The New Superfoods : Cassava, Kefir, Chia seeds, Sprouts, Black garlic, Barley & Nutritional yeast

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“Healthy eating habits bring you interesting things. Let get acquainted with 8 fresh foods with anti-cancer effects, anti-aging, increase energy and add them to your diet”

Cassava (Jicama)

Description: Cassava

This tuber is slight sweet and crunchy contains many inulin - a fiber substance acts as a biological compound, produces many beneficial bacteria in gut. Cassava is a good source of great vitamin C, it promotes collagen production and anti-aging.

How to prepare: Cook or eat raw cassava mixed with vegetables, stir-fry, taco and salad; or can slice them and put them in lemon juice, sprinkle a little paprika on top.


Description: Kefir

Kefir contains more proteins and less sugar than yogurt, but has the same silky soft texture, rich flavor and probiotic bacteria. This type of beneficial bacteria strengthens the immune system and prevent colon cancer

How to prepare: Instead of using yogurt as salad mixing water or fruit juice, you can use pure kefir in milky foods such as curd for dessert.

Chia seeds

Description: Chia seeds

A spoon of this seed contains more fiber substance than a bowl of oatmeal, they also contain much calcium - bone regeneration substance and omega 3 - good for the heart. This seed also supplies ideal iron for women who are iron deficient.

How to prepare: Serve with cereal, salad, soup, or use them in pudding or stir-fry dishes (Chia seeds will absorb the liquid and turn it into gel)


Description: Sprouts

3 days broccoli can provide sulforaphane, an anti-cancer compound, 50 times than mature trees without pungent flavor.

How to prepare: Serve with sandwiches, rolls dishes, pizza, baked potatoes, the stew, stir-fry dishes, tacos, or any dish you think of.

Black garlic

Description: Black garlic

The fermentation of garlic makes this sweeter, has more clove and caramel flavor, it contains doubled natural antioxidants than normal raw garlic. This type of garlic contains less cholesterol and helps reduce cancer risk. In addition, they do not have unpleasant pungent smelt as other kinds of garlic

How to prepare: Use with soup, sauce, pizza, or even biscuits, cake or brownie cake.


Function: anti breast cancer, it contains vitamin K, calcium and other nutrients. Its natural Alginate fiber has ability to control fat

How to prepare: Use powder form, mixed with meat balls or soup. Use in pieces like a scroll of food contains less carbs


Description: Barley

This sweet cereal and grain contains more niacin (good for hair and skin) and anticancer substance. In addition, the soluble fiber helps stabilize cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk.

How to prepare: barley products are pasta, rice or oatmeal.

Nutritional yeast

Description: Nutritional yeast

A small amount of this food, which shaped like crushed cheese, contains 9g saturated protein and offer more B vitamins than the RDA you need. This product can increase your energy, eliminate stress, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

How to prepare: Use them as a condiment that is not derived from milk for Parmesan dish, popcorn, potatoes, pasta, fried egg.

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