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5 Celebrities Speak on Having Cellulite
Everyone has their own body hang-ups, at least on occasion, and these 5 celebrities say they aren’t as flawless as they appear, struggling with cellulite.
Alexa Chung’s 5 Most Unique Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets
Alexa Chung has dished out plenty of top beauty tips over the years, but here are some of her most unique ideas for hair, makeup and skincare.
5 Best Hair & Makeup Looks from the 2014 Teen Choice Awards
The 2014 Teen Choice Awards took place over the weekend and many big name stars hit the red carpet to pick up their awards or at least join in on the fun.
Sienna Miller’s Top 5 Makeup, Beauty & Hair Tips
British actress Sienna Miller is not only a style icon, but she is known for her amazing beauty choices too and she never fails to make a big impression.
5 Celebrities Share Their Favourite Self-Tan Products
Preferring not to waste countless hours in the sun and also risk skin damage, these 5 celebrities use self-tan products to add a natural looking glow to their skin with minimal effort.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Top 5 Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets
British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley never fails to impress – her style is always effortless both on the red carpet and when she’s just stepping out casually, and her perfect beauty looks are an important part of her polished finish.
5 Celebs Who've Struggled With Acne-Prone Skin
They may always look flawless whenever they hit the red carpet, but these 5 celebrities have all struggled with acne-prone skin. Often caused by hormonal changes, acne can be difficult for anyone to deal with, and these 5 celebs have all battled against the problem.
Zoe Saldana’s Top 5 Hair, Makeup & Beauty Secrets
Zoe Saldana is always an effortless, classic beauty – be it on the red carpet, or just relaxing off-duty – she never fails to impress and always looks timeless.
5 Stars Share Their Pregnancy Health & Beauty Tips
Staying healthy and feeling your best during pregnancy should be a top priority to any expectant mom, and these 5 stars have shared how they managed to get through their pregnancy days feeling good.
Kristin Cavallari's 5 Best Makeup, Skin & Hair Tips
'The Hills' star Kristin Cavallari is now a mother of two, and she has plenty of great beauty tips that keep her looking fabulous, even while on the go. Kristin keeps her beauty routine quite simple and prefers natural makeup, even going makeup-free to give her skin a break when possible.
5 Celebs Who Use Coconut Oil on Their Hair
Coconut oil is a having a moment as a health and beauty trend right now, and plenty of celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to promote the healthy oil, specifically saying that they love how it treats their hair.
5 Stars on Their Favourite Lip Stains & Balms
Most of us have that special lip product that we can’t live without – perhaps because its colour is just right, it tastes delicious or it simply keeps your lips hydrated and smooth.
Rachel Zoe’s Top 5 Best Makeup, Hair & Beauty Tips
Stylist to the stars and fashion designer Rachel Zoe may be best known for her impeccable dress sense, but she has also learnt plenty about beauty over the years and admits to being “obsessed” with all things related to hair and makeup.
Taylor Swift’s Top 5 Red Carpet Hair & Makeup Looks
Whenever she steps on to the red carpet, Taylor Swift always looks nothing short of perfection and that extends to her makeup and hair too.
5 Stars Speak on Doing Their Own Makeup
Most big name stars have their own makeup artists that they use for public appearances, work or anything else – so it’s actually a surprise that some stars opt to do their own makeup!
Lauren Conrad's 5 Best Makeup, Hair & Beauty Tips
Reality star Lauren Conrad has become a beauty guru in recent years and regularly shares her ideas through her official website.
Ashley Greene’s Favourite Mascara & Sunscreen Skin Tip
'Twilight' actress Ashley Greene has opened up on some of her makeup and skin secrets, revealing that although she loves to try out new mascaras
5 Celebrities Share Their Homemade Haircare Tricks
Not all celebrities rely on super expensive treatments to keep their hair looking its best – these 5 stars have shared their budget-friendly haircare tricks which are easy to copy at home.
5 Models Share How They Get Bikini-Ready
Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to hitting the beach, and these 5 models have shared how they keep their figures in shape, especially when it comes to those body-flaunting moments on the beach, for a photo shoot or on the runway.
Ashley Madekwe’s Favourite Makeup, Hair & Nail Products
'Revenge' actress Ashley Madekwe has opened up on her daily essential beauty products. Ashley, who is also a style blogger, commented that when she's head out and about, she reaches for a few simple multi-use products.
Rita Ora Talks Perfecting Her Lipstick Application
British singer and fashion icon Rita Ora is rarely seen without a strong red lip, and now she's spoken on how she has perfected her application technique over the years.
Kelly Ripa Gets Candid About Her Botox Use
TV host Kelly Ripa has courted controversy by admitting that botox has "changed her life". Speaking on her beauty routine, Kelly says she has a few key products she uses, but she also has botox and says it has made a huge difference.
Anna Camp Prefers Minimal Summer Hair and Makeup
'True Blood' star Anna Camp has opened up on how she likes to style her hair and makeup. The actress says that for summer, she tries to keep her beauty routine quite simple, and when it comes to hair, she usually opts for a simple bun at the top of her head.
Jessica Alba’s Top 5 Makeup & Skin Secrets
Jessica Alba is always flawless - be it on the red carpet or out and about, this busy mom and founder of 'The Honest Company' still manages to find time to give her skin a gorgeous glow.
5 of the Best Celebrity Hair & Makeup Looks from the 2014 ESPY Awards
Honouring the biggest sports stars of the year, the 2014 ESPY Awards attracted plenty of big names who celebrated those who have achieved amazing sporting accomplishments.
