Munich's Top 10 : Churches & Houses of Worship

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St Maria in Ramersdorf

Visitors should view church interiors only when no services are taking place.

Artists buried in St Georg’s cemetery include Liesl Karstadt, Erich Kästner, Oskar Maria Graf, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and others.

  1. Frauenkirche

    Munich’s 15th-century cathedral dominates the city silhouette with its twin .

    Emperor’s tomb, Frauenkirche

  2. Asamkirche

    Dedicated to St Johann-Nepomuk, this late Baroque church built by the Asam brothers features ceiling frescoes depicting the saint .

    Putto, Asamkirche

    High altar, Asamkirche
  3. Peterskirche (Old Peter)

    Although this is the oldest parish church in the city (13th century), the interior is a mix of Gothic (altar by Schrenk), Baroque (baptismal font), and Rococo (side altars). Climbing the 302 steps to the top of the Renaissance tower is worth the effort .

  4. Ludwigskirche

    Friedrich von Gärtner built this church, which is flanked by two towers, in the style of Italian Romanesque (1829–43). The glorious fresco Judgement Day by Peter von Cornelius is the second-largest church fresco in the world.

    • Ludwigstr. 20

    • 7:30am–8pm daily

    The Romanesque-Byzantine Ludwigskirche
  5. Michaelskirche

    An important structure in many ways, this is the largest late Renaissance church north of the Alps. Construction began in 1583. It features the second-largest barrel vault in the world, after St Peter’s in Rome, and was built for the Jesuits. The crypt contains the sarcophagi of Elector Maximilian I and Ludwig II. Not to be missed is the bronze figure of St Michael battling the dragon (1585).

    • Neuhauser Str. 6

    • Open 7am–9pm daily

  6. Theatinerkirche

    Construction of this church, which is also called St Cajetan, was begun in 1663 to mark the birth of the heir to Elector Ferdinand. It is the most Italianate of all Munich’s churches.

  7. Klosterkirche St Anna

    The Lehel district is home to Munich’s earliest Rococo church, built by Johann Michael Fischer from 1727 to 1733, with an interior designed by the Asam brothers. Construction of the nearby neo-Romanesque parish church of St Anna began in 1887.

    • St-Anna-Platz 21 or 5

    • Open 6am–7pm or 8am–6pm daily

  8. Heiliggeistkirche

    The beginning of the 13th century saw the creation of a hospital church at this site, followed in 1392 by a Gothic basilica. In 1724, the existing structure was remodelled in the Baroque style. The interior is characterized by a blend of Gothic and late Baroque. Stucco work is by the Asam brothers.

    • Im Tal 77

    • Open 7am–noon & 3pm–6pm daily

  9. Damenstift St Anna

    St Anna was originally a monastery of Sisters of the Salesian Order. Today, it is a school. he façade and interior of this late Baroque church were designed in the 18th century by the Asam brothers. Frescoes destroyed in World War II have been reconstructed in sepia.

    • Damenstiftstr. 1

    • Open 8am–8pm daily

  10. Ohel Jakob Synagogue

    Munich’s new main syna­gogue was inaugurated in 2006, 68 years after Hitler ordered the destruction of its predecessor. An imposing stone structure, with a raised glass roof, it is part of the recently opened Jewish Centre on St-Jakobs-Platz .

    • St-Jakobs-Platz

Top 10 Other Houses of Worship

  1. Dreifaltigkeitskirche

    Late Baroque church (1711–16) with Asam ceiling fresco.

    • Pacellistr. 6

  2. Salvatorkirche

    Cemetery church adjoining the Frauenkirche (1494) in Bavarian brick Gothic. Greek-Orthodox.

    • Salvatorplatz 17

  3. St Paul’s

    Basilica with twin-tower enclosure and domed tower in Rhineland Gothic (1892–1906).

    • St-Pauls-Platz 11

  4. St Bonifaz

    Benedictine church and abbey (1835–50) begun under Ludwig I, who is buried in the crypt.

    • Karlstr. 34

  5. St Elisabeth

    Rococo church (c. 1760). Interior by Ignaz Günther.

    • Mathildenstr. 10

  6. Allerheiligen am Kreuz

    Built in 1478 as a cemetery church, with many subsequent changes. Baroque sections.

    • Kreuzstr. 10

  7. St Lukas

    Historic Protestant church across from the Paterinsel. Church concerts.

    • Mariannenplatz 3

  8. St Georg

    Rococo village church. Many artists are buried in the cemetery.

    • Bogenhauser Kirchplatz 1

  9. St Michael in Berg am Laim

    Former court church in Bavarian Rococo style.

    • Clemens-August-Str. 9a

  10. St Maria in Ramersdorf

    Late Gothic building with Baroque interior. Pilgrimage church.

    • Aribonenstr. 9

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