Surprising Facts About Baby’s First Steps (part 1)

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The first year is full of first impressions; however, the most important one seems to be the fact that babies learn to walk.

The first step is a big mark

Even when you aren’t obsessed with the fact that your children can walk, there must be times you question yourself about whether your babies are ready to walk and when it happens. Normally, children often start walking at around 9th-15th months old.

Every child can’t walk until he has experience a chain of stages

Description: It takes a chain of stages for children to walk.

It takes a chain of stages for children to walk.

This is a chain of stages that lead babies rapidly to the walking: Children sit up at about 6 months old, then they learn to stand. The next stage is standing with their hands holding on something. Many children manage to stand at 10 months old. 70% the weight of the body is on the upper part of the body, above hips. For that reason, legs need much of strength to lift the body. The following stage is climbing: similar to the latter skill, each child has his own way to arm himself the skill. Children can do it at everywhere in the house, anywhere in which there’re stuff that is convenient for them to do the climb; it could be a chair, stairs or tables.

Children who have just know how to walk have conspicuous characteristics

The last stage is learning to take a step while preserving the balance. Unsteady walks, bestrides and spreading arms are characteristics of children learning to walk. To stand up, children have to use many muscles. But to walk, children need to release their hips and knees a little. The challenge for babies is to find out the right way to get the leg muscles tight up. 1–year-old children can discover very fast; it actually doesn’t take them much time to manage the skill.

There’s a few parents who can speed up the process of learning to walk

If all the same age manages to walk and your children still crawl, or if your children are 16 months old or older but still can’t walk, ask doctors for advice or interventions.

Otherwise, don’t be so worried. Pushing toys, standing in a go cart, towing… won’t help babies to walk sooner. On the other hand, as long as children are fine, if they like playing toys, let them play.

The time children start practicing to walk can exhibit their characters

Many parents wonder if children start walking early, they will be lively and have chances of sport achievements in the future. Although the fact that your children start walking early or lately can’t exhibit their futures, it can show that whether your children are adventurous or prefer to wait and safety. Some children have the thought that they can do everything, so they want to stand up and grab the thing they want. They aren’t afraid of falling. Some children don’t want to walk until they are sure that they can do so. The latter kind of children may become people with more caution and reticence. 

Walking can be affected by:

·         Size: children who are big often start walking late in comparison to others who are smaller.

·         Recurrent ear infections: If children don’t walk after they reach 16 months old, doctors will ask for their medical histories. The ear infection can reduce the balance and affect children’s walking practices.  

·         Birth order: children who have older brothers/sisters can start walking sooner as they want to catch up with and imitate the older ones.

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