Beijing - Around Town : South of Tian'an Men Square (part 2) - A Day South of Tian'an Men Square

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A Day South of Tian’an Men Square


Start on Tian’an Men Square, at the southeast corner beside the stripey brick Old Qian Men Railway Station, built by the British in 1901, partly to bring military forces straight to the assistance of foreigners in the event of a repeat of the siege of the Boxers. It’s now a shopping mall and Beijing Opera theater. Venture east along Dong Jiao Min Xiang into the Foreign Legation to visit the Police Museum. On leaving head south to main Qian Men Dong Dajie and walk back west for a glimpse of the Beijing of the future at the Urban Planning Museum. From the museum, it is a short walk south into the hutongs for a fowl lunch at the legendary Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant .


After eating, if you walk south you’ll hit main Xianyukou Jie, which, followed west, becomes Dazhalan Jie. This is a great place for specialty shops. Located down the first alley on the left is century-old Liubiju, selling a vast array of pickles. Ruifuxiang, on the north side of Dazhalan, dates from 1893 and is renowned for silks. Tongrentang Pharmacy has been in business since 1669, while Zhangyiyuan Chazhuang has been trading teas since the early 20th century. At the end of Dazhalan, head north up Nan Xinhua Jie to the Ji Gu Ge Teahouse, to sample more teas in an atmospheric setting.


  1. Hong Qiao Market

    Specializing in pearls and precious stones, this vast indoor market also sells clothes, bags, and shoes .

    • 36 Hong Qiao Lu

    • Open 10am–7pm daily

    Hong Qiao Market
  2. Liulichang

    Picturesque street renovated in the 1980s to give it that Old China look, but still fun to browse for antiques and art supplies (see Qian Men, Dazhalan & Liulichang).

  3. Tongrentang Pharmacy

    Founded in 1669, Tongrentang is China’s oldest pharmacy. The store stocks thousands of traditional medicines, some of which were used in the imperial court.

    • 24 Qian Men Dazhalan

  4. Ruifuxiang

    Silk has been sold on this precise spot since 1893. Tailors can make blouses and qipaos (the old-style Chinese dress).

    • 5 Dazhalan Xijie, off Qian Men Dajie

    • 6303 5313

    • Open 9am–9pm daily

  5. Panjiayuan Antique Market

    Set the alarm for dawn for a treasure hunt down at Beijing’s sprawling flea market, where anything and everything turns up eventually.

    • Panjiayuan Qiao

    • 6775 2405

    • Subway: Jinsong

    • Open 8:30am–6pm Mon–Fri, 4:30am–6pm Sat, Sun

  6. Beijing Curio City

    Just south of Panjiayuan, Curio City has four levels packed with antiques, porcelain, carpets, Buddhist statues, jewelry, and furniture.

    • 21 Dong San Huan Nan Lu

    • 6774 7711

    • Subway: Jinsong

    • Open 10am–7pm daily

  7. Neiliansheng

    Beijing’s best known shoe store, in business since 1853. Infamous for supplying footwear to Chairman Mao.

    • 34 Dazhalan Jie

    • 6301 3037

  8. Beijing Silk Store

    Venerable store said to date back to 1840. Prices for quality tailoring, ready-made clothes, and fine cloths are reasonable.

    • Zhubao Shi 5

    • 6301 6658

    Beijing Silk Store
  9. Yuanlong Silk Company

    Hugely popular multi-story emporium specializing in all things silken.

    • 15 Yongding Men Dong Jie

    • 6702 2288

  10. Liubiju

    A jar of Chinese pickles may not be high on your list of essentials, but a visit to this colorful, 400-year-old shop should be.

    • 3 Liangshidian Jie


Most shops, markets, and malls tend to be open approximately 9am–9pm daily. 

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