Description: Regentiv, the specialist serum (with retinol)

One of the world’s finest skincare preparations – so in demand as it does so much. Use daily for lines, wrinkles, crepey-puffy eyes, lip lines, acne-scarring, open pores, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, a luxurious combination of Retinol Palmitate, vitamin E and Aloe Vera with sunscreen. The Specialist Serum can be with you within 24 hours. 30 ml $45, 50 ml $67, 100 ml $120,.

Krill Oil – The New Super Omega 3

Description: Krill Oil – The New Super Omega 3

Omega 3 in Krill Oil is in a unique phospholipid structure which research now suggests is far superior to fish oil omega 3 when delivered to the body for maximum omega health benefits. Krill Oil also provides Astaxanthin a highly respected antioxidant and also choline beneficial for brain and memory function. Silvertown Health Krill oil is eco-harvested to protect nature in the pristine clear waters of the Antarctic. RRP, $39, Reader Offer $25.5. (60 capsules up to two months supply).

Get rid of your deodorant stains

Description: Deo-Go

There are many stain removers available, but until now nothing has tackled deodorant and antiperspirant stains. Deo-Go is formulated to dissolve and completely remove those hardened patches and yellow underarm stains caused by deodorants, restoring your garment to its original appearance! Simply spray on, brush in, and leave for 30 minutes then launder. Don’t let underarm stains spoil your favorite top! Available at John Lewis stores and Amazon.co.uk www.deo-go.com

Nurideen Plus

Beauty comes from within

Description: Nurideen Plus

Nutritional support for the skin is of greater importance than the most expensive creams and moisturizers because the benefits are delivered via the blood stream, at the deepest and most effective level. Nurdeen Plus is a nutritious and well balanced supplement, containing essential Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants to help protect the cells against the damaging effects of free radicals. Nurdeen Plus also has the additional benefit of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Silica providing the essential building blocks needed for healthy skin texture and condition. Nurdeen Plus retails at $44.99 for 60 Tablets.

Nutrition support for during and after the menopause

Description: Vitabiotics Menopace

Vitabiotics Menopace is the leading supplement used by women specifically for during and after the menopause. Each tablet contains an effective combination of nutrients specially developed by nutritional experts. It includes vitamin B12, biotin and niacin to help support energy release. It also contains pantothenic acid, which contributes to normal synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones, together with iodine, which contributes to normal thyroid functioning. Menopace can be continued as a nutritional safeguard for many years after the menopause. Vitabiotics Menopace Original (30 tablets) RRP $9.5 is available from Boots, Holland & Barrett and www.vitabiotics.com

HayFever? Dust or Pet Allergy?

Description: HayFever? Dust or Pet Allergy?

New studies prove that HayMax pollen barriers trap house dust mite droppings, cat dancer and over 1/3 of pollen entering your nose. Invisibly apply this multi-award winning, organic drug-free balm as long as that keeps you below your trigger level, then your symptoms won’t be triggered. It’s that simple. It’s suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women, children (and cynics)!

As seen on TV – HayMax has been featured on TV, Radio, in the press and by many doctors,

Available at Asda, Holland and Barrett, selected Waitrose, Boost, Tesco, independent pharmacies, health food shops and online.

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