The client: Jennah, 24, fashion Retail Assistant

I have some serious re- growth issues. A lot of people think I purposely have my hair like this- but I do not! It has just horrible re- growth and I really do not like it. My hair is very thick, gets oily, knotty and makes me look quite dull as it has just too dark for my pale skin, especially in winter.”

Description: Jennah, 24, fashion Retail Assistant

Jennah, 24, fashion Retail Assistant

The colorist: olivia with megan & paul

Before: “Jennah’s hair is slightly too dark. It is really weighing her down and not doing anything for her complexion. Her re- grownth and lightened ends have created a two- tone color, so we will need to evem that out.”

The color fix

Olivia is going to take Jennah’s hair a few hades lighter, but not to an ash or cool blonde. “Those bled- out shades have been dominating the streets for a good two years and require a lot of maintenance, so we have decided on a warm, golden tone. The warmth will sit really nicely on Jennah’s skin- tone and brighten up her overall complexion,” Olivia says.

The process

We used our in- salon iPad to look at some color options and decided on something very similar to Delta Goodrem’s hair. To achieve this look in Jennah’s hair, foils are applied through a traditional part- line, then a global color is painted onto the roots called ‘base- breaking’, which will help to shift her natural color up by about one level, while blending the blonde through.

I will then use the ‘balayage’ technique which is a visual method of applying color, and freat if you want to retain warmth in the hair (which we do). I am going to bleed Jennah’s color out from her roots in warm, alternating blondes. The colors the process for about 35 minutes. The hair is washed and dried using a technique called the pin- curl blow- dry, creating soft waves and natural movement through the hair.

Diy dacer

There is a science behind lightening hair as it is filled with many underlying pigments, so when you lighten hair, you are stripping out the natural pigment so what you are left with is a red, yellow or an orange underlying tone; raw colors that require toning.

There are technical difficulties involved in lightening hair, and with correctional work expecially, it is imperative you go to a salon.

Description: Jennah’s two-toned unkempt mane

Jennah’s two-toned unkempt mane has been converted into a celebrity-worthy creation of warm, shimmering, beautifully blended blondes.

Colorist tips & advice

Do not wash your hair too much. Long hair should not need to be washed more than about twice a week. Over- washing strips out the natural oils of the hair. In between washes, use a dry shampoo on the roots to keep it feeling clean and fresh.

This shade will suitit really depends on the individual. There are numerous tones of warm and cool blondes to suit a variety of skin- tones, and different techniques for applying color in short, mid- length and long hair.

Avoid this shade ifyou have a very warm skin- tone as this particular shade may make you look brassy.

Celebs working warmthdelta goodrem, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.

Make- up tips & tricks

Face: use a primer before you apply foundation for a flawless finish and to keep make- up in place.  Sweep a subtle shimmer powder over cheekbones and down brdge of nose for a dewy and youthful radiance.

Eyes: for a really sexy, glamorous look, apply a white eye- shadow around the inner corners of the eye. On the lid, apply a medium color such as a grey. On the outer corners, be brave and go for deep purple or black so you are graduating from light to dark as you move towards the outer eye; and then blend, blend, blend with a clean brush sweeping upwards and outwards.

Lips: a nude lip look luscious with a smouldering, smoky eye. Use concealer, or foundation, on lips then lightly sweep over with powder to set.

The verdict: “I feel so much better! Before I looked drab, plain and boring, but now I look ‘wow’. I love it.”

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