“This autumn, re lips are bright, punchy and velvety,” says Chanel make-up artist Kay Montano.

Rock ’N’ Kohl

“This is glamorous eyeliner with a cool, rocky twist,” says Montano, who explains that the key is to make sure lines are smudged and imperfect. “Keeping everything else soft, prep the eye with a wash of ivory or stone eyeshadow.”

Description: “This is glamorous eyeliner with a cool, rocky twist,” says Montano

“This is glamorous eyeliner with a cool, rocky twist,” says Montano

Then select a soft kohl, liquid or gel liner (whatever you are comfortable with) in your chosen shade. “Starting with your lid, take it along the lash line to the outer corner, before doing the same on your lower lash line, in the opposite direction.”

Using a clean cotton bud, gently blend and smudge the line to avoid any harshness and, if you want your look to go the distance, press a powder in the same colour carefully over the top. “Then layer black mascara on both sets of lashes to create more drama.”

Get Embellished

“The sequin was the surprise accessory on the autumn/winter runways and celebrities have been embracing it too,” says Montano. Why? “Because it’s a fun, cute and affordable way of giving your look some sparkle.”

Use foundation and concealer to create an even base, prep the T-zone with loose powder, then comb brows and apply one coat of black mascara to eyelashes — you want to pare everything down to let the embellishment really do the talking.

“Rhinestones are user-friendly and long-lasting,” says Montano. “Apply a tiny amount of eyelash glue on to the middle of the diamanté and place below the lower lashes, directly underneath the pupil.” Using a cotton bud, carefully move the stone into place until it’s secure. If you want to, you can balance the sparkle out with a light lining of silver eyeliner on your eyelids.

Description: Get Embellished

Get Embellished

Meet Holliday Grainger

The night before our shoot, I get an email. Holliday Grainger, aka Holli, has fallen off her bike and grazed her face. Not ideal for close-ups, but at least she’s still in one piece. The make-up artist and I wait to greet the casualty (she once starred in the hit TV series of that name) with enough cover-up to conceal a full-body gravel rash, but, fresh-faced and tiny, the 24-year-old arrives with barely a scratch.

She laughs it off. “It wasn’t painful; just had timing. I was so worried about the shoot — I’ve spent all weekend exfoliating and applying tea tree oil and aloe vera!”

But you’d expect such professionalism from someone who’s been performing since she was six - she’s shared sets with Jude Law and Urna Thurman and has films such as Jane Eyre under her belt, plus TV roles in Merlin and Robin I-Food.

“I started out in a film called All Quiet on the Preston Front. The casting director was a friend of my mum’s. It’s funny that, 18 years later, I’m now sharing a make-up trailer with Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci.” Said trailer was for spring’s movie Bel Ami, with R-Patz. “I grew up watching The Addams Family,” she says. “I was obsessed with Christina.”

A petite 5ft 4.5in, Holli is dinky even in ten-inch Louboutins, in which she dances to “Primadonna” by Marina and the Diamonds (our photographer can only work to a serious tempo). “We must have listened to it ten times,” she says, laughing.

Holli’s porcelain skin lends itself well to the bold brows, red lip, smudgy liner and sparkly embellishment of our shoot. “My fave look is the brows [overleaf]. I’m going straight to a Louboutin party with them still shaded in,” she says. “They might be my new make-up obsession.”

Holli’s about to reach superstar status with roles in Anna Karenina (opposite Keira Knightley) and Great Expectations, which she is “so excited about. Helena Bonham Carter is in it and I love her. I’m a huge fan of the novel and I can’t wait to watch it”. Neither can we...

The Skin

“It all starts with the base, which should be light and dewy so the skin still looks like skin, only better,” says Montano, who recommends Chanel’s Vitalumière Aqua Compact . “Apply it with a foundation brush, then conceal any red areas such as around the nose.”

Hi, Highbrow

A/w sees the return of the beefed-up brow, so be sure to invest in a pencil and gel. “Brows give your face definition and frame your eyes,” says Montano. “Gone are the days of overplucked brows and defined arches: it’s far more chic to enhance a naturally wide shape.”

Description: Brows give your face definition and frame your eyes,” says Montano.

Brows give your face definition and frame your eyes,” says Montano.

Always start by combing your hairs in an upwards direction, then fill in any sparse areas with soft, feathering strokes. “Oddly, if you are fair, darkened eyebrows work better than on brunettes, where they can look old-fashioned,” she explains. “Better to widen them with a neutral pencil like Tom Ford’s brilliant Brow Sculptor in Taupe or Blonde , followed by brushing them up with brow gel or clear mascara.

“Holli’s blonde, so I used a sharpened pencil two shades darker than her natural hair colour, brushed them up and set with a brow gel.” Finish by balancing your strong brows with a glossy nude lip.

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