Nicole Richie recently dyed her usually light brown hair a bold lavender shade,  taking her inspiration from a photoshopped Instagram photo that showed her with a similar purple shade. The reality star and fashion designer, who is about to appear in a new 'Candidly Nicole' tv show, says that she decided to try out the new shade for her daughter. As a result, everyone at her daughter's school is very impressed because they believe she's a popular 'Frozen' character and everyone wants to talk to her. She explained: "I colored my hair for my daughter. It's a lot of upkeep actually, but I'm very popular at her school. Everyone talks to me when I pick her up because they think I'm a character in Frozen. It's great!"

Nicole's colourist Danny Moon commented on working with Nicole on the new statement hair shade. He explained that they went vibrant so that the new colour can fade to a nice light tone over time: "She was itching to try a new pastel shade. She said pastel colors are sophisticated. We picked something vibrant that would fade to an equally beautiful shade."

However, Nicole hasn't always had great beauty ideas - aged 11 she once shaved off her eyebrows without even looking in a mirror and lied to her mother afterwards about what happened because she was left embarrassed: "I took a razor without a mirror…and just shaved my unibrow right down the middle! I told my mom, ‘They just fell off in the shower!'"

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