Beauty Director Inge and Beauty Assistant Cassie headed poolside to test the beauty booty you shouldn’t be leaving behind this summer

1.    Magic mascara (that stays on in the pool)

Description: Magic mascara (that stays on in the pool)

We tried: Maybelline New York Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara in Waterproof Black, $13

What’s the claim? Its visible black fibres make lashes appear longer

Cassie’s verdict: “Move over pricey lash extensions, there’s new mascara in town! The “visible fibres” definitely did their job and, although my lashes didn’t quite reach extension length, they looked more natural and better suited to a day by the pool. And after a splash around, I can confirm that, yeas, the mascara stayed put!”

2.    Shimmery lids (that don’t melt)

Description: Shimmery lids (that don’t melt)

We tried: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Shadow Creme in Pink Pearl, $25

What’s the claim? Creamy colour that won’t crease, fade or streak in heat and high humidity.

Inge’s verdict : “ The idea that something can glide so easily on to the skin, yet not glide straight off in the heat. Is baffling. The fornula’s blend of film formers helps the creme set in seconds, so I was hopeful my lids would cling on to the lovely wash of shimmery colour during a day in the rays. The good new? They did- no touch-ups needed! Although I avoided dunking my head in the pool (it doesn’t claim to be waterproof), I was surprised by how hardwearing it was. Even if you’re not jetting abroad, this would still hold up in a hot club, when the last thing you want is your eye colour on your cheeks!”

3.    Sun-kissed hair (That washes out)

Description: Sun-kissed hair (That washes out)

We tried: Alterna 1 Night Highlights in Shimmering Blonde, $45 (also available in Ravishing Red and Sweet Caramel)

What’s the claim? A temporary colour mousse that provides highlights that wash straight out.

Calssie’s verdict: “Why do the words ‘temporary’ and ‘highlights’ make me think of 14-year-old at a disco? Still, I gave it a go on my roots, and it did a great job of lifting the slightly darker colour. But when my brunette friend tested it back home, the magic really happened! She put a small amount of mousse on the kit’s brush attachment then ran it through her hair from root to tip. She then left it to dry for a few minutes before brushing through any excess. The subtle streaks not only gave her hair that extra colour dimension, but beautifully picked up the light too, giving it a healthy sheen after a day under the drying, lustre-sucking sun”.

4.    Home hair removal (With salon results)

Description: Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On kit

We tried: Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On kit, $45

What’s the claim? A revolutionary new product in home waxing that delivers professional results and comes in a hand-held applicator.

Description: Home hair removal (With salon results)

Cassie’s verdict:” However painful waxing can bem it’s a surefire way of remaining hair-free for the duration of your holiday. But hands up who’ s had the trauma of dashing back from the microwave in your underwear and splashing wax up the walls? Well, you’ll be amazed at how mess-free this device is. You slot a wax cartridge inside the hand-held applicator, plug it in and, 20 minutes later, it’s reached the perfect temperature for your skin. The wax rolls on smoothly, and is less painful and more effective than the more basic home-wax kits I’ve used, due to the control you have over how much wax goes on your skin; if the layer it dispenses isn’t enough, you just add another. Remember to wax at least 24 hours before going on your holes to avoid irritation.”

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