling their hair, especially on a daily basis. Some just give it a quick wash and brush, while others say they don’t even need to do that! They love to look natural and prefer not to waste hours perfecting their hairdo, so they’ve opted for a low maintenance look that is easy to style and take care of.
Tyra Banks Talks Weight Issues and the Fashion’s Beauty Standards
Tyra Banks recently launched her own charity named Tzone Foundation to help boost young girls' self-esteem. The model has always been a spokesperson for women of different sizes and says that she doesn't want girls to have the same weight insecurities she struggled with.
5 Best Hair and Makeup Looks from the 2014 MET Gala
Celebrating the opening on the new Charles James exhibition, fashion’s biggest night out, the 2014 MET Gala, did not disappoint with many amazing red carpet looks. Here is a run through the top hair and makeup looks spotted on the night – from daring experimental ideas to flattering natural options, these stars picked just right and stood out as they stepped out for the special event.
Sky Ferreira Comments on Her Favourite Makeup & Hair Looks
American singer Sky Ferreira has opened up on her go-to makeup look. The 21-year-old beauty often also models and reveals that she likes to make her eyes look dramatic by adding a cateye flick completed with plenty of mascara.
5 Celebrities Who Use Grocery Store Finds For Their Skin & Hair
Most celebrities use expensive beauty products and have regular treatments with big price tags – but that isn’t always the case. Some stars have very simple and budget-friendly tricks that they use to keep their skin and hair looking amazing.
Jourdan Dunn on Her Personal Style & Top Beauty Essentials
British model Jourdan Dunn's career is reaching new heights as of late - the model recently landed a contract with beauty company Maybelline and she also continues to work for Victoria's Secret and many other big name brands.
5 Celebrities Who Contour Their Face With Makeup Tricks
Smartly applied makeup can not only cover up uneven skin tone and make a complexion look flawless, but it can also change how someone’s entire face shape looks, just with some simple tricks. Adding shadows and highlights to certain areas, contouring is a makeup technique used by the pros to give people more flattering facial features, subtly adjusting nose width and length, adding depth to cheekbones or anything else.
Christy Turlington on Caring for Her Skin & Not Worrying About Aging
45-year-old legendary supermodel Christy Turlington has revealed that she doesn't think there are any negative aspects to aging. The model still pulls in top campaigns and fashion magazine editorials and says that as the years roll on, she just becomes more sure of herself and also more confident.
5 Top Basic Summer Beauty Essentials
The summer months are almost upon us so we’ve taken a look at the top basic summer beauty essentials that will see you through those sun-filled days. These beauty items will keep you looking great and offer you simple beauty solutions as you sunbathe and enjoy those long evenings out.
Zoe Saldana’s Beauty Favourites: Red Lipstick & a Ponytail
Actress Zoe Saldana has opened up on her usual beauty routine. She admits that she likes to keep it "low maintenance" because she is so often in a rush and doesn't get the chance to spend a long time applying makeup.
5 Celebrities Who’ve Gushed About Juicing Results
Giving their bodies a jump-start, these 5 celebrities have all gushed about the health benefits juicing can have. Some mix up their own healthy concoctions or hit up juice cafes, and say downing healthy juices packed with fruit and vegetables makes them feel healthier or they’ve noticed improvements in their skin and hair.
Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist Comments on ‘Spiderman 2’ Premiere Beauty Look
Emma Stone's makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, has spoken on how Emma perfected a disco-inspired beauty look for the recent 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' premiere in NYC.
5 Celebrities Who Prefer Natural & Organic Beauty Products
Passionate about natural beauty products, these celebrities go organic when possible and prefer to use chemical-free moisturizers, cleansers and more on their skin. Always reading the label to see what they’re applying to their skin, these stars don’t believe in using products with complicated formulas and stick to simple but natural alternatives when possible.
Shailene Woodley’s Eco-Friendly Skin Advice & Well-Being Tips
Known for her all-natural beauty and fashion habits, American actress Shailene Woodley has spoken on her top tips for staying beautiful naturally. The 'Divergent' star doesn't believe in soap because it can be packed with chemicals.
5 Celebrities Who Add Coconut Oil to Their Beauty Routines
Coconut oil is quickly becoming the biggest trend in beauty this year, with many big name stars saying they love to use it. With so many different uses, coconut oil is a versatile beauty essential that can moisturize, cleanse and hydrate – as well as much more.
Natalia Vodianova Says She was an “Ugly Duckling” Before Becoming a Model
Russian model Natalia Vodianova has opened up on her childhood, admitting that when she was young she was often bullied by her classmates in school.
5 Celebrities on Their Minimal Makeup Routines
When these stars aren’t working hard, they like to keep their makeup routines minimal. Opting to just add a tinted moisturizer or some colour to their skin, these celebrities get by with just using a few key makeup products to create a simple, natural makeup look when they’re off-duty.
Celebrity Skin Secret: Body Brushing to Reduce Cellulite
Want to rid your skin of cellulite or simply improve its texture? Those are just two reported benefits of dry body brushing, along with increasing circulation and helping to remove toxins.
