Michael Kors Doesn’t Think Age Influences Fashion Choices

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American designer Michael Kors has commented that he thinks age is no longer a big factor when it comes to the kind of people who buy his clothing. He believes women of all ages and from different places can enjoy his designs, and things are quickly changing within his customer base: “You know, it used to be, ‘That’s what you wear when you’re 25,’ and, ‘That’s what you wear when you’re 55,’ and, ‘That’s what you wear if you live in a warm weather place or a cold weather place,’ but everything changed."

The designer says he always aspires to create designs that people reach for time and time again, perhaps never knowing why they always select that one great piece they feel they can rely on. Kors says he likes creating that special item for people because it becomes a classic in their wardrobes: “I want to try to design things you end up wearing all the time. None of us know why is it that same piece that you always grab for. You have a closet full of clothes, you have 50 shoes, 30 handbags, why do you always pick that bag?”

Commenting on how he keeps his collections cohesive so there is a long-running aesthetic throughout the designs, Michael explained: “I think you want to be consistently inconsistent or inconsistently consistent. You want something to remain of the brand, I always say, ‘You know where you are, you know who it is but there’s also the sense of surprise.' If it’s a total about face every season people get confused and if it’s exactly the same every season, you’re bored to tears. It’s never a revolution it's an evolution."

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