In pregnant period, pregnant women should avoid beverage containing stimulant.

If you use beverages containing a lot of stimulants, they will affect fetus’s development. According to many researches, these drinks also increase risk of miscarriage and premature birth.

Pregnant women should get rid of the following drinks in daily die.

Fizzy drinks

Pregnant women should avoid fizzy drinks.

Pregnant women should avoid fizzy drinks.

Fizzy drinks have the component of phosphate. When it moves to bowel, it will combine with iron in foods and create unexpected substance for human’s body. If pregnant women use a lot of soft and fizzy drinks, they can reduce the absorption of useful nutrients and lose some irons that can make them lack blood.

Drinks containing caffeine

Pregnant women are advised not to use drinks containing stimulants such as coffee, wine, beer…caffeine because they can directly affect to fetus through placenta. According to experiment research on animals, caffeine can cause some complications such as: opened palate, handicapped toe or foot, cracked vertebra, not having jaw, eyes, bone and slow development. These consequences can take place with people. Consequently, in pregnant period, pregnant women shouldn’t drink wine because it can cause infected syndrome of wine for fetus. It is very dangerous. You should limit beer and wine with maximum level.


Tea has big effect on fetus’s health.

Tea has big effect on fetus’s health.

Many pregnant women are subjective in drinking tea and don’t care fetus’s health. However, in reality, this drink has big effect on fetus’s health. Specifically, tea leaves contain 2-5% of caffeine that can cause excitement. If pregnant women drink a lot of tea, it will stimulate fetus to move more and even it can be harmful to fetus’s growing and development. Tea leaves also contains tannin. When tannin combines with iron in foods, it will create a compound that make pregnant women’s body have difficult in absorbing. Therefore, pregnant women who drink a lot of tea can lack in blood because their body lacks in iron. As a result, fetus will lack blood because of inborn shortage of iron.

Cold drinks

Pregnant women’s stomach and bowel are sensitive to cold drinks. Consequently, drinking a lot of cold water will make stomach and bowel’s blood vessels of pregnant women shrink suddenly, gastric juice discharge less, digest worse and lead to many symptoms about stomach and bowel such as: not wanting to eat, bad digestion, evacuation. In addition, stomach’s spasm will cause stomachache and pregnant women ill will have violent bellyache.

In addition, if pregnant women drink a lot of cold water, the blood vessels in respiratory mucous membrane such as nose, throat, windpipe will shrink suddenly and it will make the amount of running blood less, pregnant women’s resistance reduce.

Therefore, they can easily catch infected diseases about respiration. Drinking a lot of cold water also makes the movement frequency of fetus in womb increase quickly. Hence, pregnant women must limit cold drinks.

Pregnant women must limit cold drinks.

Pregnant women must limit cold drinks.


In pregnancy, drink water is very important. However, pregnant women should choose the safest drink. It is better to dink 2-2.5 liters of boiled and filtered water a day. With this kind of drink, pregnant women should also choose boiled water or mineral water with famous brand name. Besides, they can drink vegetable juice or fruit juices. They are very good for body.

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