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It is not difficult to teach male kids, but the important thing is the way you lure and help them to be confident.

Description: Do not shout at your child unreasonably

Do not shout at your child unreasonably

There is a fact that parents usually have higher hope in male kids than female kids, so the pressure the former have to put up with is also 2 or 3 times as much as that of the latter. Many parents make a complaint: ‘It is so hard to teach male children.’ In fact, teaching male kids is not difficult, but the important thing is the way you lure and help them to be confident.

Parents need to absolutely avoid these flowing sentences killing ‘he-man’ spirit of male kids

1.  Try hard, try hard… try more!

When children cannot gain expected achievement, many parents prove to be disappointed, dissatisfied, or say ‘If only you had tried a little more’.

Kids’ ability has a certain limit. If you expect too much, you are unintentionally pressurizing them, which makes them always be stressed. Therefore, when children have not gained expected results yet, prove to be optimistic and give them comfort with positive attitude. Never tell them: ‘We know you can try more.’

Description: If only you had tried a little more

If only you had tried a little more

2.  Do not be womanish

This sentence will certainly be kept in male kids’ mind and makes them hurt unconsciously. Whether a kid is male or female, it has to put up with certain pressure from living environment and people around. Do not compare like that, and remember that male kids have the right to cry.

Sometimes, accept their crying or wheedling giving them chance to release pressure and repression.

3.  Did you fail again?

‘You are so ineffective and never manage to do anything.’ That is the prickliest reproach that male kids never want to hear but some parents unaffectedly say very often. Unconsciously, this prickly sentence makes male kids lose their confidence and always fear to do anything.

Does anyone succeed without any failure before? Male kids need to experience to draw lessons for them. Therefore, they need your help rather than your sneer and disparagement. Create and think of situations for male kids so that they can gain success although it is the smallest.

4.  You are so naughty. It is very bad of you to do so.

For male kids, playing is more important. Therefore, the fact that they neglect, make noise, and are more difficult to focus is completely easy to understand. However, do not mistake activeness for violence. Give male kids space to run and jump, and teach them how to wake up their potential abilities in effective ways.

5.  You are the best

Praise makes male kids be more confident, but praise correctly and sufficiently. Do not extol them to the skies. When they are wrongly aware of their real abilities, they lack effort and have a subjective look at life.

In a competition, when children do not gain expected prize, parents think that the fault is due to the jury’s unfairness. In an examination, when children do not get the highest scores, parents think that the teachers did not evaluate their tests correctly. When children have conflict with friends, parents blame that their friends are bad. When children fall down, parents are busy looking for obstacle and forget that their kids are too young and weak to cope with storm in life. Kids growing up in such unfair protection will have more difficulty in being aware who they are, what they need, where they will go, who they will go with, and where is their finish.

In sum, for male kids, playing is the most important thing. According to the educationist Nobufumi, the fact that helps male kids improve their learning ability is not early education, but is much playing naturally. They develop ideas and creation through failures they experienced when trying to make reckless ideas come true. Certainly, computer games have very few good effects. You can let them play chess or cards to encourage them to use their brains.

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