Planning with Kids : Avoiding Christmas chaos - A 10-week Christmas preparation plan

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I’ve mentioned before how one of my favourite aspects of planning is that once you’ve detailed a plan you can run on autopilot, just checking in on the plan to tick off a completed task and look at the next one. For me, this works particularly well in the lead-up to Christmas. With so many functions to attend and preparations to organise, I can have my 10-week plan stuck prominently on the front of the fridge and work my way steadily through the list and not feel out of control.

Not everything that has to be done is written in the plan, but the main tasks are all included. By following the plan, I can balance my workload evenly instead of enduring the mad last-minute rush of some previous Christmases. The plan also provides flexibility. I can rearrange the order of tasks for most weeks, depending on what comes up family-wise during a particular week. For example, if the kids are sick in the week I planned to make the Christmas cards with them, I can make the Christmas tags instead. Table 1 gives an example of a 10-week Christmas plan.

Table 1: a 10-week Christmas plan

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