“Nowadays, kids can possess and use electronics rapidly and easily. However, technology can’t be compared to parents’ responsibilities”

Description: Nowadays, kids can possess and use electronics rapidly and easily

Nowadays, kids can possess and use electronics rapidly and easily

Serena Marie, aged 7, was bought a mobile phone by her mother because the mother worried that she would be waiting alone at the bus stop which was far from their houses. She said – “I can be a mother under a delusion, but I don’t see any drawbacks when my girl owns a convenient and cheap mobile phone like that. She only uses it when the bus stops early and or she is stuck at the bus stop”. 

Besides legitimate reasons, many kids want to own mobile phones because it’s fun. Mobile phones are so popular that some schools have banned on them. To primary pupils, a mobile phone is a big dream, and they want smart phones with lots of games, applications or a nicely-designed mobile phone.

Description: Teach them how to use it responsibly

Teach them how to use it responsibly

Judy Arnall, children education expert aka Plugged-in Parenting author advised that we shouldn’t let children access to mobile phones as much as possible. Because at this age, they are rarely staying alone, so owning a mobile phone is not so necessary. According to Arnall, “There are many reasons in terms of finances and society that a child shouldn’t own a mobile phone. The main reason is that they can be addicted because mobile phones replace TVs and video games both”.

In addition, to absent-minded children, a telephone with time-counting function is an ideal choice. Under-8-year-old children are always losing their stuff. If they usually lose their glove or boots, they will lose the phones for sure.

If your child has one already, teach them how to use it responsibly. For example, when is the suitable times for calling or texting in publics (you must be the mirror for them to look at) and tell them about the call and SMS costs. If it is a smartphone, turn off all confidential information and internet connection and email, or you can replace by an iPod Touch because many children at this age can use a Wi-Fi message – a simple and inexpensive solution. Arnall also advised that parents shouldn’t abuse or depend too much on texts and mobile phones.

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