Knowing which foods are good, women will be easy to choose an energetic menu assisting the most nutritious for creating breast milk.

For women who decide to raise their babies with breast milk, diet not only affects their health and recovery but also impacts powerfully to necessary nutriment for baby’s development.

Therefore, knowing which foods are good, women will be easy to choose an energetic menu assisting the most nutritious for creating breast milk after childbirth.

1.     Omega-3s

Omega-3s helps women recover quickly after childbirth, prevent from depress – a common disease, especially decrease risk of cancer. Moreover, Omega-3s supports optimally development of newborn baby’s brain and eyes.

To supplement necessary content of Omega-3s for the body, women should eat salmon or mackerel every week, at best 3 portion per week.

Some women who do not like fish much can require doctor to give prescription containing Omega.

Description: Salmon is very good for women after childbirth.
Salmon is very good for women after childbirth.

2.     Avocado

Avocado is helpful for declining cholesterol, preventing high blood pressure, as well as motivating the development of baby’s brains and eyes.

Although containing great nutrients, avocado can cause some uncomfortable problems with baby’s stomach because it reacts with other ingredients of breast milk. Therefore, when using avocado, you should carefully keep track of baby’s reaction.

3.     Lean beef

Cooking dish from lean beef will provide high level of iron for your body. On the other hand, if your body lacks iron, you can be in high risk of anemia, heath loss, and cannot supply enough nutriment for your baby’s requirement.

4.  Egg

Yolk egg consists plenty of vitamin D – an essential nutrient for the development of baby’s bone. Furthermore, egg is an ideal source of protein.

Women should eat 1 – 2 eggs for breakfast after childbirth. Pay attention that you should not take raw egg because you can be attacked by bacteria in egg.

5.     Berry

Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and ripe plum are fruits containing high content of cellulose, nutrients, and antioxidants. Moreover, these fruits also include a large amount of vitamins and minerals helping bright skin and strengthen health.

Description: Berries contain a large amount of vitamin.

Berries contain a large amount of vitamin.

6.     Low-fat foods

Yogurt, milk, and cheese are daily foods contributing significantly to enrich breast milk. Besides providing protein, vitamin B and vitamin D, those foods also include a plentiful source of calcium. You are breastfeeding, and breast milk needs large amount of calcium to assist bone of kids to develop well, so you should provide enough calcium for your body. The best way is women need to use these foods at least 3 times a day to perfect their diet.

7.     Cereal

After a sleepless night, one of rich energy foods for breakfast is cereal. Many kinds of frozen cereal sold in super market can help you supplement essential vitamins and nutrients for your daily needs. Or you can make breakfast by yourself by mixing green beans, skim milk with oatmeal. What’s a delicious dish!

8.     Water

During breastfeeding, you ought to concern to add water for your body. Because if lacking water, your body will be faced with the phenomenon of dehydration that is very dangerous and also badly affects breast milk.

According to experts, you should provide 8 – 10 glass of water every day at average; they can be fresh water, fruit juice, or milk.

But you need to limit and stay away from drinks containing stimulant and caffeine because they are main factors causing dehydrate in your body.

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