There’re some foods that pregnant women don’t need to completely avoid it but shouldn’t eat much.

When you’re pregnant, it’s essential to have yourself provided with vitamins and nutrients from foods. However, to some foods, you must be careful in processing and eating in order not to harm yourself and your fetus.

1.     Pineapple

Pineapple is considered to be a healthy food which contains lots of vitamin A, C, manganese, potassium, magnesium… and is able to protect tissues from oxidation that causes stress. Nonetheless, pineapple also has lots of bromelain enzymes that can soften the uterus and pelvis, which can cause contractions and miscarriages. Besides, pineapple can bring the pregnant diarrhea or allergy.

To eat pineapple, you should peel it, slice it to small pieces then put it in light salt water for 30 minutes before eating it. By doing that, the pineapple will be more delicious and you’re prevented from burning tongue. In addition, pregnant women who have pineapple allergy should eat processed pineapple like cooked or fried pineapple for safety.

Pineapple has the ability to induce pregnant women.

Pineapple has the ability to induce pregnant women.

2.     Clam

Clam is a food that has lots of phosphorus, necessary substance for bone’s and teeth’s formation of the fetus.

Additionally, the clam is rich in omega-3 fat that is essential to the formation and development of the baby’s brain. Vitamin A in it can support and develop the eyesight of the fetus.

On the other hand, the clam is a rich source of calcium and iron, which helps the pregnant to reduce the risk of anemia and prevent the fetus from rickets. Eating clams in a right way can help pregnant women to stay in shape, have a beautiful skin and reduce stress; it’s also a safe treatment of cough and sputum for pregnant women.

Nevertheless, the clam lives in coastal area, so it can be infected with Vibrio Vulnificus bacteria which cause allergy in pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women shouldn’t eat uncooked or dirty clams.  

3.     Longan

Longan is a popular fruit for its sweet smell and flavor.

Longan is a popular fruit for its sweet smell and flavor.

Longan is a popular fruit for its sweet smell and flavor. But the pregnant shouldn’t eat too many longans.

Because longan is hot, pregnant women who are under the third month have to limit eating it. The pregnant often have hot flashes and constipation. If they eat longan at that time, the longan won’t having the ability to provide nutrients, but it will increase the feeling of hot flashes, increase foetal derangement, bleeding, abdominal pain; it even cause damage to the fetus, which leads to miscarriage.

4.     Mushrooms

Mushrooms are delicious though, pregnant women should be aware of them.

Mushrooms are delicious; though, pregnant women should be aware of them.

Mushroom is a food that has a variety of forms and flavors, and provides lots of nutrients for the pregnant.

Mushrooms contain a great amount of vitamin B and zinc that are necessary for the growth and development of the fetus. The riboflavin in mushroom is supportive of producing energy for the activities of red blood cells in pregnant women’s and the fetus’s body. Moreover, selenium and antioxidants like ergothioneine in mushrooms can foster the immune system of mothers and prevent them from diseases during pregnancy. Moreover, the niacin also helps pregnant women reduce digestive discomfort.

However, the pregnant should only eat some of the popular mushrooms like needle mushrooms, chanterelle… and completely stay away from strange mushrooms that are unknown, wild mushrooms or being bought from unreliable places. That’s because there’re some mushrooms which look like the normal ones but are proved to be harmful and able to cause digestive disorder, hallucinations, emotional disturbance to mothers or even lead to death.

5.     Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs help decrease the level of cholesterol in blood, improving brain. Moreover, chicken eggs also contain more nutrients than other foods, so it’s obviously good for pregnant women and fetuses.

Chicken eggs contain more nutrients than other foods.

Chicken eggs contain more nutrients than other foods.

However, pregnant women shouldn’t raw eggs or combine them with hot water, gruel, or soy milk; but cook them to prevent bacteria. That’s because the genital tract of the chicken has lots of bacteria, especially Salmonella that can cause poisoning.

6.     Potato

Potato has germ which contains toxic products. Eating fried potato can cause cancer and is not good for the fetus. If pregnant women eat potato daily, their body will absorb a great amount of alkaloid that can cause abnormality to their babies. Some experts warn that if pregnant woman are sensitive to alkaloid, but had 44-250g potatoes a day for a long time, the fetal abnormality can happen.      

Pregnant women who eat lots of potato have a high level of biological alkaline in their body. That alkaline will remain in the body and cause defects. By eating 44.2-252g potatoes, the fetus can have deformity.

For that reason, the pregnant should limit eating potatoes, especially fried potatoes or the ones that have germ.

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