Cameron Diaz Speaks on Her High Maintenance Beauty Look for ‘The Other Woman’
Starring alongside Leslie Mann and model Kate Upton in newly released film 'The Other Woman', Cameron Diaz has spoken on her character's high maintenance beauty look.
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Old Hollywood Beauty Secret & Budget-Friendly Fitness Ideas
Always with plenty to say on the topic of beauty, actress Gwyneth Paltrow has spoken further on how she looks after herself. She reveals that she often unwinds at the end of a long day by adding Epsom salt to her bath.
5 Stars Who Dress Depending on Their Mood
Letting their mood change how they dress, these 5 celebrities say their style is often influenced by how they’re feeling on a particular day. Although some have a signature style, their choices are still affected by their mood and can change what they wear on a daily basis
Kelly Brook on Her Natural Beach Beauty Look
British model Kelly Brook has spoken on her natural beach make-up routine. With her famous curves and stunning good looks, Kelly says she likes to keep her beauty look pared down whenever she's hitting the beach.
5 Overlooked Beauty Basics You Need to Own
We all have our favourite basics when it comes to beauty, but some of us overlook the most basic or helpful items to have on hand. These items are cost effective and simple to use, helping you look great on a daily basis.
Katie Holmes Reveals Her Mother’s Natural Beauty Advice
Katie Holmes, who has worked closely with major makeup brand Bobbi Brown, has opened up on the beauty advice that her mother gave her. Katie says her mom Kathleen always advised her to stay as natural as possible but that makeup can be used to subtly enhance a person's natural good looks.
5 Celebrities on Protecting Their Skin from the Sun
It is easy to forget how dangerous the sun is, but with skin cancer on the rise, it has never been more important to daily apply sun cream, especially if you’re planning to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.
Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Tips for Shiny & Healthy Hair
Australian model and 'Kora Organics' founder Miranda Kerr always has flawless hair, even when she isn't professionally styled for work. The model has gorgeous bouncy locks and has revealed how she keeps her hair is such good condition despite putting it through many different styles for her job.
5 Stars Speak on Finding Body Confidence
Figuring out what makes them feel most confident about their own bodies, these 5 stars have spoken on finding that positivity when it comes to looking at their own figures.
Kelly Osbourne Speaks on Experimenting With Her Purple Hair
Kelly Osbourne has been having fun experimenting with her now signature purple hair colour. The 'Fashion Police' star commented that she loves having such a unique hair shade because she likes to stand out from the crowd and isn't interested in looking "normal".
5 Celebrities Who Use Fake Tan to Creating a Golden Glow
Fake tan may have a bad reputation for that orange glow look, but if you pick the right product, it can end up looking like a natural healthy golden glow.
Lupita Nyong’o Wore ‘70s Disco-Inspired’ Makeup to MTV Movie Awards
Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o attended the recent MTV Movie Awards, shining on the red carpet in a colourful Chanel dress. The actress also had her own unique beauty look going on which stood out from the crowd.
5 Simple & Budget-Friendly Ways to Relax and De-Stress
Don’t know how to press your ‘off’ button or just put aside your worries for a few hours? You are not alone! Here are 5 simple and budget-friendly ways you can relax and de-stress. Everyone deserves and needs some time away from worrying about life, so here are some easy ways to unwind without breaking the bank.
Jessica Alba Shares Inspiring Beauty & Body Advice
Jessica Alba has dished out some great beauty and body advice to live by. The actress turned businesswoman thinks women need to focus more of the positive elements of themselves.
Celebrity Beauty Secret: The Clarisonic Skin Brush
The Clarisonc professional skin brush has gained a celebrity following as of late, with several stars admitting that using the skin brush system has completely changed their skin and they've seen a big difference in their appearance.
Gwyneth Paltrow on Her Morning Beauty Routine & Fitness Plan
Gwyneth Paltrow may come across as being high maintenance as she talks about fancy beauty products and treatments via her Goop website, but the Oscar-winning actress reveals that her daily beauty routine is unfussy and minimal.
The 5 Best Celeb Makeup & Hair Looks at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards
The 2014 MTV Movie Awards were not only filled with amazing designer outfits – there were plenty of great makeup and hair looks too!
Claudia Schiffer Reveals Her Own at Home Beauty Treatment Secrets
German beauty Claudia Schiffer has opened up on her beauty regime, revealing that she loves at home treatments that she happily applies to herself.
5 Stars Speak on Using Budget-Friendly Beauty Products
They may not have to use budget-friendly beauty products, but these 5 stars have found that some cheaper products work better for them then the more expensive alternative. These simple and cheap products just do their job and these stars don’t mind sticking to the basics
Keira Knightley’s Simple Skincare Choices & Nail Polish Addiction
British actress Keira Knightley has revealed that she's addicted to nail polish and uses it as a way to rebel against her work because she spends weeks at a time being in character.
5 Celebrities Who've Tried Raw Food Diets
The raw food diet has been receiving a lot of media hype for its reported health benefits and these 5 stars have all given a raw diet a shot.
Nicole Richie Opens Up on Her New Lavender Hair Colour
Nicole Richie recently dyed her usually light brown hair a bold lavender shade, taking her inspiration from a photoshopped Instagram photo that showed her with a similar purple shade.
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