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9 Effective Ways To Prevent Dry Skin
Women’s fear of a rough skin appears when the dry season comes. Dry skin does not only get on lady’s nerves, reduce smooth and brightness of the skin, but will also leave wrinkles after every dry season.
6 Kinds Of Drink That Protect Beauty From Computer’s Harm
The six following kinds of drink are not only delicious, easily done but also effective in protecting skin from the evils of computers.
6 Natural Methods That Help Teeth Become Brightly White
Time, eating and drinking will make your set of teeth have the sign of becoming yellow and dull. To overcome this thing, many people go to see dentist and they must spend a lot of money to do the process and buy the products that make teeth white. However, you should know that you can completely make your teeth white with the materials that are simple cheap and easy to buy.
10 Surprising Things That Can Make You Look Older
One hour of watching TV will take 22 minutes from your life; doing exercise too much or too little can also make you old quickly or drinking water with straw will create more wrinkles on your face. As a result, you will become old quickly.
Feed Your Face To Radiant Skin Worthy Of A Close-Up (Part 2)
Watermelon is cooling and hydrating and has amazing cleansing and detoxing properties, perfect for creating clear, healthy skin
Feed Your Face To Radiant Skin Worthy Of A Close-Up (Part 1)
Celebrity nutritionist and beauty expert Kimberly Snyder, whose impressive client list includes some of Hollywood’s biggest names (think Fergie, Dita Von Teese, Hilary Duff and Drew Barrymore to name a few), reckons a few sensible diet tweaks are the solution to most beauty woes.
5 Foods That Can Protect You From Aging
According to nutritional specialists, some of mustard’s components can prevent dark pigments especially ones formed by sun-rays from forming.
Super Foods That Can Prevent Skin Cancer In The Summer
Green tea is always the first thing in any lists of super foods that can help skin become healthy because it contains antioxidants, especially compound of against toxic EGCG. This compound will protect your skin from the ultraviolet ray.
How To Prevent Lips From Being Dry And Chapped
Chapped lips are the result of the cold and windy weather. No matter how regularly we take care of your lips, we can still fall into the situation as our lips have to contact directly to the coldness, winds and sunlight.
Find Out Factors That Cause Skin Cancer
According to statistics of American scientists, in the past 2 decades, the rate of people who were infected with skin cancer increases 3,5% every year.
Dealing With Varicose Veins
Nobody likes talking about varicose veins, even to your doctor. Knowing what to do about them can bring welcome relief
Foods That Provide Shiny, Smooth, And Attractive Hair
Nutritious diets that suit with hair types is one of factors importantly affecting hair health. The followings are some eating tips that women have strong, beautiful, attractive hair.
You Will Be Surprised At Accidental Reasons That Make Skin Dry
Using soap or detergent is one of the reasons that make your skin become drier. We often contact with detergent when we wash clothes or wash tools in house. This thing will take moisture on skin and as a result, it makes skin become drier.
7 Habits That Can Easily Make You Become Old Early
Contacting with cigarette smoke, showing your face under sunlight or cold wind can be harmful to your skin and you will become old early.
Some Kinds Of Food Good For Skin And Hair
Spinach is a green-leaf vegetable that is rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acid, iron and other nutrients. The 3 essential vitamins (B, C and E) in spinach not only bring you young skin, but also are very good for hair.
Some Useful Tips To Protect Your Nails
Healthy nails are pinky, hard and tough. Their surfaces are glossy and spotless. If your nails appear some signs like: changing color (yellow, grey…), becoming soft and fragile, decayed, convex and concave surface, suppurating and bleeding… see a doctor immediately to consult about the nails.
What Do Pregnant Women Abstain When Beautifying?
Pregnant women need to have suitable methods to beautify and these methods don’t affect health of both mother and child.
Dark Circles Under Eyes Shows 5 Diseases Women Easily Meet
To women, if dark circles appear under eyes in a long time, it can be dysmenorrhea, uneven menstruation. According to oriental medicine, uneven menstruation dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea take place because blood doesn’t circulate. Moreover, women easily have dark circles under eyes when the amount of periods is too much or women have phenomenon of bleeding in uterus.
