1. The Peak Circuit

    Taking about an hour to complete at a gentle pace, this loop around Victoria Peak, formed by Harlech and Lugard Roads, offers jaw-dropping city panoramas to the north, boundless sea views to the south, and glimpses of millionaire homes among the greenery en route .

    View from the Peak

    Quiet road at the Peak
  2. Temple Street Night Market

    Allow plenty of time, not for the distance (Temple Street is no more than half a mile end to end), but to explore the funky pageantry of hawker stalls, fortune tellers, medicine men and opera singers that set up here every night.

    Temple Street Night Market
  3. The MacLehose Trail

    The trail spans over 60 miles (100 km) across the New Territories, so only bona fide outdoor types will attempt the whole length. But certain sections are easily accessible (try the lovely part around the High Island Reservoir) for visitors who value the prospect of being back at the hotel bar by nightfall.

    • Info from HKTB

  4. Central to Western via Hollywood Road

    Central’s futuristic office towers and concrete canyons give way to the low-rise charm of antique shops, galleries and bars the further west you go, ending up in Western’s archetypal Chinese shopping streets and docksides. A must.

  5. Cultural Centre Promenade

    On weekends this short walkway from Kowloon Star Ferry around past the Inter-Continental is invaded by innumerable families and their rampaging children. At other times, though, it offers one of the most animated harbour views you will see anywhere .

  6. Nathan Road

    A joyously tacky and tawdry strip, the Golden Mile, Hong Kong’s own Broadway, runs up the Kowloon peninsula, passing hotels and tourist shops at the upscale southern end, before downgrading into the sleazy karaoke lounges and low-rent storefronts of central Kowloon. Just don’t buy any electronics along the way .

    Nathan Road at night
  7. The Hong Kong Land Loop

    Almost all of Central’s prestige commercial towers are in the portfolio of one company, Hong Kong Land, which has thoughtfully connected its properties with aerial walkways. The buildings include Jardine House, Mandarin Oriental, Princes Building and the Landmark Centre. Do the circuit, if only for the ethereal experience of seeing downtown Hong Kong without touching the ground.

  8. The Praya, Cheung Chau

    This island praya (or waterfront road) is everything the main drag of a backwater fishing town should be: a rambling tableau of fresh catches, boats tying up, market stalls and skipping kids. Look out for the splendid hand-pulled water carts that are the island’s only fire engines .

    Surfer, Cheung Chau

    Cheung Chau
  9. The Central Green Trail

    Just minutes from the banks, malls and offices of downtown, this signposted, hour-long trail from the tram terminus at Hong Kong Park opens up a lush hillside world of trees, ferns and rocks. A beautiful, shady surprise.

  10. Victoria Park

    One of the city’s larger green sites, Victoria Park is best visited in the early morning, when tai chi devotees exercise. Through-out the day there are people-watching opportunities and restful walks, away from urban pressures .

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