Cranberry brings a lot of wonderful benefits to human health.

The effects of cranberry on health

The effects of cranberry on health

Cranberry (English name is cranberry, scientific name is Vaccinium Oxycoccus), belonged to Ericaceae family, is a kind of small tree grows and lives well in cold climates, on submerged moss land.   

Here are 8 wonderful effects of cranberry.

1.     Support the treatment of urinary tract infection

Many researches show that cranberry has the effect against e-coli bacteria sticking to the wall of the urinary track, thus reducing the risk of having urinary tract infection

2.     Stomach protective effect

Proanthocyanidins (PACs) in cranberry can impulse the digestion and inhibit the adhesion of H. Pylori bacteria at the stomach lining, thus preventing H. Pylori bacteria from causing ulcers and stomach cancer.

3.     Good for the Cardiovascular health

Many researches have proven that cranberry can help to reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases as well as lower the blood pressure.

4.     Reduce bad cholesterol

Many evidences prove that polyphenols, anthocyanins and andellagic acid in cranberry can reduce the oxidation of LDL, cholesterol, platelet volume and inflammation.

Cranberry helps to improve the immune system of our bodies.

Cranberry helps to improve the immune system of our bodies.

5.     Improve the immune system

Substances in cranberry really help to improve the immune system of our bodies; besides, they also help our bodies resist the infections by virus and bacteria.

6.     Strengthen gum

Cranberry is also famous for the ability of preventing the formation of dental plaque.

7.     Help to protect prostate

Cranberry helps to support and improve the treatment of prostate and gravel.

8.     Treat common cold

Cranberry also defeats the inflammation from cold and common flu.


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