The ingredients that really work

With new formulas hitting the market weekly, how do you know which toning creams actually work? Although there is little scientific proof of its effects, caffeine is included in nearly all cellulite creams, because experts believe it increases lipolysis, the breaking down of fat cells into fatty acids. Caffeine is one of the most effective fat- releasing ingredients, but it is barely soluble, so the skin has difficulty absorbing it because of the size and shape of its molecules, explains Lionel de Benetti, Chef scientist at Clarins. That is why it is often mixed with other natural firmer like sunflower extract and horse chestnut, as in Clarins High Definition Body Lift, $53, or cocoa and Yacon (a type of South American potato), which feature in Nuxe Body Contouring Serum for Embedded Cellulite, $37.

First off, Biotherm’ s new Firm Corrector

Caffeine aside, there are several new natural actives being touted as the next big thing in the war against orange peel. First off, Biotherm’s new Firm Corrector, $60, contains a marine algae called L.Ochroleuca, which firms cells from within, boosting the collagen fibre framework and leaving your skin looking taut. It will radically change your shape, but it will lessen the wobble factor as you walk down the beach. Harnessing more deep- sea actives, Melvita’s new Algascience Contouring Serum, $44, uses three types of algae to target fat cells around the clock. Or, for a two- pronged approach, Weleda’s Birch Cellulite Oil, $30.4, used twice daily alongside a dose of Weleda Birch Juice, $15, a detoxifying elixir of organic silver birch leaves, will cleanse your system and smooth skin at the same time.

If a lack of curves is your main beach- body bugbear, Pupa Buttock Enhancer, $59, promises a Beyonce- style booty in a bottle. The hero ingredient, Volufiline, is extracted from the Asian gardenia plant and works by boosting the storage of lipids in the adipose (fat) cells to plump them up. In clinical tests, buttocks were lifted by as much as 1.2cm in eight weeks.

The new and improved way to Body Brush

There is a good reason why beauty editors rave about body brushing. No matter what your shape or size, it will quickly make your skin feel firmer and appear smoother. Dry brushing each morning, working upwards from the soles of your feet in long, sweeping movements towards your heart, really gives your lymph system a physical boost, which in turn increases the amount of cellular debris and waste matter it carries out of your body, explain Liz Earle, co- founder of the Liz Earle beauty company. Try the Elemis Skin Brush, $28. Its detachable handle means you can easily tuck it away in your holiday wash bag.

Description: Try the Elemis Skin Brush

Try the Elemis Skin Brush

For a 21st century take on the technique at a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second which makes it the busy girl’s body- brushing secret weapon. Not only will it stimulate the lymph system in the way normal brushing does, it also sloughs away the top surface of dead  skin cells at a rate of knots, so the fat- busting actives in your chosen toning cream will be absorbed far deeper into the skin and, hence, get to work on stubborn cellulite quicker. It is also the perfect skin prep to do before applying fake tan

Nathalie Bomgren model and bodyism trainer

Description: Nathalie claims the exercises to be quick and addictive

Nathalie claims the exercises to be quick and addictive

Foodie tip

Before a photo shoot, I always drink a lot of freshly squeezed vegetable juices to flush out my system and detox. My favourite slimming blend is a smoothie made of celery, cucumber, spinach and ginger.

Insider secret

Walking lunges are easy to do in the park or in your living room. Take a large step forwards and go into a lunge position, keeping a sharp 90- degree candle on both knees. Push away from your hell and take a large step forwards and go into a lunge with your other leg.  Repeat 15 times on each side.

Workout tip

The week before a photo shoot, I will try to train twice a day. I like to walk or do interval training in the park for 60 minutes and then do yoga or a 50- minutes session at the gym.

Top treat

Have a deep tissue massage every month to get your circulation going and soothe any aches and pains. I go to Tania at Neville Hair & Beauty in London- she has magic hands!

Denise Johns Team GB Vollerball pro

Description: Denise Johns Team GB Vollerball pro

Denise Johns Team GB Vollerball pro

Workout tip

To tone your bum fast do a Pilates move called ‘clams’. Lie on your side with your bottom arm stretched out and knees bent at a right angle, then, raise your top leg open like a clam shell, keeping your feet together. Do it 12 times on each side, five days a week.

To product

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisture, $26.7, gives instant moisture, smoothes the skin and sinks straight in, so the sand does not stick to me when I am exercising.

Foodie tip

Eat carbs early in the day, lots of protein after exercise and greens with every meal.

Insider secret

Jog on the beach. It burns up to 1.6 times more calories depending on how deep the sand is.

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