Time has taught me that some work - such as hiring house cleaner is worth for money

I like living in a tidy house and I always keep my house. I especially like a plate of berry apples on the light yellow table, the smell of the dry bed sheets on clothes line, and a clean scrub tub.

However, as author Annie Dillard wrote, the way we go through every day is how we experience life, this time I was 52 years old and of course, I have spent half of lifetime, I realized I prefer free time to do other things, such as play with grandchildren or write a poem.

Description: Coming clean

I said this thing with one friend last spring, when she suggested that I should hire a cleanser. This may not sound outrageous to you, but here is Haines, Alaska. Our town is very small. A few housewives choose to work full-time at the hotel and motel, or in public places such as banks and libraries. This is a border western town where no household having servant. No. Not at all. But I work hard, and I read the novels in which housewives are not too tired, and I want to spend money to find help at home on Friday afternoon rather than eating out on Friday evening.

My friend encouraged me to post an advertisement in local online newspaper. She said if it is effective to me, she can try it. (Obviously I'm not the only one who likes hiking rather than clean the house).

A woman answered. She noted in her email that she used to manage and clean the rent houses on vacation. I was a little panic because of her qualifications. What will happen if she asks too high price? What will I lose when I see her? We set a meeting the following evening.

I slept with difficulty and woke up with a belief that this was a mistake. “I'm not the type of cleaner”, I said to my big dog. It agreed. But it agreed all the time.

“I am glad to have someone clean up the mess that I do not want anyone to know”, I said to my daughter JJ. “She will think we are sleazy when seeing slimy things in the gap between washer and dryer”.

“Well, then wipe it away”, JJ said.

My husband says he does not mind if the house is untidy.

“But I can not write books in this pigsty”, I groaned.

“This is not a pigsty, why don’t you go to the library?” He replied.

“What will the dogs do without me?” I asked.

I cleaned like crazy for 2 hours before the future cleaner visit. I asked my kids to clean their bed, assured with us that if I hire someone, she will not go to their room or clean their dishes. “She will help me - she is not your servant”.

When an orange VW Bug drove to my house, I went out to greet the driver. She looked around the yard and the house and said it is “cute”. My heart swells.

It's helpful to talk with her ​​British accent.

She told me that she is an “old fashioned” person about cleaning products. She likes simple soap and non-toxic brush, she needed a cloth, and declared that cleasing need “efforts”.

I explained that I could keep the house tidy, but I hope she would do the spring cleaning chores as arranging pantries, cleaning the tub and wiping the furnitures. She said she love to. I probably hugged and kissed her if I'm a person who likes hugging, or if she does. Instead of this, two of us were nodding our head. We seem to be compatible.

If you imagine a big butt maid, with gray hair like Mary Poppins, then you go too far from the truth. Ali is a willowy young artist who are saving money to buy a ceramic stove. She is the kind of person who accidentally has genes like cleaning with freedom clothes style. She gave me a list of tools that she wanted me to store and I promised to have them in the bucket when she arrived the next Friday afternoon. We agreed flexibility. She would come once/week, mostly Friday, within 3 or 4 hours.

I always think that housework is artistic than scientific, so the loose arrangement will suit us as well as her. If she feels like handle the refrigerator on a rainy day, she will do that. If it’s sunny and warm, she would open the window and pump the sofa mattress. She usually surprised me. I opened the linen cabinet and noticed she had arranged it neatly.

I did not mind that she opened the windows and mattresses and blankets, towels and toilet paper rolled down on her head, or she chose to handle that mess without asking me or telling me after. I appreciated everything she did that I did not like to do, and did not judge me uncomfortably of my shortcomings.

I was familiar with Ali then she left to visit her friend in zone 48 for 1 or 2 months. I tried to hide my disappointment when she said she could stay there if she would found a suitable job. I knew I could not do much for her. I can not justify for hiring her for more than a few hours/week. The truth is, I can take good care of my house. I just do not want.

6 weeks later, she emailed to me from Oregon and asked if she could do her old job. I answered “Yes” - because the benefit of having Ali at my home for a few hours/week was bigger than the total number of work that she completed in that time. Surely, the lockers would be neater, but mostly my mind was free. I knew the helping is coming, so I was not bothered. I even stopped cleaning before she came. Preferably, I knew the spring cleaning will be completed - it just might take a year.

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