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26 Products That Really Work (Part 3)
This skincare range targets everything from acne to sensitivity by harnessing the impressive age-delaying, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of bee by-products (also known as apitherapy), including bee venom and Manuka honey harvested in New Zealand.
26 Products That Really Work (Part 2)
Salon-fresh skin is genuinely achievable at home with a few pumps of this creamy cleanser. Massage it in (inhaling the aromas of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils), then gently buff it all away with the accompanying muslin cloth.
26 Products That Really Work (Part 1)
A game-changing product that, once tried, you won’t be able to do without. This do-it-all eye cream de-puffs, brightens and moisturizes, and it also contains long-term, line-smoothing peptides.
Beach Body Countdown : 10 Ways To Get Holiday Ready
When it comes to pre-holiday grooming, this super slick bolthole is nailing it. A one-stop shop for all things body beautifying, it’s cellulite’s most feared enemy. Plump for the FatGirlSlim treament – a detoxifying circulation-stimulating godsend which pummels away any wobbly bits.
What Your Skin Is Telling You
It’s chilly, the heater’s on and your skin’s dry, itchy, cracked or inflamed with eczema. To banish the winter skin blues, read on
Make Your Beach Hair Your Best Hair (Part 2)
It’s the copper sulphate used in pools that’s the culprit in giving blonde hair that greenish tinge and making brunette locks look dull. The easiest damage limitation? Rinse hair in soda water, (the carbonation helps break up the chemicals more quickly) the second you emerge from the pool.
Make Your Beach Hair Your Best Hair (Part 1) - The SPF Essentials, The Overnight Hair Hydrator
Hair care shouldn’t be the same all year round – you need summer-specific products to solve the problems your hair faces in hot weather. Philip advises steering clear of anything will silicone among the first three ingredients, as it can increase the hair and scalp’s sensitivity to the sun.
The Best Skin Care Picks To Protect Smooth & Soothe!
We all understand that you must avoid the sun if you don’t want wrinkles, the problem is, we all want that healthy sun kissed glow. Fortunately, one of the best skin care companies in the world, Sisley Cosmetics has the answer.
How To Survive An Oil Crisis (Part 2)
Apply your moisturizer first, then blot with a tissue to pick up excess moisture before you put on your make-up. It’s also worth investing in an oil-free primer to stop your make-up sliding off before lunch.
How To Survive An Oil Crisis (Part 1)
Is an oily complexion once again your main skin concern? Leyla Tabaksert investigates what’s making us so shiny, and reveals the new products that can put it right – not a teen range in sight…
On A Happy Note!
Happiness… it’s something we all strive for and if for only a moment we can grasp it, we cherish it and hold it deep within our memories to relive again and again. W
Summer Hair Saviours
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Mousse, $8.5, contains an optical brightener and lavender to help reduce brassy hues in blonde hair and revive the lighter tones.
Facial Tanners Are The Best Bet : 3 Easy Cheats Dewy Skin
The weather this year has been anything but normal. As I write, the sun is only just starting to make an appearance, so I’ve been scouring my desk for bronzing products to fake a glow instead.
Feel Good - Look Great : Look Younger Longer
One of the world’s finest skincare preparations – so in demand as it does so much. Use daily for lines, wrinkles, crepey-puffy eyes, lip lines, acne-scarring, open pores, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, a luxurious combination of Retinol Palmitate, vitamin E and Aloe Vera with sunscreen.
Look Years Younger In Minutes (Part 1)
The right products, proper application and a little dedication mean you can conjure up a more youthful and vibrant version of you with the contents of your make-up bag, promises beauty director Suzanne Duckett.
Look Years Younger In Minutes (Part 2)
Don’t shy away from vivid blues and greens for eyes. If you can brave a bright strappy sandal for a party, you’ve got it in you to ditch that dull taupe eye shadow for something more exciting and eye opening! Color over the eyes also detracts from pesky things like bags, crow’s feet and under-eye circles.
No Surgery Required : De-Ageing As Your skin ages
Many of the new treatments make use of laser and light therapy that in effect causes heat damage to the skin and collagen cells, thereby triggering collagen's natural repair response.
Nude Lip Color Needs A Flawless Complexion
Whether you like to play it safe with a Nude, turn up the heat with a primary shade of Red or keep it sensual with pink, these are the colors that are on everyone’s Lips
The Beauty Revolution : The Ageless Scent, The Suits-All Foundation, The Toxin Eliminator
From toxin eliminators to anti-ageing hair treatments, beauty products are getting a whole lot Smarter
Tried & Tested Eye Creams
What I noticed immediately: When I began using this product the area under my eves was very puffy and dark but this roll-on gel is truly addictive and effective. Immediately after rolling on, I felt a pleasant cooling sensation. I like that it has no odor and does not irritate envy eves at all.
Stunning In Scarlet : Red Alert
This timeline reveals the timeless glamour of red lips. Interestingly, a recent study conducted at the Université de Bretagne-Sud, France has revealed that customers are twothirds more likely to leave a tip for waitresses who wear red lipstick
Holiday Proof Make-Up
To ensure panda eyes and perspiration don’t ruin your holiday snaps, we asked top make-up artists for the essentials they won’t leave the country without
Let Your Skin Do The Talking
It’s never easy to wear foundation well in the hot and humid Indian climate. But with these easy tips, you can get weather-proof and flawless skin all day long.
