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Have Thorough Acne Treatment With Egg
Women with oily skin must be familiar with the egg white and lemon mask. We also received many feedbacks from this mask, and most of us are satisfied with it. Some women also feel brighter skin and tighten pores after using for a time. According to us, this mask is very good, safe for skin, and has different uses for skin care.
Have White Skin Without Acne Thanks To Watermelon
Containing 93% of water and combination of vitamins A, B6, C, watermelon helps whiten skin, recover damaged skin and protect skin from scorching sun. These are 5 ways to beautify your skin with watermelon
Be Impressive With 6 Unique Hairstyles
Twist the hair at the top of head into small bun to make your hair voluminous. Then put a part of front hair to behind to hide the bun.
Choose Hairstyles So As Not To Be Out Of Mode
This hairstyle is young, simple and suitable for all faces. That’s reason why it is always loved by gentle women. You need only to be diligent to take care of your silk hair; you will own a nice hairstyle from the bob.
Have Comprehensive Beauty with Eggs
Egg is a simple and popular food. However, egg is not just a nutritious food for health, but it is also a “panacea” for beauty with simple formula.
Possess a Silky and White Skin by Masks
You always wonder why the quality of the masks is not as good as being advertised. There are lots of reasons that may lead to this but the basic reasons is not the one that every woman know, and that is the steps of applying masks, maximizing the effect and whitening your skin day by day.
Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes
Eye puffiness and dark circles always make you look tired and old, so let remove them by using these simple tips as bellow.
Make Rose Toner Yourself
Toner is considered as a cleaning substance. It helps to balance the pH of the skin, reduce dry skin condition and blackheads. Toner will help to shrink the skin of those who have large pores efficiently.
Aloe Gel Beautifies Skin and Hair
To use aloe regularly, you should buy big aloe leaves at super market to process products. Normally, a big leaves can be taken within 2 weeks with many different uses. Even for dry and split hair, aloe is very appropriate to care.
Brighten Skin with Red Beans
Here is a small secret helping women have a smooth and brightening skin in order to be more confident and charming every day.
Deal With Blackheads Only In 5 Minutes
Blackheads are formed by the accumulation of oil, dead cells and bacteria. It makes pores clogged and causes acne. The useful way to treat blackheads is to clean the nucleus and prevent them from recurring.
It’s Difficult to Take Care of Oil Skin
You need to mix 2 eggs with a spoon of sugar and put the mixture on your face. This mask will make skin dry and avoid clogging pores. And it will take away unnecessary oil on oily skin.
The New Skin Hydrators (Part 2)
The impressive blend of water blinding and repairing ingredients in this gel cream works to reduce dehydration and rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
The New Skin Hydrators (Part 1)
One minute, your skin’s parched by the heating, the next it’s shiny from that rich cream. Achieving the right balance can feel impossible, but the latest moisturizing innovations combine clever hydration with lightweight formulas to give you perfect winter skin.
Deep & Meaningful
The new winter scents delve so deep, you can’t help but feel confident, sexy and sophisticated. Are you ready for the power perfumes?
Glowing Skin At Any Age (Part 2)
Any damage from your younger years starts to show in age spots and broken capillaries. Use a creamy cleanser as part of your daily skin routine and exfoliate regularly.
Glowing Skin At Any Age (Part 1)
Cleanse morning and night, and use a moisturizer with a built-in SPF that gives you both UVA and UVB protection. Invest in products that contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, co-enzyme Q10 and green tea. If you smoke, stop now! Help repair the damage with a potent vitamin C serum.
Eye To Eye : Become a shady lady
To ensure good sight you need to take care of your eyes. Yet for many people, it’s something we take for granted. We gathered the latest research on eye health and spoke to Jared Slater, national professional services manager of Optometrists Association Australia, to present all you need to know to ensure good vision for life.
Big Bold Lip Guide
Personalize your pout. For lush Angelina Jolie lips slightly over-trace your Cupid’s bows with a lip liner and finish with a gloss. For a petite pout, cover with concealer and apply lipstick without liner.
Color Your Way
It’s like something out of a movie… blow-dryers blasting, fresh juices flowing and A-listers sitting by a sparkling pool with heads of foils. Celebrity salon Serge Normant at John Frieda, in Melrose Place, has rock star glamour – which is not surprising, since it was once the home of Neil Diamond!
Your Big Make-Up Shake-Up
Whether you want to go bold and beautiful or subdued and sultry, there’s no better time to rework your beauty style than at the turn of the season. The autumn/winter shows were full of inspiration, from vampy red lips to fresh pink cheeks.
Autumn Make Up – October 2012 (Part 5)
Aveeno Positively Ageless Resurfacing Scrub ($10; drugstores) Gentle micro beads polish your face in a flash, leaving skin smooth not stripped.
Autumn Make Up – October 2012 (Part 4)
Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser ($39: sephora.com) Thanks to soothing olive and green tea extracts, even the most sensitive faces felt refreshed— not tight—after using this wash.
Autumn Make Up – October 2012 (Part 3)
Cover Girl Lash blast 24HR Mascara ($9; drugstores) An ultra-inky formula and ‘supersized brush yield longer, fuller lashes. Even better, smudge-resistant resin s make raccoon eyes a thing of the past.
Autumn Make Up – October 2012 (Part 2)
Yves Saint Laurent Effet Faux Cils Shocking Felt-Tip Eyeliner Pen ($29: yslbeautyus.com) The extra-fine tip of this easy-to- wield, marker-like liner marries the precision of a pencil with the intensity of a liquid.
Autumn Make Up – October 2012 (Part 1)
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance ($30; lauramercier.com) In addition to ¡ giving makeup j major staying power, this formula has pea rlized mica to blur fine lines and add luminosity.
