Munich - Around Town : South & West (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Shops & Markets

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A Day in Westend


Begin at the Bavaria. Climb up to the statue’s head and enjoy the glorious view across Theresienwiese. Behind the Ruhmeshalle is the attractive Bavariapark. Walk through to its northern end and visit the impressive collection of the Verkehrszentrum , a branch museum of the Deutsches Museum, housed in three historic fair halls. Cross Heimeranstr. and follow Ganghoferstr. until it intersects with Tulbeckstr. Here, Kao Kao is a good choice for a coffee break (Tulbeckstr. 9). Stroll and browse in the multicultural district from Tulbeckstr. to Ganghoferstr., and then on to Gollierstr., which ends at Gollierplatz. For lunch, try Rüen Thai (Kazmairstr. 58), one of the best Thai restaurants in the city.


Ganghoferstr. and Pfeuferstr, will take you over a S-Bahn track bridge into the eastern section of Westpark. Stroll westward, past the mysterious “floating” granite sphere, to the marshland ponds and try to spot the frogs. Walking across a bridge over a major city motorway takes you into the western section of the park and its Thai pagoda, Japanese garden, rose garden with over 2,000 roses, and a manmade lake complete with stage at its centre for open-air music, theatre, and film in summer. For coffee or a pint of beer, stop in at the See-Café or the restaurant set in the tranquil surroundings of the rose garden.

Best of the Rest

  1. Flaucher

    Munich’s Isar beach par excellence. Every summer, sun worshippers flock to the gravel banks along the southern Isar, and many stop in at the pretty beer garden of the same name .

  2. Floßlände

    River rafts full of merry revellers land here in summer. Downstream, the Isar is being restored to its natural state as gravel islands, canal walls, and artificial embankments are removed. The waves and rapids at the Flößlände are a paradise for surfers, and an alternative to the frigid Eisbach near the Haus der Kunst. Nearby is the Floßlände pub and beer garden (Zentralländstraße 30), and the Asam-Schlössl.

  3. Asam-Schlössl

    Cosmas Damian Asam acquired this 17th-century building in 1724 and decorated the façade with frescoes. The small castle houses a restaurant with a beautiful garden.

    • Maria-Einsiedel-Str. 45

  4. South Isar Banks & Großhesseloher Bridge

    Wonderful paths along the right banks of the Isar River are ideal for walking. To the south, the Großhesseloher Bridge leads across the Isar to the Waldwirtschaft pub and beer garden (Großhesselohe, Georg-Kalb-Straße 3). Farther along the river is a pub in the old Isartal train station (Großhesselohe, Kreuzeckstr. 23).

  5. Marienklause

    In 1865 Martin Achleiter, the lock-keeper at Auer-Mühlbach, built this timber chapel to give thanks for having survived floods and falling rocks in the gorge.

  6. Gutshof Menterschwaige

    This 1803 manor house with beer garden – once the love nest of Lola Montez and Ludwig I – is an ideal destination at the end of a day’s excursion.

    • München-Harlaching, Menterschwaigstr. 4

  7. Geiselgasteig & Bavaria Filmstadt

    Called “Hollywood on the Isar,” Geiselgasteig is a historic film-studio complex, where productions for television and the big screen are made. Enjoy guided tours and stunt shows at Bavaria Filmstadt .

  8. Schäftlarn Monastery

    Founded in 762, this monastery with Baroque church is located between Grünwald and Wolfratshausen and has a popular small pub with beer garden.

  9. Hirschgarten

    Largest beer garden in the city, near Nymphenburg palace, with deer pens .

  10. Nymphenburg

    A beautiful residential neighbourhood, with villas flanking both sides of the boulevard leading to the palace.

Concerts are held in the church at Schäftlarn monastery on most Saturdays. Call 08178 34 35 for details.

Shops & Markets

  1. More & More

    Glass, porcelain, home decor, and everything else necessary to make your living space beautiful. Great gift selection, too.

    • Blutenburgstr. 93

  2. Moma Li Design

    One-of-a-kind, deceptively simple, clean-cut garments made by a Munich designer. All pieces are fashioned by hand.

    • Bergmannstr. 52

  3. Hussfeld & Zang

    The emphasis here is on German- and Scandinavian-designed gifts, textiles and soft furnishings. Items are made from natural materials.

    • Blutenburgstr. 81

  4. Move

    This store stocks a large selection of running shoes, from Diesel to Nike. Fans will be thrilled to discover much-sought-after special models.

    • Nymphenburger Str. 156a

  5. Nymphenburger Keramik

    If you are looking for decorative tiles for your bathroom, this is the place to go. Large selection of natural stone tiles.

    • Nymphenburger Str. 131

  6. Moulin

    The jewellery created by Christian Mühlbauer – seductive precious stones and quality jewellery in elegant settings – are true pieces of art. Or create your own design and have a piece made to order.

    • Leonrodstr. 47

  7. Who’s Perfect

    Top-of-the-line items for office and home with barely perceptible defects. Everything is half price. There is also an interesting designer furniture exhibition.

    • Landsberger Str. 350

  8. Schmuck & Objekte Herzkönig

    Jewellery as art – art as jewellery. This store sells perfect examples of goldsmithing and all manner of objets d’art. Creations range from earrings to wedding rings.

    • Blutenburgstr. 39

  9. Perlerie

    Glass pearls, stones and all the accessories needed to create your own jewellery.

    • Volkartstr. 17

  10. Corsetterie

    Actresses, opera divas, and stars looking for that perfect shape shop here for made-to-measure corsets.

    • Sprunerstr. 11

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