Do you need a change but have no idea where to start? Is your hair color making you look old, tired and pasty?

With winter upon us now is the perfect time to update your look and revamp your style with a complete hair overhaul. Take the plunge into a world of vibrant color, soft hues and sensuous shades.

The client: Lee – Ann, 39. Accountant/ Mum

I am almost 40, so I think it is tile for a change. I want a softer, warmer look for winter, which will hopefully make me look and feel more vibrant.

Description: Lee – Ann, 39. Accountant/ Mum

Lee – Ann, 39. Accountant/ Mum

The colorist: Jack @ Elysian

Before: “I like to change colors as the seasons change. Lee – Ann’s current hair color is too cool for the autumn and winter months, and does not compliment her complexion. She has also been bleaching her hair for a long time, so introducing a darker color will close the cuticle; therefore improving the condition of her hair. A shorter style will be more flattering for her face and body shape- creating a more sophisticated look.”

The color fix

I have decided to ‘warm’ Lee- Ann’s hair with rich, dimensional tones, which will also be much more complimentary for her warm complexion.

The process

When deciding on a new look for a client, Jack says he always takes into account the person’s occupation, lifestyle, condition of the hair and the amount of time they spend on their locks.

“I will apply a warm brown around the perimetre to give depth and, throughout the top, I will use foils in different shades to make the hair appear very natural, as no one’s natural hair is one- dimensional. The cut will be much shorter, but very soft around the hairline and face. Some length will be maintained on top.”

Diy dancer

Going from blonde to dark, without the help and advice of a professional colorist,  can turn the hair green as a filler color must be applied first.

Colorist tips & advice

“ask other people about good experiences they have had at salons and find a hairdresser you really connect with. Google various salons to see if they have won any awards and read their reviews. Look at lots of pictures  of hair you love  and show your stylist so they can visualise the look you want, and tailor it to your hair- type and style. Always ask lots of questions. Do not be afraid of change.”

This shade will suit anyone with a warm skin tone and green or brown eyes.

Avoid this shade ifyou have a really cool skin tone as you may end up looking too brassy

Celebs working warmthDannii Minogue and Ashlee Simpson.

Description: Jack has converted Lee-Ann

Jack has converted Lee-Ann from a dull lack- lustre blonde into a warm shimmering autumn-toned stunner

Make- up tips & tricks

Eyes: black eyeliner can often appear too harsh and heavy, especially for a day- time look, so opt for brown eyeliner and gently smudge to create a soft, natural effect. Brown and bronze eyeshadowns are perfect with autumn toned hair.  Do not be afraid to use a bit of shimmer on the eye- lid as eye- shadows of different textures create interest and dimension.

Face: a bronzed, fresh- faced look is simply stunning and compliments Lee- Ann’s new hair beautifully. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone; then lightly sweep a bronzing powder wherever the sun naturally hits- particularly across your forehead, the bridge of your nose and cheek bones. This will give your skin a Reneweb glow, and is perfect for those dreary winter days.

Blush: with auburn hair, do not do overboard with blush. Use a brown- based blush rather than a bright pink color to ensure you do not appear sun- burnt or flushed. Less is definitely more in this case.

The verdict: “it looks amazing. I feel lifted and it is given me a glow. The cut is perfect; easy to manage and full of body. I feel 10 years younger.”

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