Kate Hudson Saves All of Her Old Clothes Including Teenage Crop Tops

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Kate Hudson has revealed that she has kept most of the clothes she's ever owned. The actress comments that she has kept items of clothing from her school years and has a huge stash of old pieces she refuses to get rid of. She says that if she has a daughter she would love to pass on her old clothes and has hung on to even her skimpiest purchases including a tiny crop top. She is also fond of an old Free People skirt she's had since she was a teenager. Kate commented: ''I have things from seventh grade! Now, 'Hoarders' is definitely a show that I watch and I make sure I'm not that. But there are things I have. I have a little top from a vintage store that I cannot get rid of it. I bought it in seventh grade for $10 and it's this little tiny crop top lacy thing. I have a Free People skirt I've had since seventh or eighth grade. I can't get rid of them. I think if and when I have a girl that might be something she'll want.''

Recalling one of her first fashionable purchases, Kate says she remembers buying a plunging Miu Miu black mini-dress which her mother Goldie Hawn wouldn't let her wear out because it was so revealing. She recalled the funny moment her mother told her off about her purchase: ''It was the skimpiest thing maybe on the planet. I remember wearing it downstairs one day and my mom looked at me and she was like, 'No. Absolutely not. No. Honey, I cannot let you wear that.' '' 

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