If this movie star's life were a film, it would definitely be a family comedy. The 44-year-old "kid trapped in a man's body" can't get enough fun at home in New York City with his supermodel wife, Christy Turlington, and their kids Grace, 8, and Finn, 6.

Edward Burns

"Christy and I are on the same page when it comes to our careers: We don't let them
interrupt the kids' lives."

You play a negotiator in your new movie Man on a Ledge. Do you ever feel like you have to bargain with your kids? Every minute of every day! Last night, for example, Grace had homework, but she was more excited about choosing an outfit for her gymnastics team photo. So I had to say, "You're only allowed to go to the photo shoot if you tackle that homework!"

You're a triple threat-writer, actor and director - of movies including She's the One, Sidewalks of New York and Newlyweds. Is Christy a tough critic of your work? Definitely. She's been reading my scripts for 10 years. Early in my career, I was criticized for my female characters being less well rounded than the males. So now I ask her if the women's voices sound authentic. She's not afraid to tell me the truth.

Has her fashion sense rubbed off on you? Probably not as much as she'd like; my daily uniform is still jeans and Nikes. It's no surprise she's the one who gets the kids dressed in the mornings. She handles clothes duty while I make breakfast - my great-grandmother's Swedish pancake recipe is a real winner with Grace and Finn. 

Do the kids realize their parents are a Hollywood power couple? Finn is still sort of clueless as to what Christy and I do. He knows we travel for work and gets upset if we're out of town for more than a day or two. Grace is starting to get a bit of the acting bug herself but for now it takes a backseat to her horseback riding and gymnastics obsessions.

So what's your biggest fascination when it comes to having children? I'm constantly blown away by the outpouring of affection and pure love when parents walk in the door. Even if I've only been gone for a few minutes, the kids run down the hall to give me a hug. It will break my heart if they ever get too cool for that.

When you have the kids all to yourself, how do you juggle daddy duties? One of my proudest moments was last fall when Christy ran the New York City marathon and Grace and Finn and I raced around town on the subway carrying the handmade signs we'd made the night before. I felt like I was more exhausted at the end of the day than Christy was!

You're both close to your siblings. Do you emphasize the importance of family? Every summer we spend a month living at the beach with our relatives. The kids adore their cousins! So no need to preach—they know family comes first.


Career Coup

Ed - also known for guest-starring roles on Entourage and Will & Grace - wrote, directed and starred in his first film, 1995's The Brothers McMullen. It was made for $25,000 and went on to earn $10 million. He's written, directed and acted in nine other "small, talky, relationship films."

Activity Time

"I'm like the Pied Piper with Grace and Finn, constantly setting up games of kickball, soccer or Wiffle ball, or creating treasure hunts. We also play the games I loved when I was young, like Red Light, Green Light."

Happy Hour

"Good conversation and a nice bottle of wine make the best date nights with Christy."

Words to Live By

"My favorite quote is by ballplayer Satchel Paige: 'I ain't ever had a job, I just always played baseball.' That's how I feel about making movies."

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