Body Combat
If your anti-ageing regimen stops at your jawline, there’s a good chance you’re neglecting some of the biggest age giveaway areas on your body. Your neck, chest, hands and legs are all zones that are exposed to the elements, meaning ageing is accelerated and telltale signs like pigmentation, fine lines and sagging are potentially spoiling all your hard work.
Made To Measure (Part 2)
Your complexion ages the fastest, often resulting in flaking and crepeyness. The key to a youthful glow lies in adding moisture and strengthening your skin’s natural barrier so that seasonal changes no longer shock your skin into sensitivity.
Made To Measure (Part 1)
No matter what your skin type, there is an anti-ageing skincare regimen just right for you. Here, we reveal which products will have you glowing and youthful in no time at all.
Pamper Picks The WF Treatment Chart
A true pampering sesh, this get-gorgeous treatment offers instant results. My feet were cleansed using luxurious Espa goodies before my therapist applied a body polish to slough away dead skin cells.
Runway Trends, Translated
Are you in need of serious hairspiration? Catwalks are the perfect place to find trends, but recreating it at home can be a real challenge.
This Could Be Your Skin
How can one ensure that the skin doesn’t wither to a point beyond repair? Get a headstart to hold off the tell-tale signs of ageing.
Next Level Skincare Inside Story
There’s a new buzzword in beauty: nutricosmetics. It’s all about going deep to build a radiant glow. We’re talking edible beauty buys that support your skin’s appearance form within.
Keep It Fresh Sweat-Proof Your Look
Rain or shine, smudged mascara is a beauty fail. Stop yours emigrating down your face by swapping your regular lash-booster for its waterproof cousin. This one delivers the same intense effect as its regular counterpart, without the hassle of annoying smudges.
Keep Young And Beautiful (Part 2)
A new and exciting, high quality nail color brand. Providing you with s huge range of creamy any gorgeous colors that will be the perfect accessory to finish off any fashion look with sophistication and elegance! You will love their Autumn collection and you be will inspired by their message.
Keep Young And Beautiful (Part 1)
The luxury superhero that puts back what nature takes out. This universal gel can be used daily as a serum, mask or sleep mask, to work whilst you rest! For the face or body it contains 15 key skin molecules to: hydrate, repair, plump, brighten and anti-age.
“I Want To Look Younger Now!”
Who knew turning back the clock could be so easy? Here, we prove that slipping into a new blush routine or deciding on a new hair color, or style, is all it takes to look years younger.
Get A Grip
This is how a woman marks her territory.” So announced an email forwarded by a colleague last week. Attached was a photo of three lonely kirby grips discarded on a desk top - as clear a sign as any that one has entered a girl’s world.
Hair Care (Part 2) : Strand Smoother, Treatment, Dry Shampoo, Hot Tool, Mousse
Unlike many dry shampoos, this one leaves no white residue, so extending blowouts is a breeze. Testers also gave the formula props for its fresh scent.
Hair Care (Part 1) : Shampoo, Curl Enhancer, Conditioner, At Home Color, Hairspray, Shine Enhancer
This hue-amping dye washes away gradually without telltale roots. Our hair color expert said it’s especially good for first-timers who want to blend away grays.
Big Bang The ORIES
Ready to make the cut? Find your perfect fringe (and keep it looking fabulous) with these pro tips.
Body Care : Foot Cream
Alligator-like heels, meet your match! This non-greasy hydrator contains a bevy of botanical extracts and vitamins to soothe extra- rough skin.
Finishing Touches
This coral-y shade flatters every skin tone, notes our nail pro. While the brush fans out perfectly for the most even application.
Latest & Greatest Beauty Buzz (Part 2)
Luxury Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew celebrates its 175th anniversary with a series of limited-edition products dressed up in the brand’s signature magenta.
Latest & Greatest Beauty Buzz (Part 1)
This fall, create a flawless complexion (think of the dewy-fresh faces seen on the catwalk at Jeremy Laing) and use a light-weight primer to prep skin. On its own, primer conceals pores and minimizes the appearance of blemishes, but when paired with a foundation, it keeps your skin smith and shine-free all day long.
Editors' Picks Lust List : Naked touch, Fresh start, Well rounded, Gilded case, Pot of gold, Festival of Fancy
Dust this luxe sequin-stamped powder over your skin for a radiant glow. Chanel Les Essentiels de Chanel Lumière d’Artifices Beiges Illuminating Powder with Shimmer.
Beauty Icons - Making A Claim For Beauty Immortality (Part 3) - The light fantastic
It’s mid-morning in a glassed-in courtyard in the historic Marais district of Paris, and the Yves Saint Laurent marketing team’s sylph-like marketing reps – willowy and faultlessly soigneé are fanned out across the room’s lime-stone expanse.
Beauty Icons - Making A Claim For Beauty Immortality (Part 2) - Born rich
Step one to becoming an icon? Don’t be modest. Despite Keihl’s Crème de Corps’ unassuming packaging, its label lets you know that this is no ordinary body lotion. Promising “a skin texture heretofore unattainable” after 10 days if use. It touts itself as being of “superb quality” and full of “the finest ingredients”.
Beauty Icons - Making A Claim For Beauty Immortality (Part 1) - Barrel of fun
In the minimalist white space of London’s grandiose Philips de Pury & Company Gallery, Lynne Greene, president of Clinique, addresses a crowd of international media from as far afield as China, Australia and South Africa.
A Dark Red Lip
Take four looks, mix up a couple or do each one alone – make-up has never been this effortless. Right now, there’s a return to brows, lips, liner and all things sculptural: make-up that naturally defines you.
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