The client: Laura, 18, Uni Student

Laura is looking forward to being a “shade closer” to her natural, ‘mid- brown’ hair color for about two months, but now I want something more vibrant and slightly darker.”

The colorist: maria @  orbe

Description: Laura, 18, Uni Student

Laura, 18, Uni Student

Before: “Laura’s hair is too golden and causes her skin to appear paler than it actually is. Her regrowth is very prominent and, overall, her hair is quite dull and lifeless.”

The color fix

Maria: “I have chosen a vibrant red tone for Laura. It is colorance intensive by Goldwell, which is a deep red with a copper undertone. I want to stick with a red tone, but deepen the coulour so it is less warm and brassy, and more cool and rich. Vibrant colors are great for winter as they tend to hold for longer.”

The process

“Before deciding on a color or shade, a good colorist will ask the client questions about their lifestyle, the colors they like and dislike and the amount of time spent washing, brushing and styling their hair. Giving someone a high maintenance color when they have no time to maintain it is pointless and will just result with an unhappy client, as well as possible hair damage.

In Laura’s case, I understood that she wanted a daeker shade; so, we different from her natural color, but was simply more vibrant. The Goldwell color is applied to dry hair and left to process for about 20 minutes under a heater. After the hair is washed and conditioned, it is followed by a blow- dry.

Diy danger

Choosing the correct shade to suit your skin- tone can be very difficult, Marie confesses. If you choose the wrong color, or end up with a shade you do not like, it can be difficult to reverse the damage. You also run the risk of missing sections of hair if you are applying color yourself; and with a rich red, the missed spots will be very obvious. With any color, we recommend having it applied by a professional who can advise you on the most suitable shade and ensure a high color quality.

Description: I’ve chosen a vibrant red tone for Laura

I’ve chosen a vibrant red tone for Laura

Colorist tips & advice

Red hair is fashionable and very popular at the moment

Marie says the best thing about red hair is “there are many different shades to suit almost any skin tone”. She recommends people find pictures of hair colors and shades they really like. Then visit a professional colorist to discuss your options. For a less dramatic change, opt for highlights or lowlights to create depth and interest.

This shade will  suit anyone with light, dark or medium olive/ cool skin who loves to make a statement, and is willing to visit a salon every four to six weeks to maintain the color.

Avoid this shade ifyou have rosacea or very pink skin as it will only enhance your pink undertones and cause you to look flushed

Celebs working warmthRihanna and Scarlett Johansson

Make- up tips & tricks

Brows: when darkening your hair, you will need to ensure your brows balance with your new look. To darken brows, use an angled brow brush and, with small strokes in the direction of the hair growth, apply an eyeshadow that is a shade or two daker than your natural brows.

Eye- shadow: use greens, browns and neutrals. A simple eye with strong eyeliner looks great on Laura and compliments her retro look and blunt fringe. Do not go over board with color on your eyes as it will clash with your hair color. Pink eyeshadows are a big ‘no, no’ with red hair. If unsure, keep eyes simple and stick to neutral tones.

Lips: try a classic red lipstick paired with heavy black eyeliner. Laura’s red lips help to create a perfectly balanced look with a striking retro statement.

The verdict: “I love it! Laura says. “My hair actually shiny now and my skin looks darker and healthier. I felt so dull before, but now I feel fresh and vibrant. I am very happy with the result.

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