San Francisco - Around Town : The North Shoreline (part 2) - Wharf Area Shops, Places to Eat

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A Bike Ride through the Presidio

Beginning at the Visitor Information Center, where you can pick up an excellent map, first explore the Main Post. Here you can ride around the Parade Ground, see the Presidio’s earliest surviving buildings, dating from the 1860s, as well as 18th-century Spanish adobe wall fragments in the former Officers’ Club.

Exit the area on Sheridan, which takes you past the Spanish Colonial Revival-style Golden Gate Club, and turn left onto Lincoln, which winds around the National Military Cemetery. Turn right on McDowell; on the left you see the Colonial Revival Cavalry Barracks. The African-American “Buffalo Soldiers” were stationed here from 1902 to 1904.

Now go past the five brick Stables, off to both the left and the right, and stop at the quirky Pet Cemetery on the left, where post guard dogs are buried, and also family pets. Next, head under Highway 101 to encounter Stilwell Hall, built in 1921 as enlisted barracks and a mess hall for the airmen; turn left to take in the metal Aerodrome Hangars from the same era; then proceed on and pause at Crissy Field to admire the views.

Double back at this point, take the next left down toward the Bay and join the Golden Gate Promenade all the way out to Fort Point where you can experience the Golden Gate Bridge and the crashing waves of the Pacific up close and personal.

Wharf Area Shops

  1. Ghirardelli Chocolate

    Stop by for a free sample and then stock up on your mouth-watering favorites. If you’re feeling nostalgic take home some chocolate cable cars.

    Ghirardelli Square

    • 900 North Point St

    • 415 775 5500

    Ghirardelli chocolate bars
  2. Operetta

    As fine a collection of Italian handmade pottery as you are likely to see this side of the Atlantic. Delightful works from Sicily, Umbria, and Tuscany.

    Ghirardelli Square

    • 900 North Point St

    • 415 928 4676

  3. Destinations

    A travel clothing store geared towards adventure, business travel and city treks. It stocks brands such as Helly Hansen, The North Face, and Ex Officio.

    Ghirardelli Square

    • 815 Beach St

    • 415 441 4177

  4. Russian Treasure

    A delightful shop specializing in all that is colorful and whimsical from Old Russia, including the famous nested dolls.

    The Cannery

    • 2nd Floor, 2801 Leavenworth St

    • 415 346 1104

  5. Golden Gate National Parkstore

    This shop is a buried treasure amid all the hoopla of the Wharf area. All the information you need for visiting the Bay Area’s parks, plus great little souvenirs.

    • Pier 39

    • 415 433 7221

  6. N.F.L. Shop

    Officially licensed to sell products for all major league sports, so here’s your chance to stock up on the jerseys and caps of all your favorite teams.

    • Pier 39, Ground Level

    • 415 397 2027

  7. Collectibles of Asia

    In a complete departure from the usual kitsch of Pier 39, this shop offers genuine Chinese antiques at very affordable prices. You can find carvings, masterful ceramics, and much more.

    • Pier 39, 2nd Floor, Building P, No. 214

  8. Elegant Illusions

    A glittering range of lab-created gemstone jewelry. The collection includes specialty jewelry for children.

    • 900 North Point

    • 415 398 1922

  9. Cost Plus World Market

    The original world import mart that set the trend for all the others. It can still surprise with a well-chosen item from some far-away land.

    • 2552 Taylor St

    • 415 928 6200

  10. Book Bay Bookstore

    Great secondhand books, records, and CDs, and all the proceeds support programs in San Francisco’s libraries. No better prices anywhere.

    • Fort Mason Center, Building C

    • 415 771 1076

Places to Eat

  1. Gary Danko

    The French-American menu allows you to create your own mix ‘n’ match fixed-price selection. If you don’t have a reservation, head for the bar, where you can order anything on the menu.

    • 800 North Point St at Hyde

    • 415 749 2060

    • Dis. access

  2. Alioto’s

    This first-rate restaurant serves Sicilian and seafood dishes in an old-style interior. There are great views over the Golden Gate Bridge.

    • 8 Fisherman’s Wharf

    • 415 673 0183

    • Dis. access

  3. Ana Mandara

    An exotic eatery with a touch of Las Vegas pizzazz. The food is Indo-Chinese and delicious.

    • 891 Beach St at Polk

    • 415 771 6800

    • Dis. access

    Ana Mandara
  4. Isa

    The tiny dining room of this Marina discovery is also the kitchen. The concept is nouvelle French tapas, so portions are petite but exquisite.

    • 3324 Steiner St between Chestnut and Lombard

    • 415 567 9588

    • Dis. access

  5. A16

    An authentic southern Italian dining experience that’s worth dressing up for 

    • 2355 Chestnut St

    • 415 771 2216

    • Dis. access

  6. Greens

    Two decades of inventive vegetarian dishes plus panoramas add up to a treat .

    Fort Mason Center

    • Buchanan St, Building A

    • 415 771 6222

    • Dis. access

  7. The Mandarin

    Opened in 1968, Northern Chinese cuisine is served in this popular restaurant with fine Bay Area views.

    Ghirardelli Sq

    • 900 North Point St

    • 415 673 8812

  8. Scoma’s

    A Fisherman’s Wharf seafood tradition since 1965. Enjoy the cracked crab roasted in garlic and olive oil.

    • Pier 47 on A1 Scoma Way

    • 415 771 4383

    • Dis. access

  9. Grandeho’s Kamekyo

    Japanese food at its best. Sushi of all sorts.

    • 2721 Hyde St between Beach and North Point

    • 415 673 6828

    • Dis. access

  10. The Buena Vista Café

    This café claims to have invented Irish coffee. The menu features classic American dishes.

    • 2765 Hyde St

    • 415 474 5044

    • Dis. access

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