The Feast (Part 3) - Orange and honey crème brûlée, Blueberry orange trifle with mascarpone cheese

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Bernice Griffiths’ orange and honey crème brûlée

Description: Orange and honey crème brûlée

Orange and honey crème brûlée

The combination of zesty orange and warm honey is perfect for winter. This dessert can be made up to three days in advance, making you look like an experienced entertainer

·         1 cup cream

·         1 cup full cream milk

·         1 vanilla pod

·         2-3 generous tbsp honey

·         1 large orange

·         6 large egg yolks

In a small saucepan put the cream, milk and seeds scraped out from the vannilla pod, as well as the empty pod, into the pot. Slowly bring to the boil. Just before it boils over, remove the pot from the stove top. In a bowl/jug mix together the egg yolk and honey. Allow the vanilla milk mixture to cool slightly before pouring it into the eggs and honey, stirring all the while. Return it to the pot and slowly heat while stirring. Remove the vanilla pod.

Halve the orange and squeeze over the pot to taste. Keep adding orange juice until desired taste is reached. Let the mixture thicken slightly by stirring over low heat.

Pour into ramekins or teacups. Place the cups in an ovenproof dish and pour boiling water halfway up the outsides of the cups/ramekins and place in the oven at 160oC. Bake for 10-15 minutes and remove from oven when there is a set layer on top of the mixture. When you tilt it, the custard should ripple or move a bit from underneath the thickish milk skin.

Let it cool then place in the fridge for a minimum of 2-3 hours. Remove from the fridge, sprinkle castor sugar on top and caramelise with a chef’s blow torch or place under the grill in the oven, but watch it carefully as it will burn very easily.

Sam Linsell’s blueberry orange trifle with mascarpone cheese

Description: Blueberry orange trifle with mascarpone cheese

Blueberry orange trifle with mascarpone cheese

In small individual glasses these make an impressive looking finale to wow your guests at a dinner party. There are three elements to create the layers for this dessert: cake, Mascarpone cream and blueberry sauce

Blueberry sauce (make in advance or allow about half an hour to cool in the fridge)

·         21/2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries

·         1/4 cup (60ml) sugar

·         3 tbsp fresh orange juice

Mascarpone cream

·         1 cup Mascarpone cheese

·         1 cup fresh cream zest of one orange

·         1 tbsp icing sugar

·         1 tbsp Cointreau or any orange flavoured liqueur (optional)

·         1 tsp vanilla extract

Put all the ingredients into a pot and place on high heat. Let it bubble up to a boil for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. If you are in a hurry, chill the mixture in the fridge until you are ready to assemble.

Slice a small sponge cake into appropriate sizes for the serving dish of your choice. If you are assembling a large trifle, leave the cake in whole slices. If you are making this dessert in individual cups, then cut the cake into small cubes.

Whip the cheese until it is smooth before adding the cream and whipping the mixture until it thickens to soft peaks. Be careful not to over beat. Add the zest, sugar, liqueur and vanilla and briefly mix to combine.

To assemble: Layer your dessert starting with the cream cheese mix, then the cubes of cake, then the blueberry sauce with the juice (which soaks into the sponge). Repeat this layering until you finish off with a layer of blueberries on top.

Kobus Van Der Merwe’s silky sago milk with honey, cinnamon, almonds and rose water

Combine one cup of sago or tapioca with three cups of milk, half a cup of honey, a cinnamon stick and star anise. Bring to the boil and simmer slowly until the sago tuens translucent. Add a teaspoon of rose water and stir through. Remove the cinnamon stick and star anise, and spoon the sago into four bowls. Top each bowl with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, flaked almonds and rose petals. Serve immediately.

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