From flowed energy of modern Shanghai to the pleasingattraction of ancient Suzhou, China is a timeless journey.

Damn it! I mean the dam or rather the levee along the Huangpu is the place for tourists to visit in Shanghai. Fortunately for me, I was in Bund when they came at sunrise, enjoyed the hospitality of the imposing Lady. Cathay Hotel has just been recovered, originally it is built by trade tycoon Sir Victor Sassoon (Sassoon shipyard boss in Mumbai), now is the Fairmont Peace Hotel.

This is a magnificent lady with China, Japan, France, Italy and India suites. As a cultural revolution of lifestyle, it has been added as a maid of the officials in the last century. Facing with the Gothic gate is a land with cabbage planted vertically. The decorate cabbages seem to be a seasonal France, Italy and India suites. As a cultural revolution of lifestyle, it has been added as a maid flavor, or at least the seasonal flora in Shanghai. We see them around the high lamp post, suspended in the air. Food is art in Chinese tradition, such as slice mandarin fish and rabbit cooked with tomatoes in a big banquet will ultimately reminds us.

The Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

The Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

Bund is Wall Street of China, along with its big speculators. The height of buildings in the harbor have been prescribed by law, with the Peace, the first skyscraper of Shanghai, is still the highest - although it is bypassed by new sparkle skyscrapers in the other side of the river. Other Shanghai Deco buildings combining Chinese aesthetic principles with the abstract view of Egyptiansand and typical geometry are in the western coast of ancient Puxi area.

However, as we are going to 2020 decade, as passengers in rush hour subway station of People Square, we are waiting in a waiting room in the 20th decade. Back to the hotel, Jazz Bar, with the Old Man band (average age of 27) and young quartet, according to Croker, it remains extremely popular. After dinner, the gamblers are crammed like fish cans in the dim lit table, under the heavy wooden bars, which seems have not changed since Swinging Twenties. On the floor, the Dragon and Phoenix restaurant, with beautiful lanterns and dragons, the shapphire walls and ornaments are painted red, is the prototype of culture from last century.

Outside, the sun is rising on Pudong (commercial outposts of new Shanghai) in the eas. The back of Shanghai Financial Center has shape of a lid opener, the second highest building in the world. Initially, it is designed with a wind eye on the top, it is redesigned.

Instead, one red star is falling from the dark sky. Following is a goldfish, a purple dragon flyes up when Shanghai wakes up. The dawn dissipates the legend - people who get up early are playing kite on Bund. The sanitation workers in reflective clothes go along the cabbage rows with broom attached red ribbon. The workers soon push the new cabbage here to grow. Some girls play hopscotch, rope jumping, while the older people walk backwards more than a mile! This is helpful for memory and ingenuity. When the light scans the final shade out the ground, the kite is interrupted by the cranes - this walking place is also a popular venue for Taichi - and the pairs begin playing ballet rhythm of two people.

Some girls play hopscotch, rope jumping, while the older people walk backwards more than a mile!

Some girls play hopscotch, rope jumping, while the older people walk backwards more than a mile!

Less than 7 o'clock, 30 minutes later, they will vanish like the fog and come back to normal life in the office, wearing designed uniforms and shoes. It is a good time for me to walk down Fuxing Park, in the heart of the old French Concession, where there are still many dancing and taichi course. In addition to the park, the architecture of the neighborhood is an interesting combination of neoclassical style, Gothic style and traditional Chinese style. Christian Center of the city has the red church of St. Ignatius with two grey roofs. Jeffre avenue, a former tram, is surrounded by several houses with the old brick gate, adjacent to each other in an alley with arches at the entrance.

Get out of the line number 10 on Shanghai subway, the pedestrian's area of ​​City Gods' Temple surrounds Yu Garden. Locals and visitors come this place to buy many things - shoes (boots and slippers are made of fake "silk") and ships (carved from wood) and glue (with the brand created in 30 minutes - be careful with the creative interpretation into Chinese unless you have a native guide). Many bags made of dolphins, bears, cats and several kinds of bags made from other animals catch my eyes. I do not buy them, because it's hard to bargain - another reason is that I want a reliable guide, and I have lost my guide in the crowd.


The Yu Garden market.

Around, the locals come to the front stores to buy snack on a stick, a dish likes meat skewer but it has squid, quail meat and some secret kinds of meat. Longest queue is by the zigzag bridge at goldfish aquarium. It leads to the "Outer Sell" counter of Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, where sell famous crab dumplings. Of course, Shanghai giant dumplings are sold every where. My tongue is burned because I swallow too fast.

Back to the hotel's spa, the friction with poppy seeds, green lotus and Sichuan chilli brings an exciting experience, with an action that forgets political matter, in which an Indian tourist in China takes a bath in Tibet's water whether opium dream recalls unavoidable questions about Aksai Chi and Arunachal.

However, these annoying alliances are quite popular in Shanghai, which is polished by consumer republic. Let's ask the cobblestone alleys of Tianzi Fang - Road 210 from Taikang Lu street, near Xintiandi, all are parts of the French Concession where has the convergence of art and intellect, the link due to free talk about free milk coffee, customers are served in a glass jar, an eccentric against Starbuck cafe. After crossing a familiar smelt amonia stream, which comes down an iron staircase and from a public restroom (incredibly familiar with illegal toilet users of India) - I go to a studio of the artist at first floor. Performances are presented by appointment only. Moving up one more floor, Bambu brand, which is friendly with environment, is based here. The company processes bamboo to innovative and secure kitchenware.

This is a typical street scene in the French Concession area of Shanghai, China

This is a typical street scene in the French Concession area of Shanghai, China

The next morning, we drove to the suburb, and we could not stop staring at everything. Everything is too high and huge! As terracotta army of Qin Shi Huang, the modern Chinese continued associating the success and prestige. The roads are full of color coded cabs of Shanghai on day time, as diverse as a M&Mpackage, at night, the colors come from the dots of colorful safety lights blur Diwali lights of an autonomous city government.

The building looks like any Bandra block is multiplied with 10 or 12. "The future is here, and it looks like Gurgaon", quipped someone.

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