Heart Of The Ocean (Part 3) - Into The Blue
This hue is a show-stopper as long as you do it right. The secret is to choose the right shade and go with either an eyeshadow or a liner, not both.
Heart Of The Ocean (Part 2) - Take The Plunge
The good news is that blue shades, unless they are frosted, complement Indian skin tones well. That there are so many shades in the azure colour family makes it easier to choose a shade appropriate for your complexion.
Heart Of The Ocean (Part 1) - Sun-Day
It’s the best time to be a vitamin D magnet. Soak in the goodness of the sun to prepare for the months when it goes into hibernation, but do it wisely.
Let's Dress Up Your Eyes
From kohl and mascaras to lash curlers, specialised brushes and dramatic false lashes, dress up your eyes with these smart makeup tools.
Luminous Skin With A Single Click
Bask in the glory of luminous skin with a single click of a highlighter pen.
The CK One Color collection
‘This new collection is full of cult products that will become your day-to-day staples’, says Elle beauty director Emma Strenner. ‘My favourite is the eye-shadow base, which keeps your make-up in place all day long’.
Best Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Sun's Rays
We’re fully signed up members of the Noble Isle fan club – any beauty brand that has bothered to travel the British Isles to source the ingredients for Heather Honey hand wash and lotion made from Perthshire bees, scores points with us.
Beach Ready In 48 Hours 24 (Part 2) - Look Pool – Side Perfect, Fake a Fit Body
Want sexy beach hair and Pedi perfect toes but due poolside in five? ‘Think of it like preparing for a night out – you can pull off an amazing transformation with the right products.
Beach Ready In 48 Hours 24 (Part 1) - Banish the bloat
We’ve all done it – booked a beach holiday months in advance and simultaneously made a pact with ourselves to hit the gym and ditch the biscuits; only to end up frantically working late in the office in the run-up to departure, bikini diet and exercise regime not even started.
3 Ways With Coconut
It’s a super-effective anti-ager and moisturiser – plus nothing smells more like summer.
The New Sun-Safety Rules : Five healthy sun-care products
We’ve long been told to slap on the sun cream to protect against skin cancer. But now worrying new evidence is revealing that rather than protect you, some sun creams could be so laden with chemicals they may harm you instead.
We Love Beauty Time
Blue nails were all over London Fashion Week – electric at Erdem and teal at Holly Fulton. This powder blue is a wearable way to dip your toe (or finger) in the trend.
Sun, Sand And Scent
If you’re searching for a summer fragrance to evoke happy holiday memories, look no further than the bottle of sunscreen you take to the beach, says Kathleen Baird-Murray
Being Beautiful - Make-Up Tips from Viral Video Sensation
North American teenage model, Cassandra Banks, always knew there was a difference between outer and inner beauty but admits that as a young woman, she sometimes found it hard to draw the line.
Buy Now Beauty Director's Hot 5
Fix your make-up, hair and nails in a flash with these EASY essentials.
The Trend Ray Bans
Latest formulas for a sunburn-free – and safe – summer holiday
Work Essentials My Make-Up Bag (Part 1)
Which products can’t you get through the working day without? Emma Strenner shares the beauty staples that keep her groomed in the office
Work Essentials My Make-Up Bag (Part 2)
Sumptuous Two Tone Eye-Opening Mascara in Bold Black and Rich Blue, price: $37.5, by Estée Lauder
We Love… News, trends and hot buys
Turbo-bright lips aren’t for everyone, but a barely-there shade can be just as alluring. Check out new Rouge D’Armani Sheers – the brightest of bullets that leave just a hint of colour on the lips. It’s all in the subtleties.
Let's Twist Again
Hair goes back to the 50s with girlish twists, preppy plaits and rockabilly quiffs, but this time around it’s all a bit messed up
How To Buy Ace Bases
From pore perfecters to collagen boosters, the new breed of foundations work harder than ever
Scarlet Lips & Smouldering Eyeliner. Go Lamour!
“This is glamorous eyeliner with a cool, rocky twist,” says Montano, who explains that the key is to make sure lines are smudged and imperfect. “Keeping everything else soft, prep the eye with a wash of ivory or stone eyeshadow.”
Sunspot Busters : Pigmentation
Not all Pigmentation is created equally. Take freckles for example Freckles are fun-loving, cheeky and youthful. Age spots on the other are their bigger, boorish, ugly sisters who, as studies have recently shown, affect people’s perception of age more than lines and wrinkles.
Style of the moment
‘It’s a feminine but strong look, so use gel or hairspray and a perfectly straight centre parting to give it a sculptural edge’. Blow-dry hair straight before dividing into two portions. Plait both top of the head and pinning in seamlessly. Monobrow optional.
The New French Revolution
Those two words, to me, sum up all that was wrong with the Nineties. Acrylic, square-cut talons, a swoosh of candy pink, finished off with a hard crescent of Tipp-Ex white, beloved by ladies on adult channels, croupiers, Wags and women doing kiss-and-tells.
Clever Cleansers: One minute, one product
Hello skincare minimalism – one minute, one product and a ‘wow’ complexion. Here’s our pick of the best
What Your Skin Needs
One of the reason that makes the skin dry and burn is UV ray. The UV ray impacts on cells directly, destroy cells and protein molecules such as collagen and elastin. To against UV destruction, lines and freckles, you need to take a diet which is rich in antioxidant such as fruits and vegetables.
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