“It’s very difficult to guide the habit of dental care of children in all ages. To celebrate Dental Health Month, we will give you some useful information about teeth care for children.”

Description: It’s very difficult to guide the habit of dental care of children in all ages.

It’s very difficult to guide the habit of dental care of children in all ages.

Michelle was stunned to tell her valuable experience when going with 4-year-old Avery to the dentist. The mother with 3 children was totally shocked when the dentist roared angrily and asked her what she did/or didn’t do in the process of dental care for her daughter. “The dentist said my daughter’s teeth were the worst teeth he had ever seen and Avery might have to make a dental surgery.” The doctor quickly did filling and soldering for her. After listening to lessons on oral health, Michelle promised look after her children’s teeth more carefully. “Actually what they taught is similar to what I have known and I used to take care of Avery’s teeth such as brushing her teeth 2 times per day, encouraging her to eat carrots and apples and limit to eating snacking food”. The problem is how to completely restrict dental caries and control this habit?

These stories like Avery are becoming popular. In fact, more and more children have tooth decay since the kindergarten age. A study from US Center of Disease Control and Prevention in 2004 revealed that “Early Childhood Caries” (ECC) symptom – the term indicates the process which the enamel is broken, leading to tooth decay – is the common situation of ¼ of North American children from 2 – 5 years old. According to surveys, the rate of EEC children in this age increased 4% over the same period last year. The report in July, 2008 of Alberta College emphasized that ECC was becoming a public disease that affected seriously to children.

Dental issues of children

Many parents don’t care about ECC till it recrudesces. Honestly, issues about teeth need looking after more carefully because teeth play an important role in digestion and forming permanent teeth process. “Whenever children have tooth decay as being little, they will have a high risk of tooth decay in adulthood” – according to Rosamund Harrison, dental surgeon and director of Pediatric Teeth Association.

In recent years, teeth problem of children has changed a lot, especially the rate of 6 – 11-year-old children has at least a decayed tooth has decreased dramatically, from 74% in 1972 to 25% in 2009. Factors contributing to this positive change are the professional dental care mode to the community and the movement to use toothpaste and mouthwash containing flour. However, the side effect of this program opens a side effect for dental disease – acute tooth caries – a complex disease which ask patients for long-term treatment with many periods and more than normal care as brushing, flossing and visiting the doctor per 6 months.

“Dental care is a long process because there is no morning you wake up without facing the risk of tooth caries. In addition, ECC is not only a dental problem. It is also a connection with the habit of family and community affecting to children. ECC is a disease coming from a variety of factors” – Dr. Harrison concluded.

Description: Dental issues of children

Dental issues of children

Factors impacting on ECC

Genetics play a large part in ECC. If parents have cavities, their children will have a high risk of generic decay tooth. Besides that, enamel of milk-tooth is often soft and easy to be corroded by acid while bacteria or sweet decomposes in the mouth. Additional examples demonstrating the impact of genetics is the diet of the family, habit of dental care and habit of using flour products.

Jennifer Pinarski believed that she was the cause tooth decay for her children. As far she was concerned, because her family moved from Winnipeg to Bobcaygeon where they didn’t find water containing flour for dental care, both her sons were diagnosed with tooth caries later.

Water containing flour is usually limited in some areas in Canada. In case you can’t access to that kind of water, use normal water and combine with toothpaste containing flour – specialized toothpaste helping protect tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. By this way, you can strengthen tooth from the inside.

Toothpaste usually contains flour for children over 3 years old to ensure safety. However, Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends that toothpaste containing flour is also used for children under 3 years old who have a high risk of ECC. Dentists often assess the risk of ECC at the first examination and during 1 year old. In addition, Dr. Harrison and some dentists share that some flour supplement medicines (liquid or gel) are often not highly effective as expected and they are not necessary to be used, especially flour mouthwash is just suitable for children who are over 6 years old and have serious tooth caries.

Please notice that brushing for kids 2 times every day is insufficient. Parents need to observe habits and behaviors of children such as what kind of foods they usually eat, what category of beverages they drink and then suggest proper solution.

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