5 Celebrities Who've Struggled With Body Insecurities
Many women struggle with body insecurities – some don’t like their size or their shape, or just want to change something about themselves – it’s something most of us have felt and even these 5 celebrities have spoken on how they’ve gone through it too.
5 Celebrities on Their Wedding Hair & Makeup Looks
Planning the perfect beauty look is high up on any bride’s To Do list – and these 5 stars have all opened up on what they opted for or will choose in the future when they walk down the aisle.
5 Celebs Reveal Their Night Skin Secrets
At night, skin has a chance to rejuvenate, heal and absorb treatments as you sleep – and these 5 celebrities all have special night skin secrets to boost their beauty as they catch 40 winks.
5 Celebs Speak on Experimenting With Their Hair
Trying out a new and experimental hairstyle is always a thrill, and these 5 celebrities have spoken on their own personal experiences when it comes to changing their hairstyle or dyeing it a new crazy colour.
5 Celebrities Who Feel Comfortable With Their Bodies
These 5 celebrities have all commented that they feel very secure with their bodies and are comfortable with how they look.
5 Top Models Share Their Beauty Secrets
Picking up some backstage tips from the professionals and learning how to take care of their good looks, these 5 top models have shared their beauty secrets that they’ve learned over their careers.
5 Stars Who Love Green Juice as a Health & Beauty Boost
Not only are green juices and smoothies super healthy and packed full of amazing nutrients, but what’s inside your drink can really change how your complexion looks, giving skin what it needs to look radiant and fresh.
5 Celebrities & Their Top Anti-Aging Tips
So many celebrities seem to avoid aging completely, never adding a wrinkle to their face and even getting better as the years roll by – so what’s their secret? Here are 5 top tips, directly from the stars themselves.
5 Stars Who Think 'Less Is More' When it Comes to Beauty
While some celebrities pile on makeup and use complicated skin treatments regularly, these 5 stars believe that ‘less is more’ and they like to keep things simple.
5 Stars Who Love Experimenting With Their Nails
Nail art is a quickly developing side of beauty thanks to some new technology in recent years – with new gel nails, stick-on nails, experimental finishes and a rainbow of colours available.
5 Celebrities Reveal Their Top Hair Care Secrets
With access to top hair stylists, these 5 stars have learnt a thing or two about looking after their locks and have shared their own hair care secrets.
Fergie Opens Up on Her Beauty Routine & Copying Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup
'Black Eyed Peas' singer Fergie has opened up on her beauty routine now that she's a mother to son Axl with her actor husband Josh Duhamel.
5 of Olivia Palermo's Top Beauty & Fashion Tips
Reality star turned street style sensation Olivia Palermo is always dressed flawlessly, and with perfect hair and makeup each time she steps out.
Perrie Edwards Reveals Her Bridal Hair & Makeup Plans
'Little Mix' singer Perrie Edwards is currently engaged to 'One Direction' band member Zayn Malik.
5 Stars Comment on Taking Their Makeup Off at Night
These 5 stars have commented on the topic, some saying they religiously make sure to take off their makeup and are very strict about it being a part of their beauty routine, while others have confessed that they don’t often get around to it and fall asleep with lots of makeup still on, breaking one of beauty’s biggest rules!
Karlie Kloss on Keeping Her Skin Clear & Her Top Backstage Beauty Tip
American model Karlie Kloss has spoken on her beauty routine, opening up on how she keeps her skin clear during her intense workout sessions as she keeps her figure in top shape.
Taylor Schilling Shares Her Views on Beauty & Feeling Free Without Makeup
Taylor Schilling, star of the hit tv show 'Orange is the New Black', has spoken on her approach to beauty, revealing that she doesn't like to focus so much on her looks alone because she believes she has much more to offer than just appearances.
5 Stars Share Their Beauty Advice for Summer
Sharing their top tips for summer, these 5 celebrities have commented on how they’ll be changing up their routine or opting for different products now that the weather is warmer.
Christy Turlington on Her Pregnancy Skin Glow & Top Beauty Secret
Model Christy Turlington doesn't see any negatives when it comes to aging. She says that getting older, people just get wiser and she doesn't know why there is such a negative spin put on the aging process.
5 Celebrities on How They Style Simple, Natural Hair
When they’re not strolling down the red carpet with a professionally styled, elaborate hairdo, these 5 stars like to keep it natural.
Liv Tyler Steals Beauty Products From Her Famous Father
The actress commented that whenever she's over at his house, she loves to see what products he has stashed away because he is an avid user of moisturizers and always has the best creams.
5 Stars Who Wear Concealer Instead of Foundation
They may wear plenty of makeup on the red carpet, but when it comes to everyday use, these 5 stars prefer to let their skin breathe and often just opt to cover up any blemishes, spots or uneven skin tone with a dab of concealer
Thandie Newton Calls Out Boots for Makeup Inequality
She commented that on a recent trip to the airport, she was surprised to find beauty giant Boots didn't have many foundations for darker skin and felt "unrepresented" and annoyed by her shopping experience.
Maria Menounos on Her Beauty Routine & Healthy Lifestyle
Aged 36, Maria Menounos has been showing off her fit physical condition, claiming that she lost weight by following a low-carb diet and is also working out regularly now.
Cindy Crawford Releasing a Book, Speaks on What Beauty is to Her
Legendary American model Cindy Crawford has penned a book and plans to celebrate her upcoming 50th birthday with the launch of the new project.
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