If you are confronting the "battle" in meal with your baby, perhaps this article will be useful for you.

Description: Children eat well by their mothers’ tips.

Children eat well by their mothers’ tips.

No shortage of grandparents and parents is irritated when their children have never eaten vegetables. And perhaps "vegetable" dish that princess and prince like best is probably potato chips with full of fat.

Mothers often face with the spectacle that their babies grind teeth, as well as determine on not opening his mouth if their mother begs to put a little vegetable. In summary, except for strawberry cream cake, the kids do not eat or anything else.

Did you know that French children are always extolled as "easily adopted kids" because they are easy to eat all the foods are given - from fruit salad to foie gras, spinach, and smell green cheese.

Fairly, you can still find out French kids who are picky eaters or have aversion to some particular foods, cauliflower, for example. However, most French children will eat everything placed in front of them. They usually are concentrative, fast, and seem happy when eating.

It is a practice that scientists called "French paradox" on the easy eating of children in this country. In fact, in France, parents usually softly ask their children to eat all healthy foods.

And they also want their children to eat happily what is laid out - of course; there are no idea or opinion. Instead of allowing the children to watch TV, or play game while eating, French parents make their children begin focusing at the table until the meal ends as cleanly as they want.

Moreover, with French education, children consider that eating is funny and deserves to be enjoyed rather than be forced.

Eating "everything" does not mean that kids will be suffered from obese. According to studies, the percentage of obese in French children is in the lowest group in the world, while the rate of overweight children is rapidly increasing in most developed countries as well as developing countries.

And you do not hurry to think that all children are forced in an exercise regimen to lose weight. Weight loss in French children is extremely rare because a few of them needs that.

Description: Good eating in children is not difficult; it is important how you seduce them.

Good eating in children is not difficult; it is important how you seduce them.

Take care of children with the way of French parents

Secrets that help French parents achieve that goal are explained by scientists: "The French concept that parents are not instant service of the children. Not need to feel guilty when you are not always caring, cuddling them." So are parents irresponsible with their children?

Scientists have explained that is a development and implement of limited system in which children can organize their lives with very great freedom. This includes ways to handle problems such as not embrace as soon as the baby cries, but give them a chance to calm down.

Or teach them how to play alone. And in particular, determine to build positive family meals as well as diets with full of nutrients for children.

Also, you should also remember that there are two types of fat: good fat and bad fat, but most of us focus too much on foods that contain high in bad fat and low in good fat. The French put in their bodies (as well as their children) the fat that obtained from fresh vegetables, milk, cheese, fermented milk and very little animal fat.

The fat that is produced from vegetables usually easy to create feeling of full more than that from animals, so they make us tend to eat less.

The advice is the use of vegetable fat would be better for the body.

Description: The use of vegetable fat would be better for the body.

The use of vegetable fat would be better for the body.

Furthermore, please take your child to eat fish regularly. Fish is always a very good food for our health. They contain more saturated fatty acids and other nutrients that you cannot find in any other foods.

Moreover, fat in fish than is much lower than that in other red meats. Salmon contains more fat than other fish. Always remember that a portion with salmon in each meal is very good for baby.

Finally, be more rigid and do not ever have thought that "babies will eat better when they grow up". So please take care of your babies from today!

5 ways to help the children appetite

1.   Creative and colorful foods

Decorate baby’s foods. For example, form eggs to a bird; arrange cucumbers and carrots into flowers. Babies will be excited and can eat all that food.

2.    Play with your babies

You buy smaller kitchen items for her to play kitchen games together such as cleaning vegetables, washing the rice, even putting cooked food in a small clay pot.

3.   Say no to junk

Snacks, sweets, and soft drink before meal will make your babies not be interested in main meal any more.

4.   Let your babies feed themselves

Let babies feed themselves. When self-feeding, babies can dirty their faces and clothes, but they will be proactive and concentrative on foods, and they will be more appetizing.

5.   1 ... 2 ... 3, let’s compete together!

You can allow babies to share dinner table with adults. Besides, you can invite their neighbors to have meals with them.

When eating together, see how people are excited about eating, and have competing feeling or hear encouraging words such as "Zulu is very good, almost done but Saka also eats fast…”, babies will feel this is an exciting meal.

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