Rather than stocking up on cold cures, feast on foods that boost your immunity and energy, and leave you flu-free.

Getting ill this winter is as inevitable as another X Factor Christmas No1, right? In fact, the right diet can prevent you succumbing to seasonal bugs. We’ve identified the top 10 winter wonder foods that’ll keep you fighting fit and even put them all into one nutritional powerhouse of a meal. So, you know what to rustle up to eat yourself well. (If only Simon Cowell was as easily defeated…)

1.    Kale


Rich in beta-carotene, which keeps your lungs and gut healthy, kale also boasts a combo of calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin C, which reduces the severity of colds.

2.    Oranges


Oranges provide a daily dose of vitamin C, which helps reduce the length of colds. They’re also packed with carotenoids for healthy lungs. Eat the fruit, rather than drinking juice though, as lots of the health-promoting goodness is in the pith.

3.    Oats


High in beta-glucans which protect against bacterial infections and viral ones such as colds. Not only that, oats are a good source of selenium, and a trial found that people who took selenium cleared viruses quicker.

4.    Mushroom


Bursting with immune-boosting selenium, these are also a good source of the B vitamins and beta-glucans that increase germ-fighting white blood cells. And they’re a veggie source of vitamin D.

5.    Almonds


Nuts and seeds are your best source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps your body produce antibodies. A daily handful will also give you a quarter of your magnesium needs, which prevents achy muscles.

6.    Chicken


Chicken-particularly the dark meat is rich in iron, which helps your body make antibodies. It’s also a good source of selenium, and US research shows chicken soup really does help relieve upper respiratory infections.

7.    Broccoli


One small portion gives you a day’s worth of vitamin K, plus some vitamin A, which together help your body to absorb immune-boosting vitamin D. It also contains sulforaphane, which fights toxins, and glucosinolates which protect your tummy from unfriendly bacteria.

8.    Eggs


Eggs are a top source of ‘sunshine’ vitamin D and, by midwinter, our stores are heavily depleted. This Vitamin has been found to cut flu risk by 40%. Eggs are also rich in Vitalirty boosting choline.

9.    Yoghurt


Yoghurt improves the health of your digestive tract home to immune cells. Regularly eating yoghurt increase immunity preventing white blood cells by a third. Just look for yoghurts high in acidophilus or Bifidobacteria.

10.  Carrots


These colourful veggies give you a mega-hit of beta-carotene to boost the cells that destroy invading bacteria and viruses. Vitamin A is also important for optimal respiratory health.

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