4.    Washing hair

That hair is wet and covered with shampoo is not an interesting thing to your children. Therefore, don’t be surprised when your children don’t like washing their hair.

There’re some things you can try on your children: Let your children wash hair for their teddy bear or let them apply the shampoo by themselves. Of course, your children still need your help, but these are ways to help children not have bad feelings about hair washing. Or, you can let them wash your hair to help them see that washing hair is not so scary after all.

5.    Brushing teeth

To children who are lazy on brushing teeth, you should let them choose their toothbrush. Besides, let them watch you brush teeth as a lively example. Or, you can let your children brush their teeth, then check their teeth and brush the teeth again if necessary.

Give the children some stickers as awards, in case your children brush their teeth clean. You should give children stickers that can be pasted in the bathroom after brushing teeth.

Note: tell them what you want and don’t want, for example: “I want you to tell me the thing you want. I don’t want to listen to your continuous saying no.

Make insistent sentences, not questions, such as: “We’re brushing teeth now”, not “Do you want to brush your teeth?”

Be a model: if you keep on saying “no”, your children will do the same thing. Therefore, make sure you say “yes” more than say “no” and give them compliments when they cooperate with you.

Description: Let them watch you brush teeth as a lively example.

Let them watch you brush teeth as a lively example.

6.    Washing hands

Help children to create a habit of washing hands in the day young, even when children don’t know how to walk. Take children to fountains or bring a small pot of water and wash their hands; explain what you’re doing.

When children can wash their hands by themselves, make the activity indispensable to your children. However, do not leave children with the washing because they may not finish the work well.

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