1.     Cell-building substances 

The best way to produce collagen for skin is eating food which is rich in minerals and protein.


This is the essential compound for producing collagen. Magnesium is present in spinach, almonds, grains, beans and avocados.


This is an important factor for stimulating collagen development. Grains, tofu, shellfish, cherry all contain copper.

Glycine and Proline

This compound exists in beef, sheep, chicken, port, shrimp, cheese, cabbage and pale palms.


This is the compound which supports in forming elastic tissues. This compound is contained in red meet (especially sheep and beef), shellfish, bean, and egg.

Description: Collagen structure

Collagen structure

2.     Lubricating oil-forming compound

Fatty acid is necessary in keeping your skin soft and elastic. It nourishes and supplements a membrane which protects the skin. Without it, your skin will become dry. Experts advise you should add alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) to your diet to avoid dry skin. The necessary food source for this compound is tofu, soya, olive oil, and linseed. Don’t forget to absorb in Omega-3 from oily fishes such as salmon, sardine, anchoveta or walnut and almond.

3.     Eating regularly

Fasting for a period may lead to a decrease in sugar amount in blood. When you return to eating, the sugar amount will increase suddenly and destroy collagen and elastic tissues. Experts advise that you should take the noshes containing fibrous matter and protein and the good-for-health lipid every 3 hours.

4.     Compound for sunlight-proof from inside

One of the reason that makes the skin dry and burn is UV ray. The UV ray impacts on cells directly, destroy cells and protein molecules such as collagen and elastin. To against UV destruction, lines and freckles, you need to take a diet which is rich in antioxidant such as fruits and vegetables. This is the list for you:

Description: You need to take a diet which is rich in antioxidant such as fruits and vegetables.

You need to take a diet which is rich in antioxidant such as fruits and vegetables.


Tomato contains strong anti-oxidation lycopene compound. UK researchers has proved that people who eat 2 spoons of ground tomato within 12 weeks will stand a 33% chance to prevent from burning. Lycopene is easily absorbed in when tomato is well-cooked or served with oil.

Orange food

Orange fruits and vegetables contain a lot of anti-oxidant called beta-carotene which helps to hostile to UV ray from the inside. So eat more carrots, pumpkins, yellow peppers, or grapes.


Pay much attention to organic eggs: this is the eggs containing lots of anti-oxidant. A research in Germany proves that carotenoid in skin increases by 20% after one week with 2 eggs per day.

Green tea

Green tea contains catechins specializing in anti-swelling, anti-senescence and anti-oxidization. A research proves that ones who drink green tea twice per day within 6 months won’t be affected by sunlight, no swelling and broken veins.


Instead of eating milk chocolate, you should try black chocolate with 70% cocoa, and limit at 420 kJ chocolate every day. 

Vintage wine

Polyphenol in the grape pill help to prevent swelling and burning. It is the reason why you can avoid the harmful sunlight.

5.     Cut down on sweet foods

Glucose will absorb collagen and elastin in skin. To control the sugar amount, read carefully the corn syrup, glucose syrup, and high-fructose corn syrup on the labels. When you realize the signals of senescence, lines, freckles and red spots on skin, it is the sugar amount in blood that causes it. 

Refined carbs

Keep away from foods made of refined carbs such as white bread, spaghetti, and biscuit. These can be regarded as sugar. You should eat grains to supplement protein instead. 


Eating too much salt will destroy your skin. It stimulates the swellings, making your eyes swollen, and acnes appear.

Saturated lipid

The lipid in animal fat (beef, pork, dairy products) can hasten the senescence process. A research has proved that ones who eat avocado much will have more lines than ones who take olive oil.

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