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Blitz it in the blender

Beetroot and pepper smoothie

Don’t be put off by beetroot, it’s in season now and packed full of antioxidants and iron, which help fight free radicals and is a welcome boost if you’re menstruating.

Description: Beetroot and pepper smoothie

  • 2 carrots (peeled, unless organic)
  • 1 beetroot
  • 1 celery stick
  • ½ yellow pepper
  • ½ red pepper

Put all the ingredients in a blender, whizz until smooth and serve immediately. You can even add some Tabasco if you fancy a spin on a virgin Bloody Mary.

Meals in minutes: Healthy fajitas

Description: Meals in minutes: Healthy fajitas

Beat the munchies

Description: Beat the munchies

Hungry about an hour or so before lunch, or craving a particular food in the afternoon? Brew a cup of fennel tea – it’s a natural appetite suppressant. Either buy it in tea bag form or make your own by steeping fennel seeds in a strainer.

Chocs away!

Description: Chocs away!

Chocolate is my weakness. What’s a healthier alternative?

It’s really not that bad to have a little bit of chocolate every now and then, but try to go for the dark stuff rather than milk or white. Choose a bar that has a minimum of 70 per cent cocoa and you’ll find you eat smaller amounts, as it’s quite bitter.

Priced out

Description: Priced out

I can’t afford to eat organic, but I’m worried about the pesticides found in non-organic fruit and vegetables. Is there anything I can try instead?

If the fruit or veg can be peeled or skinned before being eaten, then do so. Otherwise, rinse them with clean, cold water while scrubbing gently with a natural bristle vegetable brush. This can often help to remove some of the pesticide residues.

Myth: ‘Low-fat foods are better for you’

Fact: Not always true, unfortunately. They may have a lower fat content, but they’re probably just as high – if not higher – in sugar, which is added for flavor. Sugar turns to fat unless you burn it off effectively, so always check the label.

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