Drinking beer on the Paddy’s Day is a good idea since the ferment in beer has positive effect on your body.

An Italian study group proves that drinking beer every day helps reduce the threat of heart diseases. This announcement is recapitulated from many studies related to the fact that absorbing a moderate amount of beverage will help your born get harder and your health get better. Like red wine, beer contains flavonoids compound – an anti-oxidization that can cure disease,’ according to Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D, a nutritionist in Chicago. Most of the famous beer brands in the world such as Miller, Budweiser and Coors will provide approximately 150 calories in 12 ounces of beer.

Description: Beer

The followings are some characteristics for each kind of beer you choose

Light (Light beer)

People feel unclear with this beer’s name and meaning. It is simply a kind of beer that contains fewer calories than other same type beer. This beer is branded as 100 calories; in fact, it only contains 55 calories. So, if you are zealous in keeping your waistline slim, this is a suitable kind of beer for you.

Stout (Stout beer)

Dark beer having strong taste like Guinness usually has lower alcohol content than light beer and contains more iron and flavonoid contents than other beer. Though Stout beer contains 25 calories fewer than other beer that has medium concentration (based on the unit of 1 beer glass), Stout makes you have a tendency to drink more. So, you have to control moderately your absorbed beer amount.

Ale (Ale beer)

According to a study of Cambridge University, beer extracted from this bitter malt is effective in preventing osteoporosis. Compared to other kinds of beer, Ale has a high silicon content that helps preventing losing calcium in bone. However, take note that Ale beer has rather high calories, about 200 – 230 calories per glass.

Wheat (beer extracted from wheat)

Be careful and do not be deceived by the light bright color and sweet of this beer. They are made up almost from wheat and contain little buckwheat and cereal seeds compared to other normal beer.

Non-alcoholic (beer not containing alcohol)

Just containing 80 calories per bottle – calories content is lower than other light beer – this beverage with beer taste is an ideal choice for those who need to absorb little energy. You just need to keep in mind that this beer contains a small amount of alcohol (about 0.5% at maximum).

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