Zoe Wood - Wood Hairdressing salon owner, lives in San Pedro with her son Adison 14, and two horses, Oregon, and Ruby.

Let’s describe an ordinary day of you?

I’s not the same, but every week I wake up at 7.00am. I make a breakfast in bed for Adison, this is the only meal of the day because I do not really have time to cook during remain time. After Adison get on the school bus, I will go to the salon at 8.00am and work 12 hours there. I love my job, I design distinctive style salon by mysefl, where clients can relax completely in a luxurious space, it is also a great environment to work. Every client has different requirement, that makes me always busy. I always decorate working area with colors, hair samples and a new hairstyles, so I always find fresh in my shop. I also do not have time for lunch, when I feel hungry and tremble, I realize that I forgot to eat a sandwich in the workplace. Most people do not understand why I can work hard like that, but I just know that they are the work that I am familiar. After work, I pick Adison and go straight to a familiar restaurant that we often take 3 hours sitting. Most of my life attached to the familiar restaurants, and stopping somewhere, sipping a few glasses makes me relax. We eat dinner or a dish that I bought. We go home at 9.30pm, for Adison homework, and when the boy goes to bed, I turn to my phone calls and emails.

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Do you ever have time to relax?

The horses are best things to help me relax, I love grooming them and of course riding them around. I’m lucky that Adison has the same interests, this gives us more time to stay together. On the weekends, Adison often plays the horse race. Sunday is very important to me because it is a day for family. We usually get up early because Adison has a race, or we will have breakfast together at a familiar restaurant and enjoy lunch with family and friends.

How can you son inspire you?

I appreciate the role of my son in my life. He spends many hours to ride and then still do homework. I never force him to ride horses, but he thinks ​​it a habit and when Adison step on the saddle, he is really good at this. He work hard in everything, many people say he benefits from my working style. I feel proud to see my son grow into an elegant, dynamic and humorous gentleman.

Do you find it difficult to take your family to live in Marbella?

It's a very difficult decision, I was forced to leave everything in the UK and given up all my successful career. But if I did not move, maybe we would never moved, because then, Adison was 4 years old - an ideal age for easy integration with the environment of another country.

What is the most memorable memory to you?

When I went to see the school play and saw Adison be played Angel - a main role in the play. He has not told me this story, so I was really surprised and blame why not bring a camera,

How will you enjoy “Mother's Day”?

In familiar places of us, we will have breakfast together and then visit the horses. Then we’ll have lunch in the city the people I love. And maybe sleep all day.

Anne-Mette Elizalde - lives in Marbella with her husband and two daughters Else (12 years) and Savannah (13 years) with 3 dogs Coco, Pixie and Foxy.


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Let’s describe an day of you?

An ordinary day for me is simple, but very wonderful. I start the day by visiting my two daughters room, good morning and wake them up for school. Husband and I will share the cooking duties in one of two main meal of family, so we always start with the breakfast with the children. After breakfast, I take them to school, I love driving time because we have the opportunity to talk together about things, and giggles. The rest of the morning, I spend time for groceries, do chores in the house or take care Daisy Boutique store. I always try to come Daisy Boutique shop every day to meet Nicole and Joanne - two lovely girls were very good at store management. At 4pm, I pick up children at school and it is always cute moment when they excitedly tell me funny stories at school. The rest of the day is focused on the cooking and preparing dinner. Most of the emails and calls about the store are solved in this time, the Daisy brand is in the U.S. so that the official working time is also different. Finally, we end the day with a delicious and cozy dinner.

How can you balance motherhood and the business?

The balance of being mother and doing business is simple because I have two powerful assistants in the store. Nicole and Joanne care and love Daisy store like me. They always think about the improvements and research on new models.

What do you usually do in the rest time?

I like to enjoy free time with family, friends and children, it can be a dinner or lunch outside on the sea for example.

How did your daughters inspire you?

They inspire me through all. I always want to help kids reach their dreams and show them that nothing that we can not achieve if we try.

What is the most important nature of a mother?

The most important nature of a mother is simply being a good mother. The children are everything to me and I appreciate the gift that I had with my ​​role as a mom. One thing that my mother often shared “every age has its own beauty” and I admit she is true. Two daughters are at the ages of 12 and 13, instead of Bratz Dollz as before, now we talk about fashion, music and more.

What is the ideal model of a mother that you want to reach?

I want to be a good mother as my mother. My parents live faraway form my family only 5 minutes driving and I have chance to chat with them every day. I love my mother very much and hope my kids will love me like this.

Is there anything you have to change as a mother?

I think I must not change. Once said that “love your children very much, and every day, let them know they are loved how special they are - it's all things that a child needs”. It's saying that I pursue and follow every day.

How will you enjoy “Mother's Day”?

I think I will enjoy that special day with family in a cozy restaurant, and hope I'll get some more beautiful cards.

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