7 Foods Harmful To Skin And Health
As condition and awareness are increasing more and more, women have had the sense of initiative and awareness of taking care of the health. The followings are 7 foods that can are harmful to your health; you shouldn’t eat them much.
How To Cope With Bad Smell Of The Body
Everyone wants to have good body smell but, when it’s hot or when you do lots of exercise, the secreted sweat will bring bad smell.
Eat Up For Beautiful Skin
When Melbourne researchers set out to learn which foods made a difference in the fight against wrinkles, along with vegetables, legumes and olive oil were found to offer the best protection. As for how much of an influence diet has on wrinkles, the research found that 32 per cent of 'wrinkle variance' between people's skin is down to diet.
Tips That Help Eliminate Wrinkles On Face
It’s difficult for women to avoid this thing. In reality, if women pay attention to daily diet, it will help them eliminate wrinkles on their skin.
Wonderful Effect Of Lemon Juice
Lemon juice will help you reduce stress, worry and your health is also improved.
Masking Incorrectly Poisons Skin
Many people have wrong view that covering with mask in a long time will bring faster effect. However, this thing means that your skin is easily dry and it will lose natural moisture. Masking in a long time can make skin tight and it can easily create new lines.
Botox On A Plate (Part 2)
A diet rich in skin-protective nutrients is the first step to youthful-looking skin. However, if your diet is lacking or you’re looking for extra support, try these supplements.
Botox On A Plate (Part 1)
Your skin is made up of multiple layers of cells that constantly run through a cycle of shedding and regeneration, roughly every 30 days. Aside from the natural ageing process, lines and wrinkles form following a series of cellular changes that arise after oxidative damage, caused by factors such as environmental pollutants, stress and UV rays.
Drinks That Help You Be Healthy And Beautiful
Rosy-pulped polemo has red color, which is due to the lycopene substances, a carotenoid that helps the skin to be smooth. Researcher from a French magazine, Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, said that people who had a high level of lycopene will have the skin that is smoother and more radiant than people who don’t.
5 Kinds Of Grain Giving You Beautiful Skin And Ideal Weight
Kinds of grain are women’s favorite snacks. Kinds of grain not only are nutritious but also have important role in beautifying skin and losing weight. 5 following kinds of grain are very good for women.
The Skinny On...Milk
Moo juice is facing some stiff competition in the supermarket from options derived from rice, soybeans, coconuts, and more. So how do you know which ones will do your body good?
Be Healthy And Beautiful By Eating Before Going To Bed
Bananas are considered to be the most natural and safe sleeping pills. Apart from balancing the level of serotonin and melatonin, bananas contain lots of magnesium that helps release muscles and create relaxing sensation, easily bring you into sleeps.
The Face Book
Scrutinizing your facial features can reveal vital clues about your health, from hormone imbalances to your risk of heart disease, so it’s time to get up close and personal with your reflection. Read on to decode your body’s warning signs.
Eat Your Way To Radiant Skin!
You are what you eat’ When it comes to your skin, that age-old cliché starts to ring truer than ever. Food provides the building blocks of healthy skin, hair, bones and muscles, and the right menu can help to keep them strong and flourishing - even as you age.
Eyes Wide Open (Part 2)
At the consultation, the office of Haideh Hirmand, MD, was so immaculate and speckless they could have performed open-heart surgery on me on the bathroom floor. And Dr. Hirmand herself was statuesque and flawless. I pointed to her face and drooled like a toddler: “I want that! I want that!”
Eyes Wide Open (Part 1)
When her eyes started acting their age, actress and writer Ali Wentworth headed for the operating room – and actually told people about it! Little did she know, other women in her life had been nipping and tucking for years
Will Your Face Age Like Your Mother’s (Part 2)
Eyelid surgery can remove excess skin and fat in the upper eyelids and correct bags and sagging under the eyes, says Dr Marcells. “It may be performed alone but it’s often performed with browlift surgery,” he says. “This can improve a person’s appearance by five to 10 years.”
