Berlin's Top 10 : Schloss Charlottenburg (part 2) - The Hohenzollern and Berlin

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Palace Rooms

The new wing

Neuer Pavillon
  1. Goldene Galerie

    The festival salon in the Neuer Flügel, 42 m (138 ft) long, was designed, in the Rococo style, by G W von Knobelsdorff for Frederick the Great. The richly ornamented room has a cheerful appearance.

  2. Eichengalerie

    The wooden panelling of the so-called oak gallery is carved with preciously gilded portraits of the Hohenzollern ancestors.

  3. Gris-de-Lin-Kammer

    This small chamber in Friedrich’s second palace apartment is decorated with paintings, including some by his favourite artist, Antoine Watteau. The room was named after its violet-coloured damask (gris-de-lin in French) wall coverings.

  4. Schlafzimmer Königin Luise

    Queen Luise’s bedchamber, designed in 1810 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, features the clear lines typical of the Neo-Classical style. The walls are clad in silk fabrics and wallpaper.

  5. Winterkammern

    Friedrich Wilhelm II’s early Neo-Classical rooms contain fine paintings, wall carpets and superb furniture of the time.

  6. Bibliothek

    Frederick the Great’s small library has outstanding elegant bookcases and an unusual, light green colour scheme.

  7. Konzertkammer

    Furniture and gilded panelling in the concert hall have been faithfully recreated as during Frederick the Great’s time. Here hangs Gersaint’s Shop Sign, which the king bought directly from the artist Watteau and is considered to be one of the artist’s most important works.

  8. Grünes Zimmer

    The green room in Queen Elisabeth’s quarters gives an excellent impression of royal chambers furnished in the 19th-century Biedermeier style.

  9. Rote Kammer

    The elegant chamber, decorated entirely in red and gold, is adorned by portraits of King Friedrich I and Sophie Charlotte.

  10. Friedrich I’s Audienzkammer

    The ceiling paintings and Belgian tapestries in Friedrich I’s reception chamber depict allegorical figures symbolizing the fine arts and the sciences. There are also magnificent lacquered cabinets, modelled on Asian originals.

The Hohenzollern and Berlin

In 1412, the Hohenzollern dynasty, not originally resident in the Berlin area, was asked by the Luxemburg King Sigismund to liberate the province of Brandenburg from the men ace of robber barons. Burggraf Friedrich of Hohenzollern from Nuremberg was so successful in this enterprise that he was made an Elector in 1415 – this is where the histories of the Hohenzollerns and Berlin first became entwined, a relationship that was to last for 500 years. Right from the start, the family attempted to limit the powers of the town. Culture flourished under its rulers, especially under the Great Elector, who brought 20,000 Huguenot craftsmen to Berlin, as well as founding an art gallery and several schools. Friedrich Wilhelm I, father of Frederick the Great, transformed Berlin into a military camp, with parade grounds and garrisons, and scoured the town for tall men to join his body guard. In the 19th century, however, relations between Berlin and the Hohenzollerns became decidedly less cordial.

The Altes Schloss, designed in 1695 by Johann Arnold Nering Top 10 Hohenzollern rulers
  1. Friedrich Wilhelm (the Great Elector, 1620–88)

  2. Friedrich I (1657–1713)

  3. Friedrich Wilhelm I (1688–1740)

  4. Friedrich II (the Great) (1712–86)

  5. Friedrich Wilhelm II (1744–97)

  6. Friedrich Wilhelm III (1770–1840)

  7. Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1795–1861)

  8. Wilhelm I (1797–1888)

  9. Friedrich III (1831–88)

  10. Wilhelm II (1859–1941)

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