It’s designed to help you stay trim and satisfied


Bowl of Cereal*

1 cup Rice Dream Original rice milk

1 cup Nature's Path Organic

SmartBran cereal

* This bowl is half full: Check off 52 percent of your daily fiber from the get-go and stay hunger-free till snack time.

Total: 280 calories

Bowl of Cereal*

Bowl of Cereal*


·         2 medium tomatoes, sliced

·         2 oz part-skim mozzarella cheese

·         1 tsp olive oil

·         1½ tsp fresh oregano

Top tomato slices with cheese, then drizzle with oil and sprinkle with oregano.

* Like bruschetta, but better (for your waistline). This snack goes breadless to save you about 180 calories.

Total: 230 calories


Spicy Chicken Salad

Spicy Chicken Salad

Spicy Chicken Salad

·         1 cup roasted skinless chicken breast, cubed

·         1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

·         4 tsp Dijon mustard

·         ½ jalapeno, diced*

·         ½ medium celery stalk, chopped Dash of black pepper

·         1 cup baby spinach

Combine the first six ingredients and serve on a bed of spinach.

* Burn it off! The capsaicin in spicy peppers like jalapenos may have fat-torching powers.

Total: 266 calories


·         ½ large yellow bell pepper, cut into strips

·         2 Tbsp Eat Well Enjoy Life Wasabi Edamame

·         Hum mus*

·         20 grapes

Dip pepper strips into hummus. Serve grapes on the side.

* Compounds in edamame could help reduce body weight, according to a recent study.

Total: 163 calories

Indulge Without Bulge

Add: 1 Edy's Outshine Coconut Waters with Banana Fruit Bar (60 calories)

Subtract: The grapes from the second snack (68 calories)

Indulge Without Bulge

Indulge Without Bulge


Asian Snapper

Asian Snapper

·         Asian Snapper

·         ¼ cup raw pistachios*

·         ½ cup cooked millet

·         ½ cup bok choy

·         6 oz cooked snapper

·         4 tsp low-sodium soy sauce

·         2 tsp sesame seeds

·         ½ cup sugar snap peas, cooked

Mix pistachios into millet. Top millet with bok choy and then snapper. Drizzle snapper with soy sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Serve sugar snap peas on the side.

* In a study, those who added pistachios to their diet lowered their body-mass index more than those who ate pretzels instead.

Total: 561 calories

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