Will Your Face Age Like Your Mother’s (Part 1)
Have you looked in the mirror and had those moments where you’ve caught glimpses of your mother staring back at you? Or have you seen the lines around your mother’s eyes, or the loose skin around her jowls, and wondered if you’ll look the same way at her age?
Sleeping Position And Beauty
Supine sleeping position makes the behind part of the head flat, slightly askew, the ear is pushed out than usual. People who have habit of sleeping on their side may have unproportioned face.
Remove Wrinkles For 30-year-old Women
Indeed, preventing the signs of aging is always better than curing them. So I always remind you to use sunblock regularly since the ages of 20s because sun is the cause of wrinkles and brown spots. If you do not prevent them, then at 30 years old, you will receive the severe consequences.
Spend vs. Save!
If your skin’s pale and lacklustre the morning after, apply a revitalising mask for 10 minutes. Açai berry, papaya and pine bark extract are the active ingredients in The Organic Pharmacy’s Enzyme Peel Mask . Dead skin cells and leftover make-up grime are lifted to reveal soft and wrinkle-free skin.
Precious Oils (Part 2)
There’s a reason why body builders slather it on – body oil flatters the contours of toned arms, backs and arms, and the latest formulations offer a range of benefits, from firming to detoxing and even the added benefit of minerals, depending on their formulations.
Precious Oils (Part 1)
Whether you want silky smooth legs, a blemish-free complexion, glossy hair, or simply want to look your best for the party season, there’s a beauty oil that can help. With their nutrientrich credentials, plus a host of moisturising, balancing and regenerative properties, beauty oils have fast taken over serums and balms as the wonder product of the year.
Spa Of The Month – London Marriott County Hall Hotel
You can’t get much more in the heart of the action than this. The London Marriott County Hall Hotel sits in one of London’s finest landmark buildings, under the watchful gaze of the London Eye and Big Ben on the banks of the Thames with the lively South Bank on its doorstep. It is, however, an oasis of calm.
Skin Can’t Breathe Because Of Foundation Cream
As a consequence, the foundation cream addiction syndrome exists, which means several women won’t take a step outside your house without applying a layer of this magical cream.
Feminine Hygiene : Beware Of Harm
The most extensive research of genital hygiene taken part in the U.S. has the participation of 1,200 women with normal sexual health. The results show that vaginal infection caused by anaerobic bacteria increases 40% in people cleaning the vagina once a month. If cleaning every week, risk also increases, up to 80%.
Improve Your Glossy Face In Summer Days
Oily skin is not only a direct agent causing acne but also makes the owner feel embarrassed when appearing with a glossy face. T region is the place where the most oil concentrates; the remainders differ by less or more oily skin.
Live With Big Pores
Similar to problems about oily skin, acnes, big pores also make you unconfident when meeting other people. Those who own oily skin often have problem with big pores. This is also the cause of acne skin since dust and oil glands stay and obstruct the pores.
Eating With Skin Care
The main component of winter melon is water. Its nutrient content is relatively low and not fat. Every 100g winter melon contains 0.4g protein, 2,4g glucide, 19mg calcium, 12mg phosphate, 0,3mg iron and many kinds of vitamins such as Carotene, B1, B2, B3, C…
Rescue From Oil Skin
In summer, those who have oil skin always worry about oil on their face that is difficult to control and makes face lose brightness, as well as causes to appear acnes easily.
Home-made Premium Perfume
In addition, baking needs exact temperature to avoid the risk of raw crust, loose cream, and making perfume just needs to follow formula, with less or more material, the final product is still perfume; maybe the new fragrance is more attractive.
How To Whiten Teeth Naturally
Professional teeth whitening is rather expensive and can still hurt you. Besides, chemical can also damage the resistance and immunity of your teeth. You should believe in the power of nature when it comes to beauty treatment and health.
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