The Healthy Home : Let’s Get Cooking (part 2) - The Making of a Meal - Microwaving

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No surprise here: Steaming appears to be one of the best cooking methods for keeping the vitamins and minerals in your veggies, especially broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage.
Optimize the positive effects by keeping the cooking time to a minimum and ensuring that your vegetables are not immersed in the water. If we steam our food into mush—until it looks like baby food—we lose too many nutrients.

Leave a little crunch in your carrots.

Although steaming is an excellent choice for preparing your food, avoid the “steamer” meals and side dishes found in the freezer aisle of the grocery store. These products are designed to be microwaved in their plastic packaging .


Though we all know that frying isn’t the optimal way to prepare food, this method occupies the middle ground when it comes to preserving antioxidant content. However, this isn’t an excuse to make French fries a new food group.
Deep frying—a cooking method most common outside the home—is the biggest no-no there is when it comes to food. Whether it’s fries, chicken tenders, or onion rings on the menu, we’re likely exposing ourselves to carcinogens and rancid oils. Avoid them like the plague or, at the very least, eat sparingly.


Boiling is generally associated with the greatest nutrient losses in meats and vegetables. One study found that the folic acid in broccoli—important for producing healthy red blood cells and reducing anemia—was reduced by 55 percent after boiling. Compare that to steamed broccoli, which has been shown to have no significant reduction in folic acid levels.Nutrient losses from boiling occur mainly when the nutrients are leached into the water, so the addition of a small amount of salt and a reduction of your cooking water can help.


This is an area of great confusion and debate. Some people love it and some hate it. And currently there’s just not enough science and information to declare a winner, so we’re going to give you both sides of the argument and let you decide.

The Good:
When food scientists reviewed vitamin and mineral retention in twenty different vegetables, microwaving—like steaming, grilling, and baking—was found to be an ideal method. As with steaming, the less water and time used to microwave the food, the more nutrients were kept. Ensuring an even distribution of heat will also help, and despite what you may have heard, research suggests that microwaves do not cause cancer.
The Bad:

The unanswered question is: If electromagnetic fields can alter our cells, will they also alter the energetic integrity of our food? Microwaves are electromagnetic waves, but so far there is very little evidence that they mutate our foods.
Yet the migration of contaminants from the containers that hold the food during heating is of growing concern. Unlike grilling, baking, frying, and steaming, for which you can’t use plastic containers because they’ll melt, microwaves allow cooking with plastic, and plastic is a known hazard.
In addition, before we fire up a big bowl of our favorite vegetables—or a bag of popcorn, if we’re being honest—we should keep in mind that microwave ovens are powerful sources of radiofrequency fields and can leak significant amounts of EMFs. The only way to know for sure how much leakage is occurring is to measure the EMFs with an inexpensive Gauss meter, which can be found online or in home improvement stores.
Regardless, if we choose to use a microwave oven to cook, we shouldn’t stand and watch it like a television.
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