“Children having fat bellies and thighs usually look chubby and cute. However, it becomes parents’ concern when they don’t know which diets they should choose for the kids”.

Description: Children having fat bellies and thighs usually look chubby and cute.

Children having fat bellies and thighs usually look chubby and cute

Eloise – an 18-month-old baby – has a round belly: she usually tucks up her pull-overs and rubs her belly whenever she asks mother for food. And she looks excited when strangers praise that she looks so chubby and cute. However, mother – Michel seems to be worried: “When she was 15 months old, she wore 2T-sized clothes and grew fat gradually. She sank into her fatty body and belly, making many people make fun of her body”. While most parents want their kids to eat as much as possible, Michel always thinks about a regular diet for Eloise. 

“Never let the toddlers have a diet” – according to Corinne Eisler, a pediatric nutrition expert – “When you limit the calories quantity that will be absorbed by kids, they will tend to suffer from eating disorders and eat even more”. Instead, Eisler advised parents to let kids take part in healthy and balanced eating regulations with lots of vegetables, fruits, protein and dairy products. Let them eat new dishes with familiar tastes and entice them at least 10 times before they agree to try those new dishes. Eisler emphasized on importance of preventing kids from eating fatty food. Therefore, don’t hesitate telling them that lollipop is not an essential daily food and instruct them to eat healthier food.     

Most parents are familiar with Growth Chart – a system used in pediatrics to measure weight and height of a kid so that we can keep track on kids’ physical development. However, Tom Warshawski, Director of Pediatrics Department of Kelowna hospital aka Association of pediatric obesity Manager, explained that the graphs in Growth chart are used to measure development effectiveness, not revealing if the kid is too heavy or not. “Don’t worry so much based on Growth Chart even if the kid lacks in weights.   

Description: A kind of growth chart

A kind of growth chart

Warshawski emphasized on a mutual rule applied to both kids and adults: drinks containing sugar and noshes are not good for both at all. If your kids have a regular diet, they will have suitable weights. In addition, you need to supplement fresh vegetables and fruits to make sure that they are full enough. 

In case of overweight kids when they are just 2 - 3 years old, don’t be so worried. Healthy food and exercises will help to move ample lipid to muscles when they are 5. In addition, no proof is given that overweight toddlers will become teenagers having obesity. 

Besides setting up a healthy diet for the whole family, mothers should pay attention to 2 potential factors that make kids grow fat: they are juice and milk. Normal toddlers shouldn’t absorb in more than 500 - 600ml (16 – 20 ounces) of milk within 24 hours. For juice, Warshawski advised: “Instead of drinking juice, improve effectiveness by drinking water first, then eating fruits”.  

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